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"For all our outrage over Trump, the West simply cannot take any more mass immigration"

Philip Johnston hält die Rhetorik Donald Trumps in der Debatte über die Migrantenkarawane aus Mittelamerika wie viele andere Kommentatoren für "grotesk". Er weist jedoch auch darauf hin, dass sich die Grenzpolitik des US-Präsidenten nicht wesentlich von der seiner Amtsvorgänger oder der anderer westlicher Länder unterscheide. "For all his self-righteousness, Barack Obama’s administration operated the same immigration laws, stopping hundreds of thousands of would-be arrivals at the Mexican border. Mr Trump just takes that to its logical conclusion by proposing to replace an easily breached fence with a hard-to-cross wall. How would we react in this country if 5,000 people were heading across France determined to make it to the UK and demand asylum? Would it be any different? Doubtless, the language would be less harsh. The Prime Minister would acknowledge the hardships and difficulties that provoked the migration, but would politely point out that this was really a matter for France not us. If these people wanted asylum, then they should claim it in the first EU country they had visited, probably Italy. (...) Without borders, says Trump, you do not have a country; and most people in America and Europe will agree with that proposition. Those who reject it in order to parade their humanitarian credentials need to provide solutions beyond self-serving pseudo-compassionate grandstanding."

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"UK sending 800 troops to Arctic in warning shot to Russia"

Der britische Verteidigungsminister Gavin Williamson hat angekündigt, 800 Soldaten im arktischen Norden Norwegens zu stationieren, um der zunehmenden russischen "Aggression" in "unserem Hinterhof" entgegenzutreten. "Gavin Williamson told The Sunday Telegraph that the Government was drawing up a 'defence Arctic strategy' with 800 commandos being deployed to Norway next year and the instalment of a base in the north of the country. Mr Williamson highlighted Russia’s re-opening of Soviet-era bases and an 'increased tempo' of submarine activity as evidence that Britain needed to 'demonstrate we’re there' and 'protect our interests'. Britain’s move is partly in response to concern that, as the Arctic ice retreats, Russia will attempt to intensify its activity there. Melting ice has also sparked a rush to tap into oil reserves under the Arctic ice sheet."

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"The precipitous fall of Aung San Suu Kyi should serve as a warning to Western liberals"

Con Coughlin meint, dass der Wandel der Friedensnobelpreisträgerin Aung San Suu Kyi von einer international gefeierten Menschenrechtsaktivistin zur Regierungschefin und Mitverantwortlichen für den Genozid an den Rohingya-Muslimen in Myanmar westlichen Liberalen als Warnung dienen sollte. "The UN’s investigators have little sympathy. They are highly critical of Ms Suu Kyi for failing to use her 'moral authority' to stop the terror, and claim her civilian government, 'through their acts and omissions' have 'contributed to the commission of atrocity crimes'. There are important lessons for us all in Ms Suu Kyi’s dramatic fall from grace. This is, after all, not the first time the British public has been seduced by the charismatic appeal of a liberation movement. (...) This is not to say that we must never support democracy movements abroad. They are to be welcomed, and encouraged where prudent. But Britons trusted Ms Suu Kyi too quickly and too fully, without knowing much about Burmese politics or the movement she led. What was portrayed in the Western media as a stunning victory could equally, to seasoned observers, be seen as a risky compromise in which the military cut a deal with forces that threatened to end its rule. That this compromise would break down or bear rotten fruit was very much predictable."

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"Salih Khater: Westminster terror suspect was kicked out of UK university just months ago after failing accountancy degree"

Der Telegraph berichtet, dass die britische Polizei einen Einwanderer aus dem Sudan verdächtigt, für die Autoattacke vor dem Londoner Parlament verantwortlich zu sein. "Addresses in the Midlands were being searched on Tuesday night as police investigated Salih Khater, the 29-year-old arrested on suspicion of preparing an act of terror. (...) He was not known to MI5 or Scotland Yard, and had no criminal record or affiliation to terrorist groups. But he is believed to be known to West Midlands police. (...) The suspect had driven from his home in Birmingham before allegedly using his car as a weapon, sparking suggestions that it was an attempted 'copycat' of the attack launched by Khalid Masood a year earlier which had killed six people. Masood had lived just ten minutes from the suspect's home in the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham, before travelling to London to carry out his attack. Security sources are keen to establish if there is a connection between the pair."

