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"Israel reveals how it’s winning the battle against Hamas’s Gaza attack tunnels"

Nach der erneuten Zerstörung eines Tunnels der Hamas hat das israelische Militär ein Video veröffentlicht, auf dem die neuen Methoden und Technologien zur Lokalisierung der Tunnel präsentiert werden. "The new technologies and work-methods implemented by the new 'laboratory' close to the Gaza border do not add up to a panacea against all attempts by terror groups to tunnel into Israel, but the relentless and 'systematic' approach now being used means that Hamas 'is gradually being denied' its attack-tunnel weapon, the TV report added. Military sources on Sunday suggested that Hamas might have been intending to utilize the tunnel under the cover of the mass protests it is encouraging at the Gaza border each Friday. The TV report said Hamas was switching tactics to mass border protests because the Iron Dome rocket intercept system has gradually neutralized the terror group’s rocket capabilities, and the new IDF laboratory is gradually neutralizing its tunnel capabilities."

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"In spy wars, Israel chooses Russia over UK, but Trump could play spoiler"

Israel habe bisher darauf verzichtet, sich der international koordinierten Aktion zur Ausweisung russischer Diplomaten aus westlichen Ländern anzuschließen, schreibt Raphael Ahren. Die Zukunft dieser neutralen Position werde vor allem vom Verhalten der USA abhängen. "Jerusalem’s desire to stay in Moscow’s good graces side is understandable. For a start, many Israeli citizens have deep roots in Russia. More importantly, the government of Vladimir Putin has become a major player in regional affairs, having boots on the ground — and jets in the air — only a few miles from Israel’s borders in Syria. (...) As long as it is only the British that expects Israel to speak out against Moscow, Jerusalem will probably maintain its neutrality. But if Trump were to urge Netanyahu to back up the West’s anti-Russia moves, it’s unlikely he’d be able to resist the pressure. 'If we’re put between this rock and that hard place,' a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel on Tuesday, 'my guess is that the prime minister is going to go with the US president.'"

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"Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor"

Israel hat nach jahrelangem Schweigen eingestanden, im Jahr 2007 eine syrische Atomanlage durch einen Luftangriff zerstört zu haben. Yossi Melman und Dan Raviv berichten über die Hintergründe der damaligen Operation. "Plainly, the decision by Olmert to blow up the complex — after he had unsuccessfully asked then-president George W. Bush to do so — prevented Assad from attaining nuclear weapons. Potentially, it also prevented the world’s most bloodthirsty terrorists from acquiring the world’s most lethal weapons. Israeli ministers and officials are proud of the action across-the-board. Olmert — who would announce less than a year later that he would be stepping down amid accusations of corruption, and who wound up serving 16 months in jail for bribery — told The Times of Israel that striking the Syrian reactor was one of his most important and difficult decisions, and one with which he is particularly satisfied. His nemesis, Barak, acknowledges that 'Olmert deserves full credit for the courageous decision.'"

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"Pick for new CIA chief a career spymaster who once ran secret prison"

Mit Gina Haspel könnte zum ersten Mal eine Frau zur neuen CIA-Direktorin ernannt werden. Deb Riechmann schreibt, dass Haspel zuvor u.a. ein Geheimgefängnis in Thailand geleitet habe, in dem Terrorverdächtige gefoltert worden seien. Beweise für diese Praxis seien danach vernichtet worden. "Haspel, the current deputy CIA director, helped carry out an order that the agency destroy its waterboarding videos. That order prompted a lengthy Justice Department investigation that ended without charges. Haspel, who has extensive overseas experience, briefly ran a secret CIA prison where accused terrorists Abu Zubayadah and Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri were waterboarded in 2002, according to current and former US intelligence officials, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity."

