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"Ukraine president proposes martial law after Russia siezes ships"

Matthew Bodner und Patrick Greenfield machen in ihrem Bericht über die Krise in der Straße von Kertsch darauf aufmerksam, dass eine Verhängung des Kriegsrechts in der Ukraine auch eine Verschiebung der Präsidentschaftswahlen zur Folge haben könnte. In aktuellen Umfragen liegt die ukrainische Politikerin Yulia Timoschenko deutlich vor Amtsinhaber Pjotr Poroschenko und anderen Kandidaten. "The vote on martial law comes four months before presidential elections that Poroshenko is expected to lose. If Ukrainian MPs vote to suspend normal government, the elections could be postponed, prompting some observers to question whether Poroshenko was trying to exploit the incident. The MP Mustafa Nayyem said on Facebook that 'this whole story is complicated by the fact that, during martial law, the holding of presidential, parliamentary or local elections, as well as strikes, protests, rallies and mass demonstrations are forbidden'. Martial law was not declared in Ukraine after the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 or during the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine with Russian-backed forces."

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"Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists"

Die frühere Präsidentschaftskandidatin Hillary Clinton hat europäischen Politikern in einem Interview mit dem Guardian geraten, sich der Flüchtlingsbewegung nach Europa öffentlichkeitswirksam entgegenzustellen. Die Einwanderungswellen der letzten Jahre hätten zum Aufschwung rechtspopulistischer Bewegungen und auch zum Brexit beigetragen, so Clinton. Europa müsse deshalb unmissverständlich signalisieren, dass die bisherige großzügige Hilfsbereitschaft eine Grenze erreicht habe. "'I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame,' Clinton said, speaking as part of a series of interviews with senior centrist political figures about the rise of populists, particularly on the right, in Europe and the Americas. 'I admire the very generous and compassionate approaches that were taken particularly by leaders like Angela Merkel, but I think it is fair to say Europe has done its part, and must send a very clear message – ‘we are not going to be able to continue provide refuge and support’ – because if we don’t deal with the migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.'"

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"Trump inflated importance of Saudi arms sales to US job market, report says"

Einer neuen Studie zufolge wird die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung der amerikanischen Waffenexporte nach Saudi-Arabien von US-Präsident Trump stark überschätzt. "The president has frequently estimated the total extent of defence sales to the Saudi regime at $110bn, and variously said they would generate 450,000, 500,000 or 600,000 jobs. According to a report by the Centre for International Policy thinktank in Washington, those figures are hugely inflated. The report, US Military Support for Saudi Arabia and the War in Yemen, argues that Saudi Arabia needs the US far more than the other way round, and the administration is underplaying its hand, if it wants to rein in Riyadh in Yemen – or punish the monarchy for Khashoggi’s murder at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. (...) The report’s author, William Hartung, said it was difficult to pin a precise number of jobs to that volume of sales. 'If we take a generous approach and include all jobs created in direct assembly and production of components, along with the jobs induced by the spending of wages by workers employed in assembly or component production, the $2.5bn in annual arms deliveries to Saudi Arabia would create 17,500 jobs in any given year,' Hartung wrote, pointing out that it was a tiny fraction of 1% of the 160 million US workforce."

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"European diplomats mount last-ditch effort to stop US scrapping INF treaty"

Europäische Diplomaten wollen offenbar einen letzten Anlauf zur Rettung des INF-Abkommens unternehmen. Große Hoffnung auf Erfolg gebe es allerdings auch unter den Europäern nicht mehr, so Julian Borger. "European officials are seeking to act as intermediaries between Russia and the US in the hope of salvaging a cold war-era arms control treaty that Donald Trump has threatened to scrap. However, the diplomats involved are not confident of success in the effort to save the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty. Although they have the support of senior officials in the US defence and state departments, they face opposition from the White House, particularly from the national security adviser, John Bolton. Nor is it clear whether Moscow is interested in a deal. The collapse of the INF would leave the Russian military free to deploy short- and medium-range nuclear missiles along its borders with Nato in Europe, and in China."