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"Navy rescued Manchester bomber Salman Abedi from war-torn Libya three years before deadly terror attack"

Der britische Selbstmordattentäter Salman Abedi, der am 22. Mai 2017 bei einem Terroranschlag in Manchester 22 Menschen tötete, wurde offenbar drei Jahre zuvor von der britischen Marine in Libyen gerettet. "By the time of the bombing, security services were no longer monitoring him. The revelation, reported in the Daily Mail, is likely to infuriate the families who lost loved ones in the attack, and raises further fears over possible intelligence mistakes. (...) The brothers were on holiday there at the time, and the Royal Navy was tasked with picking them up, along with other British nationals, on a list provided to sailors. A review of his deadly attack by David Anderson QC found the bombing could have been averted 'had the cards fallen differently.' It emerged MI5 had planned to discuss the threat posed by him just nine days after he launched his attack, after he was highlighted for discussion."

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"When Trump sees Putin, he doesn't think about the Cold War, he sees a conservative champion of civilisation"

Donald Trumps offensichtliche Sympathie für Wladimir Putin ist nach Ansicht von Tim Stanley auf vermeintlich geteilte konservative Überzeugungen zurückzuführen. "Some conservatives now believe they have more in common with Russia’s traditionalism than with the 'suicidal liberalism' they see in the West. (...) Conservative admiration for Putin is a symptom of its own loss of hope in what were once boilerplate American ideals. Conservatives are becoming sceptical of free trade. They question the integrity of their own security apparatus. They don’t think the US has a mission to remake the world. So, why not talk to Orthodox Russia? The problem is that Trump’s realism only goes part of the way – it projects Western cultural debates onto Russia and doesn’t extend its vision to the reality of Russia as it really is."

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"Amesbury: Russia using UK as 'poison dumping ground', Home Secretary says, as couple fall victim to Novichok"

Der britische Telegraph berichtet über die erneute Vergiftung von zwei Personen in Salisbury. Die Polizei habe bestätigt, dass auch diesmal das Nervengift "Novichok" gefunden worden sei, das bereits bei der Vergiftung des russischen Ex-Spions Sergei Skripal und dessen Tochter entdeckt wurde. Der britische Innenminister Sajid Javid habe erneut Russland verantwortlich gemacht. "The Home Secretary has accused Russia of using Britain as a 'dumping ground' for nerve agents, as he called on Moscow to explain the Wiltshire poisonings. Sajid Javid said it is 'completely unacceptable for our people to be either deliberate or accidental targets' or for 'our towns to be dumping grounds for poison', after a couple were struck down by the same Novichok used in the Salisbury attack."

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"Britain's spies protect the whole of Europe – Michel Barnier would be crazy to alienate us as an ally"

Brexit-Unterhändler Brüssels, Michel Barnier, hat mitgeteilt, dass die bisherige enge Kooperation der Europäer mit dem britischen Geheimdienst GCHQ im Fall eines Scheiterns der Brexit-Verhandlungen auf dem Spiel stehen würde. Nick Timothy hält diese Drohung im Hinblick auf die europäische Sicherheit für fahrlässig, da britische Agenten in der Vergangenheit dazu beigetragen hätten, zahlreiche Anschläge auf dem Festland zu verhindern. "Since 2016 there have been 45 terror attacks in seven European countries: Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Sweden and Finland. (...) Britain is a nuclear power, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and has armed forces with a global reach. And we have the best 'signals intelligence' capability in Europe, which among many things helps our allies to identify terrorists returning from Syria. In contrast, Europe’s defences against mounting threats are pitifully weak. Few member states pull their weight and, after Brexit, 80 per cent of Nato spending will come from outside the EU. So Mr Barnier ought to be careful. Britain’s leaders might be unconditionally committed to the security of Europe, but if the EU tries to hurt us, the next generation of politicians – and the public – might not be so generous. Solidarity works in both directions."

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"Colombian election: Ivan Duque vows to 'correct' peace accord after comfortable win"

Der rechtskonservative Iván Duque hat die Stichwahl in Kolumbien gewonnen und wird neuer Präsident des Landes. Der von Amtsvorgänger Juan Manuel Santos abgeschlossene Friedensvertrag mit den Farc-Rebellen steht nun wieder auf der Kippe. "In the end, the 41-year-old sailed to victory, promising to change parts of the accord with leftist rebels but not 'shred it to pieces' as some of his hawkish allies had been urging. (...) 'That peace we long for - that demands corrections - will have corrections, so that the victims are the centre of the process, to guarantee truth, justice and reparation,' Mr Duque said. Through constitutional reform or by decree, he could proceed with proposals such as not allowing ex-combatants behind grave human rights abuses to take political office until they have confessed their war crimes and compensated victims. The current agreement allows most rebels to avoid jail, a sore point for many."