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"Fear of Syrian war expanding may paradoxically trigger peace deal"

Die erneute Eskalation des Krieges in Syrien hat die Gefahr einer direkten Konfrontation zwischen den USA und Russland spürbar anwachsen lassen. Paradoxerweise könnte dies die Verhandlungen über eine Lösung des Konflikts im UN-Sicherheitsrat vorantreiben, schreibt Philippe Rater. "On Wednesday, a Security Council meeting on Syria that was initially slated to be public but was ultimately held behind closed doors, suggested a turning point had been reached. The language that emerged was a mix of tension and caution that converged on one point: the need for unity to calm things down. (...) In closed door meetings, Russia, which may be at the end of its military and financial commitment in Syria, speaks of its will to get out of the conflict, insists it has no hidden agenda, and even goes so far as seeking Western help to persuade Damascus, according to this diplomat. This is a new position after the series of Russian vetoes in late 2017 of Western resolutions that went against Syria. 'The road to peace will come when all of the parties stop provoking each other, and choose the responsible path,' [US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley] said. In that sense the risk of a major international clash in Syria might open the doors for a breakthrough. This can serve as 'leverage to obtain a peace accord in Syria at a time when lines are beginning to move,' said [France’s UN ambassador Francois Delattre]."

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"France threatens Syria strikes if chemical attacks proven"

Sollte die Verantwortung der syrischen Regierung für einen Chemiewaffeneinsatz gegen Zivilisten durch Beweise bestätigt werden, würde Frankreich Militärschläge gegen die Urheber durchführen, so eine Drohung des französischen Präsidenten Macron. "'But today our services have not established proof that proscribed chemical weapons have been used against civilian populations,' he added. 'As soon as such proof is established, I will do what I said,' Macron warned, while adding that 'the priority is the fight against the terrorists, the jihadists.' Regarding the Syrian regime itself, either during or after the conflict, he added, 'It will be answerable to international justice.'"

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"Trump orders Guantanamo kept open, says work remains in terror fight"

US-Präsident Trump hat den von Amtsvorgänger Obama verkündeten Versuch zur Schließung des Gefangenenlagers in Guantanamo nun auch offiziell beendet und einen Erlass unterzeichnet, der die künftige Verlegung von Terrorverdächtigen in das umstrittene Lager ermöglicht. "The order, which he signed just before delivering his first State of the Union address, says the US maintains the option to detain additional enemy combatants at the detention center in Cuba when lawful and necessary to protect US national security. It requires the defense secretary to recommend criteria for determining the fate of individuals captured by the United States in armed conflict, including sending them to Guantanamo. 'Terrorists who do things like place bombs in civilian hospitals are evil,' Trump said. 'When possible, we have no choice but to annihilate them. When necessary, we must be able to detain and question them. But we must be clear: Terrorists are not merely criminals. They are unlawful enemy combatants.' 'In the past, we have foolishly released hundreds and hundreds of dangerous terrorists only to meet them again on the battlefield, including the ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, who we captured, who we had, who we released,' he said, referring to Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi."

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"Support up among Israelis, Palestinians for violent solution to conflict - poll"

Eine aktuelle Umfrage deutet Michael Bachner zufolge darauf hin, dass die Zustimmung für eine gewaltsame Lösung des Nahostkonflikts sowohl unter Israelis als unter Palästinensern zunimmt. "Support for armed struggle has almost doubled among Palestinians in the last six months, while Israeli backing for a decisive military offensive to end the conflict increased during the same period by almost 60 percent, according to a poll published Thursday that said the rise was most likely linked to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The survey also found that most Israeli Jews and most Palestinians no longer believe the two-state solution is a possible way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (...) The poll, published every six months, was conducted in December 2017, after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem. The declaration angered Palestinians and led their leadership to boycott the Trump administration ever since. 'Palestinian attitudes become more pessimistic in general and support for militancy rose following US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,' said the pollsters in a press release summarizing their findings."

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"Mossad intelligence led to German raids on Iranian spies — report"

Die bundesweiten Durchsuchungen wegen Spionageverdachts gegen mutmaßliche iranische Agenten in Deutschland sind Berichten zufolge auf Informationen des israelischen Geheimdienstes Mossad zurückzuführen. "The Mossad intelligence service provided critical information that led to raids on the homes of suspected Iranian spies throughout Germany, Israel’s Kan public broadcaster reported on Tuesday. (...) According to the Kan report, the al-Quds Force had tried to recruit non-Iranian Shiites — primarily those with European citizenship — to establish a terror cell to carry out attacks throughout the continent. Israel’s Ambassador to Germany, Jeremy Issacharoff, told Kan that 'the affair should raise a red flag not only in Germany, but in all of Europe.' 'The time has come for the Germans and the Europeans to understand what is hidden behind the Iranian smile of recent months,' the ambassador added."