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"CIA doctors considered using 'truth serum' on terror suspects"

Neu veröffentlichten Dokumenten zufolge hat die CIA nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 erwogen, Terrorverdächtige mit Hilfe eines "Wahrheitsserums" zu verhören. "The proposal to use the drug in a programme codenamed 'Project Medication' was revealed in a 90-page report by a senior CIA medical officer, which was released on a judge’s order to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), after a prolonged legal battle. The ACLU published the report by the unnamed officer on Tuesday. The idea of using drugs on US captives in the 'war on terror' was recommended as 'probably worth a try' by the CIA’s office of medical services but dropped after the agency’s counter-terrorism centre decided not to ask the Department of Justice in George W Bush’s administration for a legal ruling. The department had previously provided legal memos justifying the use of torture like waterboarding and confinement in small boxes."

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"'They see no shame': 'honour' killing video shows plight of Syrian women"

Ein veröffentlichtes Video zeigt einen Soldaten der von der Türkei unterstützten "moderaten" Free Syrian Army, der seine Schwester vor laufender Kamera im Namen der "Familienehre" erschießt. Shawn Carrie und Asmaa Alomar halten es für unwahrscheinlich, dass der Soldat sich für die Tat verantworten muss. "'These are people who see no shame in killing the girl, but actually believe it’s what washes away the shame she has brought on the whole family,' says exiled Syrian writer Loubna Mrie. 'An innocent girl is dead because some guy posted her pictures on Facebook.' While not unique to the Middle East, 'honour' killings are a problem deeply rooted in Syrian society, 'and not exclusive to one area or sect or faction', says Mrie. Even before the war began in 2011, women’s rights groups in Syria estimated that 300 women were killed each year by male relatives, and numbers have escalated during the crisis. Until 2009, killers were allowed to walk free if they justified the act as motivated by honour. The government repealed the law, replacing it with a mere two-year maximum sentence."

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"Terrorists, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK"

Bei seinen Forderungen nach einem Regimewechsel in Iran hat der jetzige Nationale Sicherheitsberater im Weißen Haus, John Bolton, lange Zeit auf die Bewegung "People’s Mujahedin of Iran" (MEK) gesetzt. Arron Merat stellt die MEK, die von "Hardlinern" in Washington und London bis heute gefördert werde und deren Anführer in Albanien aktiv seien, in diesem ausführlichen Bericht näher vor. "It would be hard to find a serious observer who believes the MEK has the capacity or support within Iran to overthrow the Islamic republic. But the US and UK politicians loudly supporting a tiny revolutionary group stranded in Albania are playing a simpler game: backing the MEK is the easiest way to irritate Tehran. And the MEK, in turn, is only one small part of a wider Trump administration strategy for the Middle East, which aims to isolate and economically strangle Iran."

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"Khashoggi murder may be tipping point in Yemen's agony"

Der Mord an dem Journalisten Jamal Khashoggi könnte für Jemen unerwartete positive Folgen haben. Patrick Wintour schreibt, dass sich Saudi-Arabien möglicherweise zu bisher undenkbaren Zugeständnissen gezwungen sehen könnte. "Claims of the complicity of the autocratic Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, in the murder of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, has weakened the chief architect of the war in Yemen and opened a new space for diplomats in which to operate. (...) One path to saving Prince Mohammed, the main Saudi ambition at this point, is to make other concessions, of which the west primarily wants three. The first is for him to share power within the court. The recent arrival of other royal figures in Riyadh, such as Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, King Salman’s only full brother, may be a sign of the return of a consultative court. The second is to force him to reconsider Saudi Arabia’s unending boycott of Qatar, a country with vast gas assets, a huge US military base and arguably a better model for Gulf modernisation. There is no sign that is happening, however much Qatari diplomats plead the logic of such a course. The third is to try to close the war in Yemen that the west repeatedly tells Riyadh it cannot militarily win, at least without horrific casualties and an intolerable famine that could leave as many as 14 million people, half the population, dependent on aid to survive."