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"Kim Jong-un is winning the Singapore summit"

Auch Tim Stanley sieht Kim Jong-un als klaren Gewinner von Singapur, da Donald Trump das nordkoreanische Regime mit dem symbolischen Treffen praktisch legitimiert habe. "They shook hands standing in front of a row of flags, alternately American and North Korean. No image has done more to validate this dictatorship. It implies an equality between the two countries, and that Kim is the leader of the kind of regime that the world’s greatest super power wants to talk to. That is exactly what North Korea wants. (...) you have to understand that Kim’s sudden outreach to the United States is not a sign of weakness – it’s only happened because Kim judges that the nuclear programme has reached such a degree of strength that it can now be played as a bargaining chip."

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"Iran's aggression, not Donald Trump's, has sundered the nuclear deal"

Teheran trage selbst die Verantwortung für das Scheitern des Atomabkommens mit dem Westen, meint Con Coughlin im Telegraph. "If Mr Rouhani was genuinely interested in fostering better relations, he would not allow Iranian warships to harass the US 5th Fleet as it fulfils its normal patrol duties around the Gulf region. He would not continue to support Houthi rebels in Yemen who have helped to create a humanitarian disaster there by seeking the overthrow of the country’s democratically elected government. And Mr Rouhani would not tolerate the massive arms build-up that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has undertaken in Syria and Lebanon, where it has now stockpiled tens of thousands of missiles with the capability of hitting all of Israel’s major towns and cities."

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"How insurgents across the Middle East turned drones into deadly weapons"

Der Drohnenangriff syrischer Rebellen auf einen russischen Militärflugplatz am 5. Januar ist Raf Sanchez zufolge nur ein besonders dramatisches Beispiel dafür, wie geschickt Aufständische im Nahen Osten die zum Teil kommerziell erhältliche Technologie mittlerweile einsetzen. "From Syria to Yemen and Gaza to Iraq, jihadists and rebels are finding ways to turn commercial technology - available over the web or a high street shop - into effective weapons which the world’s most advanced militaries are struggling to counter. Those who monitor the growing use of drones warn that it is likely only a matter of time before terrorists attempt to use an armed drone for attacks against the West. 'This is a fast developing field of warfare where the leading edge is with non-state actors and terrorist organisations,' said Chris Woods, the director of Air Wars, an independent group which monitors the conflict in Iraq and Syria. 'Clearly this is a technology that can cross borders and represents threats outside of conflict zones so it’s something we all need to take seriously.'"

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"Farc suspends elections campaign amid violence"

Die in einem international aufsehenerregenden Friedensabkommen vereinbarte Transformation der Farc-Guerilla zu einer politischen Organisation ist nach der Einstellung des Wahlkampfes der früheren Rebellengruppe ins Stocken geraten. Mathew Di Salvo berichtet aus Medellín, dass Farc-Vertreter bei ihren öffentlichen Auftritten auf wütende Proteste gestoßen sind. "(...) many Colombians still seethe at giving the former fighters 10 seats in Congress and allowing their leader, Rodrigo Londono, also known as Timochenko, to run for president. The group has since faced angry protests on campaign trail – with people throwing rocks at rallies and labelling Timochenko a 'murderer'. Infamous for violence and kidnappings in the Western hemisphere's longest running conflict, the Farc, previously known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, said they felt threatened by the chanting 'mobs' at the rallies. They temporarily halted their campaign on Friday amid safety concerns, claiming mobs were putting their members in danger."

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"Bedroom hackers bigger threat than Russia, regulator says"

Die britische Datenschutzbeauftragte Elizabeth Denham hat Regierungsbehörden in einer Rede empfohlen, sich weniger Sorgen um staatlich geförderte "Cyberterroristen" anderer Länder als um Hackerangriffe "böswilliger" Teenager zu machen. "In a speech to the heads of the civil service and other public bodies, Elizabeth Denham said that most breaches are preventable and bosses should consider the reputational damage as well as financial losses. But rather than panicking about rogue states such as Russia hacking into their systems, civil servants should plan to protect themselves against teenage boys who attack simply to show that they are able to, the regulator warned. 'We make a mistake if we throw up our hands and worry about state sponsored attacks – we know those are rare,' Ms Denham said. 'You should be worrying about the malicious kid in his bedroom who hacks in to your system because he can. Or the opportunistic thief who understands the value of the data you hold and knows how to get his hands on it. Because you left the door wide open.'"