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"In compromise, US set to cut only some aid for UN Palestinian refugee agency"

Die US-Regierung will ihre Finanzhilfe für die United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) nach vielstimmiger Kritik offenbar nicht völlig einstellen, sondern "nur" mehr als halbieren. "US President Donald Trump has not made a final decision, but appears more likely to send only $60 million of the planned $125 million first installment to the UN Relief and Works Agency, said the officials, who were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity. Future contributions would require the agency, facing heavy Israeli criticism, to demonstrate significant changes in operations, they said, adding that one suggestion under consideration would require the Palestinians to first re-enter peace talks with Israel. (...) The US is the agency’s largest donor, supplying nearly 30 percent of its total budget. The agency focuses on providing health care, education and social services to Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon."

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"Anger against regime grows, but Iran protests still driven by economics"

Trotz ihrer politischen Elemente hätten die Proteste gegen die Regierung in Iran nach Ansicht einiger Experten immer noch überwiegend wirtschaftliche Ursachen, schreibt Eric Randolph. "Though they started over high living costs, they quickly spread across the country and turned against the Islamic system as a whole, with chants of 'Death to the dictator' and attacks on symbols of the regime lending them a revolutionary air. But analysts say the protests are still rooted in bread-and-butter issues as patience runs thin with officials for failing to improve livelihoods. 'It can be an uncomfortable idea for some people to treat Iran the same as other countries,' said Esfandyar Batmanghelidj, an analyst and founder of the Europe-Iran Business Forum. 'But what brings Iranians out on the streets most consistently are normal economic problems — frustration with the lack of jobs, uncertainty about their children’s future,' he told AFP."

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"Assad may have retaken the Syrian Golan, but Iran is pulling the strings"

Syrische Rebellen haben sich Berichten zufolge freiwillig aus ihren Stellungen nahe den Golan-Höhen zurückgezogen. Avi Issacharoff glaubt allerdings nicht, dass nun wieder die gewohnte Stabilität an der Grenze zu Israel einkehren wird, da Präsident Assad mittlerweile auf die Unterstützung iranischer Milizen und der Hisbollah angewiesen sei. "Assad will be forced to give the Shiite crescent a foothold in the border area, and may even do so happily. (...) Iranian Revolutionary Guards will be much less careful about keeping things on the border quiet than Assad’s forces. It’s possible they will actively try to destabilize the situation along the frontier in order to keep war from erupting in Lebanon, among other reasons. Israel has warned time and again that it will not allow Iranian forces near the border, and the Russian-American ceasefire is supposed to keep them at bay. However, Washington and Moscow might not consider Hezbollah fighters in Syrian uniforms — or IRGC advisers who come to 'visit' forward positions, including a Syrian post on the Hermon — as a classical 'Iranian presence.'"

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"To date, Palestinians’ Jerusalem protests are a case of 'intifada lite'"

Avi Issacharoff stellt nach der Jerusalem-Entscheidung Donald Trumps fest, dass den Protestaufrufen der Fatah und der Hamas bisher nur einige tausend Palästinenser gefolgt seien. Die Demonstrationen in Gaza und der Westbank seien kein Ausdruck spontaner öffentlicher Wut, sondern das Resultat einer intensiven Mobilisierungskampagne. "Thus far, therefore, the prime Israeli concern is not over protests in the streets. The main worry is over terrorism in and from the West Bank, and a deterioration into wide-scale confrontation with Hamas-run Gaza. Hamas, which is doing everything it can to stir up the West Bank, doesn’t want another Israel-Gaza war right now. It continues to try to prevent a major escalation from Gaza, but with less rigor in the past few days. Somebody in the Hamas leadership has evidently loosened some of the restrictions on terror groups and activists, with the consequent launch of several rockets into Israel."