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"Yemen war: US unveils blueprint for ceasefire and peace talks"

US-Verteidigungsminister Mattis und US-Außenminister Pompeo haben neue Verhandlungen zur Beendigung des Kriegs in Jemen in Aussicht gestellt. Saudi-Arabien und die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate sind demnach zu einem "Deal" bereit. "The US defence secretary, James Mattis, told an audience in Washington that Saudi Arabia and its Emirati allies were ready for a deal, and that the talks between the Saudi-led Coalition and the Houthi rebels were being arranged by the United Nations special envoy, Martin Griffiths. The secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, issued a statement about three hours later, proposing specific terms for a ceasefire. 'The time is now for the cessation of hostilities, including missile and UAV strikes from Houthi-controlled areas into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Subsequently, Coalition air strikes must cease in all populated areas in Yemen,' Pompeo said. (...) Pompeo did not name the venue for the talks, but Mattis said it would be Sweden. The fact that the secretary of state issued a late-night statement shortly after the defence secretary, with fewer details, raised the possibility that Mattis had not coordinated his disclosures with others in the administration."

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"The unseen driver behind the migrant caravan: climate change"

Neben Gewalt und Armut ist es diesem Bericht des Guardians zufolge vor allem der Klimawandel, der die aktuelle Migrationswelle aus Mittelamerika in Richtung USA ausgelöst hat. "Experts (...) warn that in the coming decades, it is likely to push millions more people north towards the US. 'The focus on violence is eclipsing the big picture – which is that people are saying they are moving because of some version of food insecurity,' said Robert Albro, a researcher at the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies at American University. 'The main reason people are moving is because they don’t have anything to eat. This has a strong link to climate change – we are seeing tremendous climate instability that is radically changing food security in the region.' Migrants don’t often specifically mention 'climate change' as a motivating factor for leaving because the concept is so abstract and long-term, Albro said. But people in the region who depend on small farms are painfully aware of changes to weather patterns that can ruin crops and decimate incomes."

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"'Golden passports' threaten European security, warns EU commissioner"

Die Praxis einiger EU-Länder, Staatsbürgerschaften zum Kauf anzubieten, ist nun auch aufgrund des damit verbundenen Sicherheitsrisikos in Kritik geraten. "EU justice commissioner (...) Věra Jourová described the programmes as 'problematic' and 'unfair' – echoing the private concerns of Europe’s intelligence agencies, who fear 'golden passports' have been exploited by people with enough money to buy access to the UK and Europe. Her comments came as Malta and Cyprus were named in a blacklist of 21 nations operating passport schemes that are deemed to pose a high risk of tax evasion. The list was published on Tuesday by the OECD, a leading thinktank, which wants tighter controls. The two EU member states have already sold citizenship to hundreds of individuals from Russia, China and the Middle East."

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"Yemen on brink of 'world's worst famine in 100 years' if war continues"

Einer erneuten Warnung der UN zufolge droht Jemen in den kommenden Monaten die schlimmste Hungersnot seit hundert Jahren. "If war continues, famine could engulf the country in the next three months, with 12 to 13 million civilians at risk of starvation, according to Lise Grande, the agency’s humanitarian coordinator for Yemen. She told the BBC: 'I think many of us felt as we went into the 21st century that it was unthinkable that we could see a famine like we saw in Ethiopia, that we saw in Bengal, that we saw in parts of the Soviet Union – that was just unacceptable.' 'Many of us had the confidence that would never happen again and yet the reality is that in Yemen that is precisely what we are looking at.' (...) Her comments came after the UN and humanitarian workers condemned an airstrike in which the Saudi-led coalition targeted Yemen’s Shia rebels, killing at least 15 people near the port city of Hodeidah."

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"Saudi journalist 'killed inside consulate' – Turkish sources"

Türkische Offizielle gehen offenbar davon aus, dass der vermisste saudi-arabische Journalist Jamal Khashoggi bei seinem Besuch im saudi-arabischen Konsulat in Istanbul ermordet worden ist. "Officials believe that a team of 15 Saudis arrived on Tuesday to conduct the killing, then left the country soon afterwards. The president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is expected to release a statement about the incident on Sunday. Aside from summonsing the Saudi ambassador in Ankara, senior officials had remained mute about Khashoggi’s fate, leading to speculation that he had been smuggled out of the country with Turkish consent. The dramatic Turkish claim instead squarely focuses attentions on Riyadh, in particular Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who on Friday denied any knowledge of Khashoggi’s whereabouts. 'If he was here, I would know about it,' the 33-year-old heir to the throne told Bloomberg. (...) Khashoggi had been close to the previous Saudi regime, but fled the kingdom a year ago, soon after the new monarch anointed his son, Prince Mohammed, as prince. He subsequently became an outspoken critic of some aspects of the country’s reform programme, especially the clampdown on political freedoms, and intolerance of dissent."