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"Exclusive: US making plans for 'bloody nose’ military attack on North Korea"

Der britische Telegraph berichtet, dass das Weiße Haus einen begrenzten Militärschlag gegen nordkoreanische Atom- und Raketenanlangen offenbar ernsthaft in Erwägung zieht. "America is drawing up plans for a 'bloody nose' military attack on North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons programme, The Telegraph understands. The White House has 'dramatically' stepped up preparation for a military solution in recent months amid fears diplomacy is not working, well-placed sources said. One option is destroying a launch site before it is used by the regime for a new missile test. Stockpiles of weapons could also be targeted. The hope is that military force would show Kim Jong-un that America is 'serious' about stopping further nuclear development and trigger negotiations."

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"New threat to Britain's railways as al-Qaeda tells supporters to derail train carriages"

Al-Qaida habe Unterstützer in Großbritannien dazu aufgefordert, verstärkt Züge ins Visier zu nehmen und Entgleisungen herbeizuführen, berichtet Christopher Hope. "Securing thousands of miles of track in the UK was 'practically impossible' and attacks would cause 'great damage and destruction', the terrorist group said in an article in the group's magazine Inspire. The terrorist group offered to show how to make a 'derail tool' and said any attacks would force Governments to impose the airport-style security measures on rail travellers. The threat is understood to being taken seriously by British and American intelligence agencies who are said to be 'working closely' to combat it."

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"Iraqi PM declares victory in Mosul as army drives Isil from city"

Mit der offiziell verkündeten Rückeroberung der irakischen Stadt Mosul sei die bedeutendste urbane Schlacht der modernen Geschichte beendet worden, berichtet der Telegraph. "Jubilant soldiers tore down the black flag of Isil, which had flown over Mosul for three years, hoisting up the Iraqi flag in its place. (...) The nine month-offensive to recapture Iraq’s second city cost the lives of thousands of civilians and countless more Iraqi forces. In the end, cornered and facing an inevitable conclusion, the last fighters detonated suicide bombs with a few trying to escape across the Tigris river."

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"Inquiry needed into 'Saudi Arabia's funding of Islamist extremism in UK'"

Der britische Thinktank Henry Jackson Society hat die Regierung aufgefordert, das Ausmaß der saudi-arabischen Finanzierung radikalislamischer Extremisten in Großbritannien näher zu untersuchen. "A clear and growing link can be drawn between overseas money, which mainly comes from Saudi Arabia, and the recent wave of atrocities in the UK and Europe, the Henry Jackson Society said. The kingdom's 60-year campaign to export hardline Wahhabi Islam has led to support for mosques and Islamic institutions that appear to have links to extremism, the organisation said. It found there have been 'numerous' cases of Britons who have joined Jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria whose radicalisation is thought to link back to foreign-funded institutions and preachers."

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"We are sleepwalking towards a global war – and Russia and China are enabling it"

John Hemmings weist die Schuld an der gefährlichen Situation auf der koreanischen Halbinsel vor allem Russland und China zu. "Despite promises to Trump at Mar-a-Lago, Beijing has done little to press sanctions. Pyongyang’s largest trading partner by far, it made a great show of turning back coal ships in February, however, its outrage earlier this month over Washington’s sanctioning of Dandong Bank – a small Chinese bank complicit in North Korean money-laundering – showed where China’s interests really lie on this matter. Russia, for its part, already smarting under Western sanctions, is also problematic. While pressing for a peaceful resolution, it is increasing business links and regularly “rents” North Korean labourers to work its timber camps. Both continue to round up North Korean defectors and 'repatriate' them to certain death in North Korean camps. (...) The answers are there, but they demand the political will. It is not merely North Korea that is sleepwalking toward conflict. By not taking steps to stop it, we are all doing the same".

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"Salman Abedi named as the Manchester suicide bomber - what we know about him"

Die Polizei hat Salman Abedi, einen 1994 in Manchester geborenen Sohn von Flüchtlingen aus Libyen, als Verantwortlichen für den Terroranschlag in Manchester genannt. Martin Evans und Victoria Ward fassen die bisher bekannten Informationen über Abedi zusammen. "As with the Westminster atrocity in March, the most pressing question is whether Abedi was a so-called 'lone wolf' or part of a wider terror cell. On Tuesday, it was reported that the Islamic State group had claimed responsibility for the attack. While the working theory is that the perpetrator triggered the blast alone, the national police counter-terror network, assisted by MI5, are urgently piecing together his background to see whether he had any help in planning the outrage."