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"Netanjahu says more countries to follow Trump lead on Jerusalem"

Israels Premierminister Netanjahu ist sich offenbar sicher, dass andere Länder dem Vorbild der USA folgen und ihre Botschaften von Tel Aviv nach Jerusalem verlegen werden. Allerdings gibt es Raphael Ahren zufolge die Sorge, dass nur der Westteil der Stadt als israelische Hauptstadt anerkannt werden könnte. "Speaking at a diplomatic conference a day after Trump made his historic announcement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was in contact with other countries that want to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move their embassies there. (...) Israeli officials said Thursday that both the Czech Republic and the Philippines were eager to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The officials spoke on the condition of anonymity. (...) Jerusalem expects that Hungary may follow suit. Budapest on Wednesday blocked a joint EU statement that would have opposed Trump’s move, European sources said. However, Israeli diplomats are concerned over possible momentum developing for countries to recognize only West Jerusalem, as Russia did earlier this year."

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"Saudis told Abbas to accept Trump peace plan or resign — report"

Saudi-Arabien hat in der vergangenen Woche einem israelischen TV-Bericht zufolge erheblichen Druck auf Palästinenserpräsident Abbas ausgeübt, um dessen Zustimmung zu einer neuen Nahost-Initiative der US-Regierung zu garantieren. "Abbas was called unexpectedly to Riyadh six days ago by the office of the powerful Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. There, in addition to being told to 'accept Trump’s peace plan or quit,' he was ordered to keep away from any Iranian influence, according to the report on Israel’s Channel 10. The Saudi authorities made clear that they were dismayed by media images of Hamas’s deputy political leader, Saleh al-Arouri, visiting Tehran in October. Arouri, a Hamas terror chief, was the Hamas signatory on a reconciliation deal with Abbas’s Fatah group signed in Cairo last month. The Saudis also made clear that Lebanese activists within Abbas’s Fatah faction could no longer cooperate with the Iranian-backed Lebanese terror organization, Hezbollah."

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"Their caliphate in ruins, IS militants melt into the desert"

Einige Experten erwarten, dass sich viele IS-Kämpfer nach dem Kollaps ihres "Kalifats" in Syrien und Irak in die von Bergen und Höhlen geprägte Wüste zurückziehen und einen Guerilla-Krieg beginnen werden, berichtet Bassem Mroue. Hunderttausende zusätzliche Truppen wären demnach nötig, um die Terrormiliz in dieser Landschaft aufzuspüren und zu vernichten. "Dana Jalal, a Sweden-based Iraqi journalist who closely follows jihadi groups in the Middle East, said IS 'will become an underground terrorist organization.' 'The lone wolf has nothing to lose. They have nothing to defend now,' Jalal said. The group’s predecessor, al-Qaeda in Iraq, was almost crushed in 2007 by US and Iraqi forces. But after the Americans withdrew from Iraq in 2011, the militants regrouped, eventually emerging stronger than ever in the summer of 2014, when they conquered large areas of Syria and Iraq. IS will again 'find a supporting base in Sunni Iraq,' where discontent with the Shiite-led government runs high, said Mutlu Civiroglu, a Washington-based Kurdish affairs analyst who follows the battle against IS."

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"Foreigners who joined IS face almost certain death in Raqqa"

Die französische Verteidigungsministerin Florence Parly hat öffentlich zugegeben, dass die Regierung in Paris kein besonderes Interesse am Überleben oder der Wiederaufnahme französischer IS-Kämpfer in Syrien und Irak habe. Lori Hinnant und Sarah El Deeb berichten, dass diese Haltung unausgesprochen auch für andere Regierungen gelte. "'The general sentiment in northern Europe is we don’t want these people back, but I don’t think anyone has thought about the alternatives,' said Pieter Van Ostaeyen, an expert on the Belgian jihadis. Among the complications are how to prosecute any returnees and how to track them if and when they leave custody. 'You can see why almost the preferred resolution is that they don’t return,' said Bruce Hoffman, head of Georgetown University’s security studies program and author of 'Inside Terrorism.' 'What worries me is I think it’s wishful thinking that they’re all going to be killed off,' he added."