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"Fears Coalition's surveillance bill could destroy privilege against self-incrimination"

Ein geplantes Überwachungsgesetz in Australien könnte nach Ansicht von Bürgerrechtlern dazu führen, dass Internet-Provider staatliche Überwachungssoftware als vermeintliche Software-Updates verteilen. Bürger könnten zudem gezwungen werden, den Behörden Zugang zu ihren gesicherten elektronischen Geräten zu gewähren. "The draft bill appears to permit the government to compel a provider to send users a notification to update software such as Facebook Messenger, 'however, the downloaded software may not be an application update, but technology that allows a law enforcement agency to access the individual’s phone messages', it said. The AHRC noted that assistance orders could compel 'a target or a target’s associate to provide the password, pin code, sequence or fingerprint necessary to unlock a phone'. It warned the regime may 'potentially impinge on the privilege against self-incrimination … if a suspect is ordered to provide information … that is only known to them — under threat of 10 years’ imprisonment for failure to comply'."

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"It’s not just Trump. Much of America has turned its back on Europe"

Timothy Garton Ash berichtet aus Washington, dass US-Präsident Trump mit seiner Abkehr vom transatlantischen Bündnis in den USA keineswegs allein stehe, sondern eine weit verbreitete Stimmung repräsentiere. Diese Stimmung werde auch nach dem Ende der Amtszeit Trumps wirksam bleiben, so seine Prognose. "(...) even the best-case scenario does not look like the US bouncing back to international leadership as it did after past crises. Suppose a responsible, centrist Democrat such as Joe Biden wins the presidency next time round, perhaps with a younger, female, minority-representing and more leftwing vice-president such as Kamala Harris. Suppose President Biden really tries to get back to where we were before. Even then, the best we can hope for is 'Obama minus', not 'Obama plus'. And remember that it was Barack Obama, not Trump, who first prioritised 'nation-building at home'. (...) American Atlanticism has diminished, is diminishing and will continue to diminish. The head of a programmatically Atlanticist thinktank in Washington told me: 'It’s like going into a church and finding half the pews empty.' And he’s talking about the foreign policy elites who provided, so to speak, the Atlanticist choir. The wider American congregation has always been reluctant to worship in that church."

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"Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK"

Der Guardian ist an Informationen gelangt, denen zufolge Ecuador und Russland im vergangenen Jahr eine Geheimoperation erwogen haben, um dem Wikileaks-Gründer Julian Assange die Flucht aus Großbritannien zu ermöglichen. "A tentative plan was devised that would have seen the WikiLeaks founder smuggled out of Ecuador’s London embassy in a diplomatic vehicle and transported to another country. One ultimate destination, multiple sources have said, was Russia, where Assange would not be at risk of extradition to the US. The plan was abandoned after it was deemed too risky."

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"'Killing a generation': one million more children at risk from famine in Yemen"

Die britische NGO "Save the Children" hat davor gewarnt, dass in Jemen mehr als fünf Millionen Kinder aufgrund des Krieges vom Hunger bedroht seien. "Disruption to supplies coming through the embattled Red Sea port of Hodeida could 'cause starvation on an unprecedented scale', the British-based NGO said in a new report. Save the Children said an extra one million children now risk falling into famine as prices of food and transportation rise, bringing the total to 5.2 million. (...) Helle Thorning-Schmidt, CEO of Save the Children International, said: 'Millions of children don’t know when or if their next meal will come. In one hospital I visited in north Yemen, the babies were too weak to cry, their bodies exhausted by hunger.' 'This war risks killing an entire generation of Yemen’s children who face multiple threats, from bombs to hunger to preventable diseases like cholera,' she added."