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"Germany 'interfering in General Election in attempt to undermine Theresa May'"

In Großbritannien haben konservative Verbündete der Premierministerin den Vorwurf geäußert, dass Deutschland und die EU gegenwärtig versuchen, die anstehenden Parlamentswahlen zu beeinflussen und Theresa May zu unterminieren. Durch die Veröffentlichung bestimmter Details vertraulicher Treffen soll demnach das Brexit-Mandat der britischen Regierung geschwächt werden. "Germany has been accused by allies of Theresa May of trying to influence the general election by undermining the Prime Minister over Brexit talks. Allies of Mrs May believe Germany, in tandem with the EU, is embarking on a new 'project fear' by repeatedly briefing against her. (...) Weakening Mrs May’s mandate with the electorate would tilt the balance in favour of the EU negotiators, and Conservative sources have suggested she is the victim of a co-ordinated plot ahead of next month’s election. One close ally of Mrs May said: 'There is a long-standing tradition that countries do not involve themselves in the elections of other countries, and they seem to be breaking that.'"

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"There is a war on Christianity. The West must stop being scared to say so"

Nach den Bombenanschlägen auf zwei Kirchen in Ägypten kritisiert Tim Stanley, dass über radikalislamische Gewalt gegen Christen im Nahen Osten in vielen westlichen Medien eher beiläufig berichtet werde. "Why do Westerners behave oddly when it’s Christians being murdered abroad? Political correctness is partly to blame – that secular form of Christian guilt about things we’ve done, failed to do, and did a long time ago to foreign people (which means, we seem to assume, that they can do no wrong today). But also PC allied to real politick – the fear that by calling this a religious war on Christians, we confirm the radical Islamist’s narrative of Christianity vs Islam and ramp up the sectarian divide. (...) There is one other reason why we’re so nervous about engaging with this fight: the West is reluctant to identify itself as Christian. Our spirit has become so weak, our culture so vapid, that we struggle to see that the rights, the democracy, the religious pluralism that we all enjoy in our part of the world were not invented yesterday but are part of a historic, global story of Christian social progress."

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"Theresa May 'would go to war' to defend the sovereignty of Gibraltar"

In den Verhandlungen über den Brexit will die EU Spanien offenbar ein Vetorecht über Vereinbarungen zur Zukunft der britischen Enklave Gibraltar einräumen. Verteidigungsminister Michael Fallon hat daraufhin bekräftigt, dass die britische Regierung ihre Souveränität in Gibraltar entschlossen verteidigen werde. "Speaking to the BBC's Andrew Marr show, Mr Fallon said: 'The people of Gibraltar have made it clear that they don't want to live under the sovereignty of Spain. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way.' Meanwhile, Lord Howard told Sky News's Sophy Ridge on Sunday: 'There is no question whatever that our Government will stand by Gibraltar.' 'Thirty-five years ago this week another woman Prime Minister sent a task force half way across the world to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country.'"

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"As the net tightens around it in Syria and Iraq, Isil will continue to lash out abroad"

Terroristische Angriffe wie der von London könnten sich im Zuge der militärischen Zerschlagung des "Islamischen Staates" in Irak und Syrien wiederholen, fürchtet Julie Lenarz im britischen Telegraph. "The reason why so many young men and women have flocked to the Middle East in order to join Isil is the myth of invincibility that lies at the heart of the terrorist organisation’s appeal. Carrying out successful attacks against Western targets allows Isil’s leadership to keep alive the impression of strength. And as the group dispatches cells to carry out attacks in the West, they have also inspired a number of “lone wolf” attacks – atrocities carried out by individuals in the name of the organisation without ever having been instructed by them. Those self-radicalised militants are keen to become part of the wider Isil family and demonstrate why defeating the organisation in Iraq and Syria does not necessarily contain the threat at home."