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"Kill ’em all, France bluntly declares in fight against IS jihadists"

Angesichts der Möglichkeit, dass französische IS-Mitglieder aus Syrien nach Frankreich zurückkehren könnten, habe die französische Verteidigungsministerin Florence Parly eine harte Linie in den Kämpfen gegen den IS bekräftigt, berichtet Adam Plowright. Teil der französischen Strategie sei demnach, eine Gefangennahme von Dschihadisten zu vermeiden. "Aside from the obvious moral issues, a dead jihadist poses far fewer problems for French and European authorities than a captured one. (...) In June, French magazine Paris Match also published a report quoting Iraqi officials around the city of Mosul before it was recaptured by US and French-backed forces. Abdelghani al-Assadi, a top commander in the Counter-Terrorism Service, said the Iraqis had an understanding with France that they would mop up the jihadists to prevent them from returning home. 'We will prevent as much as possible any French person leaving Mosul alive,' he was quoted as saying. 'Our aim is to kill them so that no one from Daesh can flee.'"

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"With new Iran strategy, Trump rips page out of Netanyahu’s playbook"

Die neue Iran-Strategie von US-Präsident Trump hat nach Ansicht von Raphael Ahren viele Forderungen von Israels Premierminister Netanjahu aufgegriffen. "The president’s main demands — improved enforcement of the deal in the present, preventing it from expiring in the future, and killing it if this can’t be done; plus additional sanctions to punish Tehran for its missile programs and other aggressive behavior — are virtually indistinguishable from those the Israeli leader presented just a few weeks ago at the United Nations. (...) Israel’s policy regarding the nuclear deal, Netanyahu declared one day after talks with Trump at a bilateral meeting in New York, is very simple: 'Change it or cancel it, fix it or nix it.' The prime minister elaborated: 'Nixing the deal means restoring massive pressure on Iran, including crippling sanctions, until Iran fully dismantles its nuclear weapons capability. Fixing the deal requires many things, among them inspecting military and any other site that is suspect, and penalizing Iran for every violation.'"

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"Iraqi troops in armed standoff with Kurdish forces in Kirkuk"

Im Norden Iraks stehen sich gegenwärtig tausende irakische und kurdische Truppen gegenüber, nachdem die Regierung in Bagdad die Kurden ultimativ aufgefordert hat, ihre im Kampf gegen den IS eroberten Stellungen in der ölreichen Provinz Kirkuk zu verlassen. "(...) thousands of heavily armed troops and members of the Hashed al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization forces, which are dominated by Iran-backed Shiite militias — have massed around Kirkuk. They have already retaken a string of positions to the south of the city after Kurdish forces withdrew. The Kurds have deployed thousands of peshmerga fighters to the area around Kirkuk itself and have vowed to defend the city 'at any cost.' (...) Washington has military advisers deployed with both sides in the standoff and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Friday the United States was working to reduce tensions."

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"Denmark to join European nations in outlawing burqas, niqabs"

Nach Österreich, Frankreich und Belgien will nun auch Dänemark das öffentliche Tragen einer Burka oder eines Gesichtsschleiers verbieten. "Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark’s Liberal Party, which leads a center-right governing coalition, said the proposed law was not aimed at any religions and was not proposing a ban of scarves, turbans or yarmulkes, the traditional Jewish skullcaps. 'This is not a ban on religious clothing, this is a ban on masking,' Ellemann-Jensen said Friday after a meeting in Parliament, as cited by Reuters. A large majority of lawmakers, including the opposition Social Democrats — Denmark’s largest party — have said they would vote for such a law, popularly known as the 'Burqa Ban.' The move is mostly seen as directed at the dress worn by some ultra-conservative Muslim women. Few Muslim women in Denmark wear full-face veils."