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"A new authoritarian axis demands an international progressive front"

US-Senator Bernie Sanders fordert in diesem Beitrag für den Guardian, dass sich linke Kräfte der "neuen autoritären Achse" weltweit in einer gemeinsamen "progressiven Front" entgegenstellen müssen. Dabei werde es nicht ausreichen, die internationale Ordnung ungeachtet ihrer Mängel zu verteidigen: "In order to effectively combat the rise of the international authoritarian axis, we need an international progressive movement that mobilizes behind a vision of shared prosperity, security and dignity for all people, and that addresses the massive global inequality that exists, not only in wealth but in political power. Such a movement must be willing to think creatively and boldly about the world that we would like to see. While the authoritarian axis is committed to tearing down a post-second world war global order that they see as limiting their access to power and wealth, it is not enough for us to simply defend that order as it exists now. We must look honestly at how that order has failed to deliver on many of its promises, and how authoritarians have adeptly exploited those failures in order to build support for their agenda."

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"US considers sanctions on China over treatment of Uighurs"

Die US-Regierung erwägt, China wegen der Masseninternierung von mehr als einer Million Angehörigen der muslimischen Uiguren-Minderheit mit Wirtschaftssanktionen zu belegen. "Any sanctions decision would be a rare move on human rights grounds by the Trump administration against China. The US is currently engaged in a trade war with China, while also seeking its help to resolve a standoff over North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The sanctions could be imposed under the Global Magnitsky Act which allows the US government to freeze the US assets of human rights violators, bar them from traveling to the US, and prohibit Americans from doing business with them."

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"From Sweden to Brexit, immigration is the issue dividing Europe"

Die schwedischen Parlamentswahlen haben nach Ansicht von Simon Jenkins bestätigt, dass das Einwanderungsthema heute ganz Europa teilt. Es hätte "katastrophale" Folgen, wenn es der Politik nicht gelingen sollte, Migration und Grenzsicherung auf europäischer Ebene zu regulieren. "Since geography renders Europe’s southern border porous, there is no way Europe’s governments, democratic or autocratic, will any longer tolerate unrestricted borders within the EU. The one thing that will be catastrophic will be to pretend otherwise. (...) We can cheer the sea captain who pleads to land his refugees 'out of common humanity', but we cannot enforce his passengers on Europe’s citizens. There must be a pan-European regime, both to help frontier states police Europe’s southern border – on both sides of it – and to regulate and distribute migrants who do get across. But such a regime will never be accepted if individual European states cannot regain a degree of sovereignty over their populations. Indeed any regime will depend on it."

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"Aggrieved Kurdish fighters quietly join Syrian regime side in battle for Idlib"

Martin Chulov und Mohammed Rasool zufolge haben kurdische Kämpfer, die formell immer noch mit den USA verbündet sind, in Idlib eine Allianz mit den syrischen Regierungstruppen gebildet. "The presence of the Kurds in the fight for Idlib adds a new dimension to a clash that has drawn in every player in the long, savage war. The alliance has been kept under wraps both by Syrian officials, who have been wary of Kurdish ambitions throughout the war, and by Kurdish forces themselves, who remain nominally allied to Washington in the fight against Isis. (...) The men are believed to be members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, part of an alliance of Arabs and Kurds raised by the US to take on Isis in the north-east. With that fight now largely over, the SDF remain bitter at being ousted earlier this year from the town of Afrin in Idlib by Turkish-led Arab forces who had been raised to fight Assad. That defeat left the Kurds without a stronghold in an area in which they had been historically strong and strategically relevant. It also shifted the loyalties of many."

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"The end of Atlanticism: has Trump killed the ideology that won the cold war?"

US-Präsident Trump habe dem Atlantizismus, der ideologischen Grundlage des transatlantischen Bündnisses seit dem Kalten Krieg, einen schweren, wenn auch nicht tödlichen Schlag versetzt, schreibt Madeleine Schwartz. "The idea that the world’s stability and prosperity is defined primarily by a partnership between Europeans and Americans is called Atlanticism or transatlanticism, and the people who care about it are convinced that Trump is out to tear up the alliance. For the politicians, professors, thinktank pundits and journalists for whom 'Atlanticist' is a badge of honour, an end to this partnership is not just a geopolitical issue, but a threat to liberalism and any hopes of political betterment around the world. (...) No matter how quickly the world changes, Atlanticism can endure, not as a reflection of politics as they are but as a tacit prescription of who should be in charge. (...) Whatever happens in the most recent crisis, there will still be Atlanticism, a nebulous set of ideals harking back to the end of the second world war. Its vagueness is too useful: political opportunism dignified with the weight of history."