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"Head of MI6: Britain faces 'fundamental threat to sovereignty from Russian meddling'"

Der Chef des britischen Geheimdienstes MI6, Alex Younger, hat Hackerangriffe aus Russland und anderen "feindlichen Staaten" dem Telegraph zufolge als "fundamentale Bedrohung" der britischen Souveränität bezeichnet. "Alex Younger used his first major public speech as head of the Secret Intelligence Service to attack the Kremlin for creating a human tragedy in Syria and to warn of the threat to the UK from high-tech subversion by countries such as Russia. (...) Mr Younger, known as C, said his intelligence officers were having to counter 'the increasingly dangerous phenomenon of hybrid warfare'. Speaking to reporters at MI6’s headquarters in central London on Thursday morning, he said: 'The connectivity that is at the heart of globalisation can be exploited by states with hostile intent to further their aims deniably. They do this through means as varied as cyber-attacks, propaganda or subversion of democratic process.' He went on: 'The risks at stake are profound and represent a fundamental threat to our sovereignty; they should be a concern to all those who share democratic values.'"

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"Islamic State retreat reveals terror plots against Europe"

Der Rückzug von IS-Kämpfern in Irak und Syrien habe wertvolle Informationen über die Planung von Terroranschlägen in Europa zu Tage gefördert, berichtet der britische Telegraph nach einem Gespräch mit General Rupert Jones in Irak. "Intelligence of attack plots across Europe is being uncovered as Islamic State’s caliphate is beaten back, the top British officer in the military coalition fighting the extremists has disclosed. A trove of information has already been found and the capture of the Iraqi city of Mosul is expected to deliver more on the plans, finances and members of Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil). (...) The volume of intelligence being found is so large the coalition has set up a lab in the Gulf to plunder militants’ laptops, phones and drives for their secrets and then pass them to intelligence agencies. The capture of the Syrian town of Manbij, which acted as a gateway for jihadists travelling into Turkey and on to Europe, was an intelligence breakthrough, he said. But he warned the militants would still be able to direct plots while they remained in their capital, Raqqa."

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"Europe's liberal establishment must learn some humility and stop bashing Donald Trump - or face an American backlash"

Peter Foster rät dem "liberalen Establishment" Europas im konservativen Telegraph, dem neuen US-Präsidenten mit etwas mehr Demut entgegen zu treten. Es sei wenig hilfreich, wenn Bundeskanzlerin Merkel Donald Trump an die westlichen Werte erinnere oder EU-Kommissionspräsident Jean-Claude Juncker ankündige, Trump beibringen zu wollen, "wie Europa funktioniert". "No-one should be under any illusion about the properly nasty edge to Mr Trump’s politics - Steve Bannon, his senior strategist and now counsellor, is a provocateur whose 'alt-right' web forum is a haven for white supremacists and anti-semites. But while no-one expects Mrs Merkel to wholeheartedly embrace Mr Trump – she will have a day-long commiseration with Barack Obama this Thursday – the idea that finger-wagging from Europe will achieve anything other than a backlash from Washington is simply naive. At root, it says that – even after Brexit and now Trump – the European liberal establishment still has not learned any humility in the face of electorates who are now demanding to be heard. It is the ideological equivalent of 'let them eat cake'."

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"Russia and the West have 'entered a new Cold War'"

Der neue "Kalte Krieg" zwischen Russland und dem Westen habe nach Ansicht vieler Experten in Moskau bereits begonnen, berichtet Roland Oliphant, Russland-Korrespondent des britischen Telegraph. Russland habe die internationale Hegemonie der USA herausgefordert, nun drohe eine gefährliche Konfrontation wie in der Kubakrise des Jahres 1962. "Russian experts fear the near-collapse of diplomacy has increased the dangers of a 'hot' proxy war or even the nightmare scenario: direct Russian-Western warfare. Potential flashpoints include the Baltic, where Nato and Russia have accused one another of troop builds, and eastern Ukraine, where Russia continues to supply and direct the separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The most dangerous flashpoint is Syria. Bashar al-Assad, the Moscow-allied Syrian president, said last week that the conflict was already turning into a direct US-Russian confrontation."

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"Bloody battle to retake Mosul begins as Iraqi forces move to wipe out Isil's last major stronghold in the region"

Josie Ensor, Korrespondentin des britischen Telegraph, begleitet irakische Spezialeinheiten in Mosul und berichtet über den Beginn der Schlacht zur Vertreibung des "Islamischen Staates" aus der irakischen Millionenstadt. "The Iraqi army has begun the 'mother of all battles' to liberate the city of Mosul from Isil, in the hope of dislodging them from their last major stronghold in the country. (...) The offensive is a joint operation by more than 30,000 troops from the Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga and a Shia paramilitary force, which are pushing in on the city from three sides. Some 8,000 jihadists have dug in in Mosul, which has been under Isil’s control since the militants swept through northern Iraq in a blitzkrieg in the summer of 2014."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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