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"Trump has done what Obama didn’t: Scare NATO into closer tracking of defense spending"

Franco Ordoñez erinnert daran, dass auch US-Präsident Obama die NATO-Partner zu erhöhten Militärausgaben aufgefordert habe. Präsident Trump sei es nun mit seinem undiplomatischen Auftreten gelungen, dem Thema neue Dringlichkeit zu verschaffen. "Obama complained three years ago at a gathering of European Union leaders that defense couldn’t be left just to the United States and Great Britain. Citing Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region, Obama said the situation 'reminds us that our freedom isn’t free.' Six years ago, then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates went further, warning NATO leaders that younger U.S. politicians – 'those for whom the Cold War was not the formative experience that it was for me' – might abandon the six-decade-old defense alliance if allies didn’t carry a greater portion of the load. But it was Trump who scared leaders into accepting closer monitoring of their defense spending when he called the 28-member organization 'obsolete' and threatened to pull out or significantly cut funding."

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"Islamic State targeting Germany’s homeless in worrying recruiting trend"

Der Islamische Staat richtet seine Rekrutierungsversuche in Deutschland offenbar gezielt auf junge Obdachlose, berichtet Matthew Schofield. "German experts on the radicalization of young people say Yannick N. fits a new trend in the Islamic State recruiting. For years now, Germany, like other European nations, has provided a steady flow of recruits to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Most of those were young Muslims, many of them recent converts, who’d been radicalized by family, friends, imams or the Web. The new strategy appears to target the homeless, those with disabilities and young, frustrated refugees. Experts believe that before, European recruits were often lured with the promise of taking part in a struggle that was bigger than their small, mundane lives. This new batch, however, is simply desperate for any kind of acceptance. As such, the fear is that they’re more likely to be willing to accept their fate as suicide bombers than those who want glory, but also want to revel in it with friends online."

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"Islamic State chalks up another victory, this one in Syria"

Nach der strategisch wichtigen Einnahme der irakischen Stadt Ramadi hat der Islamische Staat nun auch in Syrien einen bedeutsamen militärischen Sieg errungen. Die Eroberung der Stadt Palmyra ist Roy Gutman und Mousab Alhamadee zufolge nicht nur ein weiterer Rückschlag für das Assad-Regime, sondern auch für die amerikanische Strategie des Luftkrieges gegen den IS. "Despite daily air bombardment by U.S. and other allied air forces, the Islamic State carried off simultaneous ground assaults in two locations and showed superior fighting tactics against two different government forces – a feat that required planning, preparation and a mastery of logistics. For the U.S.-led coalition, which has relied entirely on U.S. airstrikes to combat the Islamic State in Syria, the capture of Palmyra will raise more questions about whether the current strategy has any hope of success."

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"Elite Iraqi units abandon Ramadi in biggest Islamic State win since Mosul"

Das irakische Militär habe im Kampf gegen den Islamischen Staat in Ramadi die schwerste Niederlage seit dem Einmarsch der Terrormiliz im vergangenem Juni erlitten, berichtet Mitchell Prothero. Neuen Berichten zufolge werden nun schiitische Milizen versuchen, die Stadt zurückzuerobern. "In a replay of last year’s military debacle, elite units abandoned their U.S.-provided equipment to Islamic State fighters and fled the area, leaving several hundred soldiers surrounded in the last government-held enclave in the city. Multiple security sources, none of whom agreed to be identified, speaking from both within the besieged Anbar Operations Center as well as with the units fleeing the city, described the fight for control of the capital of Iraq’s largest province as essentially over after reinforcements sent on Saturday to retake the city were crushed by Islamic State fighters."

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"Proposed accord far tougher on Iran than expected, nuclear experts say"

Viele Sicherheitsexperten seien trotz mancher Einwände von den Details und den iranischen Zugeständnissen bei der Übereinkunft in den Atomverhandlungen positiv überrascht worden, berichtet Jonathan S. Landay. "(...) experts said they were surprised by how detailed the framework was, saying they had expected it to be a very general document or even a verbal understanding short on specifics because the Iranians had indicated that was what they wanted. 'I’m pleasantly surprised that some of those details provide better news than we expected,' said Greg Theilman, an expert at the Arms Control Association, a policy institute, and a former senior official with the State Department’s intelligence bureau. 'It’s a pretty good deal. I thought we’d get less nailed down.'"