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"'We don’t have a single friend': Canada’s Saudi spat reveals country is alone"

In Kanada werde beklagt, dass das Land im aktuellen Streit mit Saudi-Arabien keine Unterstützung aus anderen westlichen Ländern erhält, berichtet Ashifa Kassam aus Toronto. Dies sei im Fall der USA besonders deutlich, betreffe aber auch Europa. Thomas Juneau von der University of Ottawa hält die Zurückhaltung westlicher Regierungen allerdings nicht für überraschend. "[Juneau] saw no immediate end to the row, particularly as neither side is suffering significant costs in the dispute. Saudi Arabia has shown little inclination in recent years to walk back from its reckless and impulsive behaviour, he said, while Canada’s federal government – facing an election in 14 months and already under fire for signing off on the sale of more than 900 armoured vehicles to Riyadh – is loth to be seen adopting any kind of conciliatory posture towards the conservative kingdom. While some in Canada had been disappointed to see the UK and Europe opt to publicly stay out of the diplomatic spat, Juneau described it as unsurprising. 'When Saudi Arabia had comparable fights with Sweden and Germany in recent years, did Canada go out of its way to side with Sweden and Germany? No, not at all,' he said. 'We stayed quiet because we had nothing to gain from getting involved. So on the European side, the calculation is the same.'"

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"My son, Osama: the al-Qaida leader’s mother speaks for the first time"

Martin Chulov hat sich im saudi-arabischen Jeddah mit Familienangehörigen des 2011 getöteten Al-Qaida-Anführers Osama bin Laden unterhalten. In dieser Reportage berichtet er über die Umstände des Treffens, das durch die neue Politik von Kronprinz Mohammed bin Salman ermöglicht worden sei. "Saudi Arabia’s new leadership – spearheaded by the ambitious 32-year-old heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman – has agreed to my request to speak to the family. (As one of the country’s most influential families, their movements and engagements remain closely monitored.) Osama’s legacy is as grave a blight on the kingdom as it is on his family, and senior officials believe that, by allowing the Bin Ladens to tell their story, they can demonstrate that an outcast – not an agent – was responsible for 9/11."

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"Zimbabwe's hopes for new start after Mugabe dashed"

Der Gewaltausbruch nach den Parlamentswahlen in Simbabwe habe viele Einwohner überrascht und schockiert, berichtet Jason Burke aus Harare. "'We never thought this would happen. We thought this had gone away. It is terrifying,' said one woman who had been sent home by her employers for fear of further clashes. The 23-year-old hairdresser said she did not want to be named for fear of government reprisals. Only nine months ago, the streets of Harare were the scene of joyful celebrations as the news of the resignation of Mugabe, 94, spread. Though he had been removed in what was effectively a palace coup backed by the army and though the ruling Zanu-PF party remained in power, many Zimbabweans hoped for a better future."

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"'I wouldn't waste my time': firearms experts dismiss flimsy 3D-printed guns"

Ein US-Richter hat die Veröffentlichung von Bauplänen für Waffen aus 3D-Druckern im Internet aufgrund des Sicherheitsrisikos vorerst gestoppt. Dan Tynan schreibt, dass die tatsächliche Bedrohung durch diese "Geisterwaffen" nach Ansicht einiger Experten derzeit gering sei. Dies könne sich in den kommenden Jahren durchaus ändern. "3D printers work by melting or fusing raw materials such as plastics or metals at high heat, then laying down successive layers of the material in a specific pattern determined by software. This is also known as additive manufacturing, and it’s used to produce simple objects like toys, prototypes of industrial products, human medical implants, and jet engine fuel nozzles. Downloading the code for printing an AR-15 or M9 Beretta is merely the start. Opening and manipulating the file requires computer-aided design software and a fair amount of expertise. A user would also need a high-quality 3D printer, which can cost $10,000 or more. (...) Will we ever get to the point where printing a gun at home is as easy as printing a photo? Probably, said Max Lobovsky, CEO of Formlabs, one of the first companies to market low-cost professional 3D printers. But that won’t happen for some time. 'In 10 or 15 years, we’ll probably have a low-cost device that can produce fairly complete firearms or other weapons,' said Lobovsky. 'And maybe this is something our government’s policies should address today. But right now it’s so easy to acquire a gun that it doesn’t make sense to make one at home.'"