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"Sick of running Gaza, Hamas may be aiming to switch to a Hezbollah-style role"

Issacharoff ist der Überzeugung, dass die Hamas vor allem deshalb zu neuen Zugeständnissen an die Fatah bereit sei, weil die Palästinenserfraktion sich von der Regierungsverantwortung in Gaza verabschieden wolle. Die Hamas sei als Regierungspartei gescheitert und wolle künftig eher wie die Hisbollah in Libanon agieren. "The willingness to dismantle the management committee unconditionally, and to hand over the keys to Hamdallah’s government where civilian matters are concerned, is tantamount to an open public admission of failure. (...) It is a simple idea, at least in theory: Allow the Palestinian Authority to run ongoing affairs in the Gaza Strip, to worry about electricity, water, sewage, social welfare, unemployment, and so on, while making sure that Hamas’s military wing retains all its weaponry. That way, Hamas continues to be the powerhouse on the ground in the Gaza Strip, while the PA will have to deal with the dreary, thankless day-to-day affairs."

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"Saudi women still can’t fly, marry, or leave jail without male consent"

Die Times of Israel erinnert nach der Aufhebung des Fahrverbots für Frauen in Saudi-Arabien dagegen daran, dass es im "ultra-konservativen" Königreich auch nach diesem Zugeständnis immer noch die Vormundschaftsregeln und viele andere strikte Einschränkungen geben wird. "Under Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Islamic law, a male guardianship system bars women from traveling abroad, obtaining a passport, marrying or even leaving prison without the consent of a male relative. This consent is also often demanded whenever a woman tries to do any number of things, including rent an apartment, buy a car, open a bank account or take a job. The guardianship system requires a woman to get permission from a male family member for some of the most important and even mundane decisions of her life. That could mean a woman being compelled to ask her younger brother for permission to have a medical procedure."

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"In blow to Israel, Interpol admits Palestine as full member"

Trotz des Widerstands der USA und Israels hat die internationale Polizeibehörde Interpol den "Staat Palästina" als eigenständiges Mitglied akzeptiert. "Israel fiercely objected to the Palestinians joining Interpol, arguing that Ramallah’s alleged support for terrorism could hinder rather than aid Interpol’s efforts. The US administration, too, objected to Ramallah’s membership bid and helped Israel lobby against it. Israel had expressed concerns that the PA’s membership in Interpol would result in sensitive information being leaked to Palestinian terror groups. It also fears Palestinian efforts via Interpol to mount legal challenges, including travel bans and extradition requests, against Israeli army officers and others for alleged war crimes."

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"Returning home, Syrians find Raqqa battered beyond recognition"

Die syrische Stadt Raqqa ist in der Schlacht zur Vertreibung des "Islamischen Staates" offenbar wie andere IS-Hochburgen vor ihr stark zerstört worden. Maya Gebeily ist mit Kämpfern der Syrian Democratic Forces in die Stadt eingezogen und schreibt in ihrer Reportage: "Hammoud, a 26-year-old member of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, was floored when he entered the battered northeastern district of Al-Rumeilah on Monday for the first time in years. 'I used to come here a lot because my uncles lived here and the college of literature, where I studied, was here,' the gaunt member of the SDF’s media office tells AFP. 'I don’t even know where we are. If I got out of the car now, I wouldn’t know how to go back. It’s all gone. I know we’re in Al-Rumeilah — but where in Al-Rumeilah, I don’t know,' he says."

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"Macron says nuclear deal no longer sufficient safeguard against Iran"

Frankreichs Präsident Macron hat das Atomabkommen mit dem Iran vor der UN-Vollversammlung gegen die Kritik aus den USA verteidigt. Kurz darauf hat aber auch er eingestanden, dass der Deal möglicherweise nicht mehr ausreiche, um der iranischen Machtpolitik im Nahen Osten entgegentreten zu können. "France’s President Emmanuel Macron declared Wednesday that the Iran nuclear deal is no longer a sufficient safeguard against the growing power that Tehran wields in its region. 'We need the 2015 accord,' he said of the agreement. 'Is this accord enough? It is not, given the growing pressure that Iran is applying in the region.' Macron was speaking in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, while ministers from Iran the six world powers that signed the accord met to discuss it."