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"As airstrikes damage Islamic State, it seeks 'money, money, money'"

Der internationale Luftkrieg gegen den Islamischen Staat in Syrien und Irak zeige offenbar Wirkung, berichtet Mitchell Prothero. Der reichsten Terrormiliz der Geschichte gingen durch die Angriffe auf ihre Ölanlagen wichtige Finanzquellen verloren. "(...) the targeting of these operations has hurt the Islamic State’s finances. Residents of Mosul contacted by phone say that not only is electrical service from the city’s oil-fired electrical plants at an all-time low, but the prices of heating oil and consumer gasoline products also have greatly increased since the coalition bombing campaign began last September. (...) Residents of Mosul and the group’s main city in Syria, Raqqa, describe a decimated economy. Residents, along with data supplied by the Financial Action Task Force, indicate that as the economy collapses in Islamic State-held areas, less revenue is produced to be taxed, which pushes the group to find new tax revenues, which further weakens the local economy."

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"Despite grisly executions, expanded campaign against Islamic State seems unlikely"

Trotz der jüngsten Militärschläge Jordaniens und Ägyptens gegen den Islamischen Staat sei eine Ausweitung der internationalen Militärkampagne gegen die Terrormiliz in Syrien und Libyen unwahrscheinlich, schreibt Mitchell Prothero. In Libyen habe Italien zwar seine Bereitschaft zur Entsendung von 5.000 Truppen verkündet, ansonsten bestehe jedoch kein westliches Interesse an einem militärischem Engagement im libyschen Konflikt. Jordanien wiederum werde sich neben möglichen Luftschlägen auf begrenzte verdeckte Operationen seiner Spezialeinheiten konzentrieren. "(...) the deeper involvement of Jordan and Egypt in the fight against the Islamist radicals seems at this juncture unlikely to lead to an expanded campaign by the United States and other members of the anti-Islamic State coalition. (...) That leaves Egypt and Jordan to find ways on their own to carry out their vows to avenge their dead."

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"Jordan’s vow of revenge against Islamic State sparks fear of new conflict"

Die Ermordung des jordanischen Piloten Muath al-Kaseasbeh durch den Islamischen Staat hat in Jordanien Proteste und Racheschwüre ausgelöst. Nach der schnellen Hinrichtung von zwei verurteilten Terroristen könnten Hannah Allam zufolge weitere Racheakte folgen. Einige Experten beobachten diese Reaktion Jordaniens mit Besorgnis und Kritik. "(...) analysts warned that while such a dramatic step might act as a short-term salve for a country in mourning, the move might backfire in the long run by looping a key U.S. counterterrorism ally into a cycle of savagery with a bloodthirsty militant group. (...) 'Jordan has put itself in a tough position by vowing to execute ISIS prisoners in retaliation,' said Will McCants, a former government adviser on violent extremism who now heads the Brookings Institution’s Project on U.S. Relations with the Islamic World. 'If Jordan delivers on its promise, it looks as bad as ISIS and ratifies the group’s brutal tit-for-tat logic. If it doesn’t deliver, it looks weak.'"

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"New Saudi king not expected to change oil prices, women’s rights"

Der neue saudi-arabische König Salman dürfte weder innen- noch außenpolitisch neue Töne anschlagen, erwarten Hannah Allam und Sean Cockerham in ihrer Analyse. Einige Experten würden dies aus sicherheitspolitischer Perspektive durchaus begrüßen: "The status quo is hardly ideal in the view of human rights advocates and Saudi activists who lament the kingdom’s dismal progress on liberalization, but the violent transitions in other Arab states serve as cautionary tales for anyone pushing for change in Saudi Arabia, arguably the most important Arab country. 'Saudi Arabia has been critical to preserving some degree of regional stability in the face of a growing Iranian threat, during the rise of Islamic extremism that followed the U.S. invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and during the new wave of upheavals that began in the spring of 2011,' wrote Anthony Cordesman, a former senior defense official who’s now with the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies."

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"U.S. airstrike in Syria may have killed 50 civilians"

Bei einem amerikanischen Luftangriff gegen den Islamischen Staat im Norden Syriens seien mindesten 50 Zivilisten getötet worden, berichten Roy Gutman und Mousab Alhamadee. "The civilians were being held in a makeshift jail in the town of Al Bab, close to the Turkish border, when the aircraft struck on the evening of Dec. 28, the witnesses said. The building, called the Al Saraya, a government center, was leveled in the airstrike. It was days before civil defense workers could dig out the victims’ bodies."