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"Germany's 'China City': how Duisburg became Xi Jinping's gateway to Europe"

Duisburg hat sich zum europäischen Drehkreuz des chinesischen Investitionsprojekts der Neuen Seidenstraße entwickelt. Philip Oltermann befasst sich in dieser Reportage mit der neuen Rolle der Stadt im Ruhrgebiet. "(...) in Germany, some have been quick to sound a note of caution. If the still-recovering industries in western Germany make themselves too reliant on China, they warn, it could provide economic leverage for an authoritarian regime that wants to project its geopolitical power into western Europe. 'What’s good for Duisburg isn’t necessarily good for the world,' cautioned one recent article. For now though, China’s soft power barely registers in the region. The number of Chinese citizens living in the city has doubled in the past eight years – but from a low base of 568."

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"A humiliating Brexit deal risks a descent into Weimar Britain"

Auch Timothy Garton Ash hofft, dass die EU Großbritannien mit dem Brexit-Deal nicht "bestrafen" will. Ein "verbittertes" Großbritannien wäre seiner Ansicht nach eine Gefahr für sich selbst und für andere. "Such a Britain could also arrive more slowly, if the other 27 member states of the EU impose a humiliating divorce deal – a milder, peacetime, bureaucratic version of the punitive Versailles treaty imposed on Germany after the first world war, which sowed the seeds of German nationalist revisionism. (...) Am I exaggerating the danger by even hinting at a comparison with Weimar Germany? Indeed I am. I don’t seriously envisage millions of newly unemployed, or a new Hitler coming to power, or a world war started by Boris Johnson. But it’s surely better to overdramatise the risk, to get everyone to wake up to it, rather than do what most of our continental partners have done for the last two years, which is consistently to underestimate the dangers for the whole of Europe that flow from Brexit – especially a mishandled Brexit."

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"Europe must wake up to the looming nightmare of a no-deal Brexit"

Henry Newman vom Think-Tank Open Europe warnt Brüssel davor, Großbritannien durch Kompromisslosigkeit zu einem "harten" Brexit ohne jegliche Folgevereinbarungen zu zwingen. "We tend to fixate on our future economic relations, neglecting the security, defence and home affairs aspects of Brexit. But they are not neatly separable. An acrimonious exit from the EU will have a major economic impact on both sides of the Channel – and it will also damage security and defence cooperation with probably more lasting consequences. (...) I recently discussed with a senior German source my worry that if Brexit negotiations went wrong, Germany risked a simultaneous 'battle' with the US and Russia and a collapse in relations with the UK, at the same time as the EU faced its own internal threats from Poland and Hungary to Italy and the eurozone. And therefore it made sense to find a compromise with Britain based somewhere near the Chequers plan. My friend didn’t disagree, but wrily observed that Germany had often picked fights on too many fronts."

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"Number of women and children who joined Isis 'significantly underestimated'"

Experten warnen Nadia Khomami zufolge davor, dass die Gefahr, die von den aus Syrien und Irak heimkehrenden britischen IS-Anhängerinnen ausgehe, bisher unterschätzt werde. "The ICSR researchers Joana Cook and Gina Vale said 850 British citizens became affiliated with Isis in Iraq and Syria, including 145 women and 50 minors. Of the 425 who returned to the UK, only two women and four minors were confirmed. (...) 'We believe some women may now pose a particular security threat based on several factors. These include the physical security roles and related training that some women have undertaken in IS-held territory, and the potential to transfer or apply these skills in other locations, or to their children. 'The narratives within IS itself related to women’s roles in combat have also evolved, broadening the circumstances under which women may be asked to take up arms. We have also seen women active in IS-linked plots (directed or inspired by the group) in countries such as France, Morocco, Kenya, Indonesia and the US, suggesting that women are indeed important to consider as potential threats.'"

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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Coverbild Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert

Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert

Die internationale Sicherheit ist fragil und bedroht. Wie können und müssen demokratische Systeme ...

Internationale Sicherheitspolitik Cover

Internationale Sicherheitspolitik

Seit Ende des Ost-West-Konflikts hat sich die internationale Sicherheitspolitik deutlich verändert....

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