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"Syrian army in race with US-armed fighters for eastern Syria"

Syrische Regierungstruppen und von den USA unterstützte Rebellen versuchen gegenwärtig, im Kampf gegen den "Islamischen Staat" im Osten Syriens als erste die Grenze zum Irak zu erreichen, berichtet Bassem Mroue. Der Sieger dieses "Wettlaufs" werde großen Einfluss auf die Dynamik der regionalen Entwicklung nach der Zerschlagung des IS haben. "This week, Syrian troops and their Iranian-backed allies reached Deir el-Zour, breaking a nearly three-year-old IS siege on government-held parts of the city in a major breakthrough in their offensive against IS. In a victory statement, the Syrian military said Deir el-Zour will be used as a launching pad to liberate the remaining IS-held areas along the border with Iraq. The troops’ arrival to Deir el-Zour city brings Syrian forces and their allies a step closer to controlling the oil-rich eastern province and its capital bordering Iraq, a major boost for Tehran’s growing influence in the area. The region has some of Syria’s largest oil fields, whose revenue is vital to the state’s dried coffers. Washington has been determined to block the formation of an 'Iranian corridor' — of Shiite-controlled land stretching from Tehran to Damascus — and for months has been eyeing the area southeast of Raqqa near the Iraqi border."

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"Lebanon’s army prepares to clear Syrian border area of Islamic State"

Die von den USA unterstützte libanesische Armee will offenbar in Kooperation mit der Hisbollah und syrischen Regierungstruppen versuchen, den "Islamischen Staat" aus dem Grenzgebiet zu Syrien zu vertreiben. "The campaign will involve cooperation with the militant group Hezbollah and the Syrian army on the other side of the border — although Lebanese authorities insist they are not coordinating with Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government. (...) 'It is not going to be a picnic,' said Hisham Jaber, a retired army general who heads the Middle East Center for Studies and Political Research in Beirut. 'The Lebanese army will try to carry out the mission with the least possible losses.' Jaber said the battle may last several weeks. 'It is a rugged area and the organization (IS) is well armed and experienced.' There are also concerns the offensive may subject Lebanon to retaliatory attacks by militants, just as the country has started to enjoy a rebound in tourism."

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"Analysts doubt North Korea’s ICBM can inflict real damage"

Einige amerikanische und südkoreanische Experten bezweifeln diesem Bericht zufolge, dass die nordkoreanischen Interkontinentalraketen trotz ihrer Reichweite derzeit ernsten Schaden anrichten könnten. Die Analyse der vorliegenden Bilder zeige, dass die Nordkoreaner den Wiedereintritt in die Atmosphäre noch nicht gemeistert hätten, so die Einschätzung des Raketenexperten Michael Elleman. "Granted, it’s impossible to know how the warhead would have performed if North Korea had launched the missile for real. Both ICBMs were test-launched at highly lofted angles to reduce the range and avoid neighboring countries, and the near-vertical flight paths meant the reentry vehicles endured harsher conditions during their descents. But Kim Dong-yub, a defense analyst at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University in Seoul, said it’s obvious North Korea has yet to reach where it wants to be with reentry technologies."

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"North Korea’s 2nd ICBM test augurs a new normal"

Foster Klug schreibt, dass Nordkorea die USA mit seinen Raketentests zwingen wolle, die Bedingungen Pjöngjangs für eine formale Beendigung des Koreakrieges zu akzeptieren und sich von der koreanischen Halbinsel zurückzuziehen. "That does not mean North Korea is planning to attack the United States with a nuclear missile. The country’s leadership values its survival above everything else, including the welfare of its people. North Korea’s huge artillery and missile armament along the North-South border could do serious damage to Seoul, but such an attack would spell the end of Pyongyang because of Washington’s massive weapons advantage. Nor is the North quite there militarily. It must still prove that its ICBMs can navigate the multitude of technical hurdles needed to accurately strike a faraway target. Each new test, however, makes that more likely. Having a working 'nuclear strategic force' would also allow the North to introduce doubt into the US-South Korea alliance."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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Coverbild Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert

Internationale Sicherheit im 21. Jahrhundert

Die internationale Sicherheit ist fragil und bedroht. Wie können und müssen demokratische Systeme ...

Internationale Sicherheitspolitik Cover

Internationale Sicherheitspolitik

Seit Ende des Ost-West-Konflikts hat sich die internationale Sicherheitspolitik deutlich verändert....

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