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"As world homicide rate declines, killings rise in Latin America, Caribbean"

Einer neuen UN-Studie zufolge ist die Zahl der weltweiten Morde seit Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts merklich gesunken. Die großen Ausnahmen seien Lateinamerika und die karibischen Länder, in denen die Mordrate insgesamt um 5% gestiegen sei. "In Latin America and the Caribbean, the rate increased during the same period by 5 percent, from 27.1 homicides per 100,000 people in 2000 to 28.5 in 2012. That meant, according to the U.N. study, that the homicide rate in Latin America and the Caribbean is more than double the rate for all African countries – 10.9 per 100,000 – and more than seven times the 3.8 rate in wealthy countries. (...) Asked why Latin American rates were so much higher than those elsewhere in the world, Christopher Mikton, a technical officer for the World Health Organization who’s the lead author of the study, said criminologists didn’t agree. A specialist in forensic psychiatry, Mikton said contributing factors were high levels of inequality, easy access to drugs and guns, wars between gangs and narco-traffickers, and a culture that glamorizes violence."

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"Islamists come out on top in new effort to unify Syrian rebel groups"

In Syrien hätten sich 72 Rebellenfraktionen zu einer neuen Koalition zusammengeschlossen, berichtet Mousab Alhamadee. Extremistische Gruppen hätten dabei großen Einfluss gewonnen, nur sieben von 17 Führungspositionen seien von Vertretern moderater Rebellengruppen besetzt. "Col. Muhammad Hallak, who represented a moderate faction attending the three-day organizational meeting, accused Islamists, especially Ahrar al Sham, which is known to work closely with al Qaida’s Syrian affiliate, the Nusra Front, of capturing more positions than its influence in the rebellion deserved. (...) Hallak also expressed skepticism toward the October document on which the new group, the Revolutionary Command Council, is based, saying it was written to ensure an Islamist government after Assad is toppled. The announcement of the new umbrella group comes at a time when moderate rebels have lost territory to the Nusra Front, especially in Idlib province, where groups associated with the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army coalition used to hold sway."

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"Syrian rebels angry that strikes hit al Qaida ally but not Assad"

Die amerikanischen Luftschläge in Syrien seien von den moderaten Rebellen der Free Syrian Army mit Wut aufgenommen worden, berichten Roy Gutman und Mousab Alhamadee. "By focusing exclusively on Islamic State insurgents and al Qaida figures associated with the Khorasan unit of the Nusra Front, and bypassing installations associated with the government of President Bashar Assad, the airstrikes infuriated anti-regime Syrians and hurt the standing of moderate rebel groups that are receiving arms and cash as part of a covert CIA operation based in the Turkish border city of Reyhanli. (...) The U.S. informed the Syrian government of the impending airstrikes Monday, the official Syrian news agency reported, but no one dropped a hint to the inner circle of rebel commanders. They learned about it from the news."

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"Offensive in Libya by former Gadhafi general aimed at breaking Islamist control"

Die Revolte eines früheren Generals des Gaddafi-Regimes in Libyen richte sich explizit gegen die islamistischen Milizen, die weite Teile des Landes kontrollierten, berichtet Nancy A. Youssef. "A former general in Moammar Gadhafi’s army who defected to the United States nearly three decades ago has launched an unexpected offensive against Islamist militias in Libya - a development that appears to have broken the stalemate that left the militias in charge in much of the country. (...) Hifter’s offensive, which began Friday in Benghazi, has spurred militiamen, military commanders and rogue fighters alike to pick sides in what potentially is a nationwide battle every bit as violent as the one that ended in Gadhafi’s death in 2011. On one side are the Islamists who want to maintain their hold over Libya. One the other are Hifter’s allies, who want a new political order and a return to stability _ even if it means an end to Libya’s gridlocked elected government. It is a fight that neither side can decisively win, Libyans, analysts and U.S. officials agreed Tuesday."

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"Russia may have won a battle as propaganda war comes to Germany’s capital"

Berichte deutscher Medien über den Einsatz von US-Söldnern im Osten der Ukraine werden von Matthew Schofield als Sieg der russischen Propagandamaschine bezeichnet. "The chancellor’s office and the German intelligence service have declined to either confirm or deny, a development that leaves an atmosphere of doubt in a country where tensions are rife about just how angry Germany should be at Russia’s actions in Ukraine - fueled in no small part by German reliance on Russian natural gas and oil and the extensive business ties between the two nations. 'We’ve told Bild and other outlets that these stories are nonsense,' Caitlin Hayden, the national security spokeswoman for the White House, said Wednesday. 'The company in question has been on record denying it for almost two months.' The Russians couldn’t hope for more."

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"Homs agreement calls for Syrian rebels to identify booby traps in return for evacuation"

Die syrischen Rebellen haben sich zum Rückzug aus ihrer einstigen Hochburg Homs bereit erklärt. Einem von der UNO vermittelten Waffenstillstand zufolge sollen die Kämpfer und ihre Familien freies Geleit erhalten, im Gegenzug sollen die Positionen verdeckter Sprengfallen offen gelegt werden. "A rebel commander now based in Lebanon who’s been helping with the negotiations said the deal foresees a rebel withdrawal over three days. He said about 2,000 rebel fighters and their families would be evacuated. 'We are in the process of working with the regime and the Red Crescent to arrange for a safe way for them to move and to show the regime where many of the booby traps and IEDs are set,' said the commander, Abu Omar al Homsi. Unexploded ordnance will be a major hazard once the evacuation is completed. The area has been heavily mined by rebels and shelled nonstop for weeks by government forces, leaving behind many unexploded shells. A U.N.-brokered deal earlier in the year allowed hundreds of rebel fighters and civilians to abandon the area, but the few remaining holdouts had held on despite an extensive government bombardment."

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"Experts: U.S. must have OKd transfer of missiles seen in Syria rebel videos"

Haben die USA die syrischen Rebellen insgeheim bereits mit modernen Waffen beliefert? Neue Rebellenvideos zeigten schwere Antipanzerraketen, die nach Expertenmeinung nur aus den USA stammen könnten, berichten Mitchell Prothero und Jonathan S. Landay. "The heavy anti-tank missiles recently shown in videos being fired by Western-backed Syrian rebels were manufactured in the United States, and their transfer to the rebels would have required direct American government approval, according to experts in international weapons deals. That makes the videos the first hard evidence that the Obama administration has undertaken what may be a test of the rebels’ ability to adapt to advanced weaponry in a conflict that to date has been primarily a battle of outdated Soviet-era equipment."

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"U.S. drone strikes came despite Yemen’s hopes to limit them"

Bei mehreren amerikanischen Drohnenangriffen in Jemen sind in den vergangenen Tagen mehr als 40 mutmaßliche Extremisten getötet worden. Adam Baron berichtet, dass die Regierung in Aden die intensivierte Drohnenkampagne der USA angesichts der zahlreichen Zivilopfer zunehmend kritisch beurteile. "Yemen’s government has long assented to the strikes - privately, in the case of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, but openly under the country’s current leader, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who took power in February 2012. But a rising number of civilian casualties, particularly the December bombing of a wedding party that left 15 dead, has unnerved some Yemeni officials. 'We’ve told the Americans that they’ve been going about things the wrong way,' the high-ranking Yemeni military official said last week, speaking only on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic. 'When it comes to the current drone policy, there have been too many mistakes."

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"Israeli settlement plans sank peace talks, Kerry says"

US-Außenminister Kerry hat die israelische Siedlungspolitik für das erneute Scheitern der Friedensverhandlungen verantwortlich gemacht. "Appearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kerry said both sides had taken steps in recent days that stood in the way of progress. But he said a turning point came when an Israeli housing agency published tenders for 700 new apartments. 'Seven hundred settlement units were announced in Jerusalem and, poof, that was sort of the moment,' Kerry said."

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"Over U.S. objection, U.N. Human Rights Council votes to probe legality of drone strikes"

Auf Drängen von Pakistan und Jemen und gegen den offenen Widerstand der USA wird sich der UN-Menschenrechtsrat mit der Frage der Legalität der amerikanischen Drohnenschläge gegen vermeintliche Terrorverdächtige beschäftigen. "Human rights advocacy groups, led by New York-based Human Rights Watch, mounted a strong campaign to garner support for the the motion. In a letter circulated to the 47-members of the council on Thursday, the advocacy group argued that while currently only the U.S., Great Britain and Israel use armed drones in operations against alleged terrorists, it cautioned 'that other states, and non-state actors, may acquire them in the future.' Human Rights Watch also said it has 'serious concerns that some if not many U.S. drone attacks may violate international law.'"

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"Sanctions on Russia over Ukraine not expected to damage delicate diplomacy on Syria, Iran"

Die bisherigen Sanktionen der USA gegen Russland seien vom Weißen Haus sehr bewusst ausgewählt worden, um die amerikanisch-russische Kooperation bei der Syrienkonferenz und in den Atomverhandlungen mit dem Iran nicht zu gefährden, schreibt Hannah Allam. Experten glauben an den Erfolg dieser Strategie, solange Russland nicht weitere Gebiete im Osten der Ukraine übernehmen wolle. "The U.S. focus on chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict fulfills Russian President Vladimir Putin’s goal of keeping Syrian President Bashar Assad in power, and Russian influence in the talks on Iran’s nuclear program has diminished, according to analysts who specialize in U.S.-Russian relations. Those conclusions suggest that the State Department’s compartmentalization policy will succeed, avoiding a severing of U.S.-Russian ties but still light years away from what the Obama administration once had envisioned as a 'reset' with Moscow."

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"White House withholds thousands of documents from Senate CIA probe, despite vows of help"

Einer McClatchy-Recherche zufolge hat das Weiße Haus dem Untersuchungsausschuss des US-Senats zum geheimen CIA-Gefängnisprogramm seit fünf Jahren mehr als 9.000 Dokumente vorenthalten, obwohl US-Präsident Obama eine enge Kooperation zugesagt hatte. "In contrast to public assertions that it supports the committee’s work, the White House has ignored or rejected offers in multiple meetings and in letters to find ways for the committee to review the records, a McClatchy investigation has found. (...) The dispute indicates that the White House is more involved than it has acknowledged in the unprecedented power struggle between the committee and the CIA, which has triggered charges that the agency searched the panel’s computers without authorization and has led to requests to the Justice Department for criminal investigations of CIA personnel and Senate aides. 'These documents certainly raise the specter that the White House has been involved in stonewalling the investigation,' said Elizabeth Goitein, the co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security Program at the New York University Law School."

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"Did the CIA spy on the U.S. Senate?"

McClatchy berichtet zusammen mit der New York Times, dass die CIA möglicherweise Computer von US-Senatoren überwacht habe, die für die Untersuchung des geheimen Gefängnisprogramms des Geheimdienstes zuständig sind. "The development marks an unprecedented breakdown in relations between the CIA and its congressional overseers amid an extraordinary closed-door battle over the 6,300-page report on the agency’s use of waterboarding and harsh interrogation techniques on suspected terrorists held in secret overseas prisons. The report is said to be a searing indictment of the program. The CIA has disputed some of the reports findings."

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"U.S. share of cloud computing likely to drop after NSA revelations"

Matthew Schofield erläutert in dieser Reportage aus Berlin, warum das globale Cloud-Geschäft von US-Unternehmen zu den Opfern des NSA-Skandals gezählt werden könne. Der tiefe Vertrauensverlust in das bisher von US-Firmen dominierte Internet habe z.B. dazu geführt, dass deutsche Unternehmen nicht mehr das technologisch "beste", sondern das "sicherste" Produkt zur Speicherung ihrer Daten wählten. "German cloud companies are posting better-than-expected earnings. There have been signs that some U.S. tech companies might be suffering. Network equipment maker Cisco, for instance, noted government issues when it predicted a revenue drop for the current quarter. The new reality is simply that data that passes through the United States isn’t safe. 'A year ago, a German cloud was a bad idea,' said Daniel Castro, a senior analyst for the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation in Washington. 'German business didn’t want a German product to help them in a global market, they wanted the best product. Today, even if businesses still believe a German cloud is a bad idea, they’re accepting it as a necessary idea.'"

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"Pakistan’s Sharif now favors military move against Taliban; peace talks doomed to fail"

Die eigentlich geplanten Verhandlungen der pakistanischen Regierung mit den Taliban ständen bereits vor ihrem Scheitern, schreibt Tom Hussain. Beide Seiten bereiteten sich auf einen offenen Krieg im März vor. "Analysts now believe Sharif has forsaken the idea of compromise; either the TTP recognizes the sovereignty of Pakistan’s constitution and accepts the country’s laws, or the country’s military will be unleashed to defeat it. (...) Speaking privately, because they aren’t authorized to talk to journalists, younger military officers based elsewhere in the country, who have spent most of their careers fighting the TTP in the tribal areas, said they’ve been told by their commanders to expect reassignment to the units being called up for the forthcoming operation in North Waziristan. The Taliban know the assault is coming, and it has advised residents of North Waziristan to leave, prompting a steady stream of refugees into adjacent towns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa."

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"Europe is less worried than U.S. about threat to Sochi Olympics"

Terrorismus-Experten in den USA und Europa hätten trotz der erhöhten Bedrohung der anstehenden Olympischen Spiele in Sotschi weitgehendes Vertrauen in die russischen Sicherheitsbehörden, schreibt Matthew Schofield. Der Nutzen zusätzlicher amerikanischer Antiterrormaßnahmen vor Ort werde in Europa dagegen relativ gering eingeschätzt. "Patrick Keller, a security policy expert at Berlin’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, (...) said an American security presence 'wouldn’t improve much.' (...) Peter Knoope, director of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in The Hague, Netherlands, said that doesn’t mean Europeans don’t see an exceptional threat in games staged on the edge of a powder keg. Chechens with vast military experience set on embarrassing Putin should not be taken lightly. 'But remember that most terror threats that are stopped are stopped because everyday citizens, neighbors, see something they don’t like and raise these issues with their local security officials, usually local police,' Knoope said. 'It’s not high-tech spying that stops terror attacks. In 80 percent of cases it’s simply neighbors thinking something just isn’t right. Only Russian security could possibly be in a position to take advantage of that.'"

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"Many Syrians still see Assad as indispensable in saving their country"

Syriens Machthaber Assad werde in Syrien nicht nur von den Alawiten unterstützt, berichtet Jonathan S. Landay. Auch viele andere Syrer sähen im Machterhalt des Diktators die einzige Möglichkeit, das Land vor dem Auseinanderbrechen zu bewahren. "(...) conversations with dozens of people over 10 days in Tartous, Damascus and other regime-held areas show that it is not just Alawites who support the head of this iron-fisted police state. Backing for Assad also comes from Christians, other religious minorities, and even some Sunnis. There’s one overwhelming reason: They see him as the only leader dedicated to defend them from the thousands of al Qaida-linked foreign jihadis who’ve poured into Syria over the last two years. Many believe that foreigners planned and are directing the insurgency and, unlike some Syrian rebels, can’t be negotiated with. Assad 'is the lesser of two evils,' said a Christian resident of the divided city of Homs who asked not to be further identified in order to speak freely."

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"Egypt votes this week on new constitution, with result already known"

Ägypten wird in dieser Woche über eine neue Verfassung abstimmen, ein Referendum, dessen Ergebnis nach Ansicht von Nancy A. Youssef bereits feststeht. Im Gegensatz zur Abstimmung von 2012 erwarten Experten Manipulationen zugunsten des Militärs, das Ergebnis könne zudem nicht mehr vor Gericht angefochten werden. "The enthusiasm, and drama, that anticipated previous votes now has been be replaced with resignation that the coming balloting is merely a formality and not a people’s process, a means to codify the return to the old norms that the uprising was supposed to end. (...) The vote on the 2012 constitution was considered a referendum on the role of Islam in Egyptian governance. The balloting this week will be about the role of the military in the government – and on whether el-Sissi will remain the country’s primary political presence for years to come. On Saturday, el-Sissi said in a speech that he would run for president if the people call for him to do so. Opponents said the constitution is more about ensuring that Islamists don’t return to power than moving the country forward."

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"Al Qaida fighters pushed from much of northern Syria, but fighting still rages"

In einer Überraschungsoffensive sei es moderaten syrischen Rebellen seit vergangenem Freitag gelungen, Al-Qaida-Kämpfer aus mehr als einem Dutzend Stützpunkten im Norden Syriens zu vertreiben, berichtet Roy Gutman. "(...) the rebels were unable to oust ISIS from its main headquarters at Ad Dana, near the Turkish border, and the towns of Kfar Zeta in Hama province and Saraqeb in Idlib province. Meanwhile, ISIS reportedly had dispatched reinforcements from its stronghold in Raqqa province to Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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