US-Soldaten in Afghanistan

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"Trump's Taliban peace talks have collapsed. But many Afghans aren't surprised — or sad."

In Afghanistan sei der Kollaps der Verhandlungen der USA mit den Taliban von vielen mit einer Mischung aus Erleichterung und Furcht aufgenommen worden, berichtet Gayle Tzemach Lemmon vom Council on Foreign Relations. "Relief mixed with fear. That is the reaction of many Afghans I spoke with via social media and WhatsApp about the collapse of U.S. talks with the Taliban. 'People are not surprised' that President Donald Trump’s Camp David meeting with the Taliban collapsed, said Wazhma Frogh, an Afghan civil society activist based in Kabul. 'Time to let Afghans decide about the roadmap to peace in their own country.' (...) No one sees an easy way out of this war, but many of the Afghans I spoke with remained skeptical that entering into talks with the Taliban while they continued to murder Afghans seemed likely to yield results, especially while the Taliban refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Afghan government. (...) Afghans who have been tracking the Taliban talks closely say that their nation has a peace process and they want their government to be part of it. Until now they have felt like foreigners at their own peace talks. The one hope they have for this disappointing moment is that a process can be created in which they will have a say in their nation’s fate — right from the start."

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"Hong Kong protesters sing Star Spangled Banner, appeal to Trump to 'liberate' city"

Tausende Protestierende in Hongkong haben am Sonntag die amerikanische Nationalhymne gesungen und Präsident Trump der Associated Press zufolge gebeten, ihre Stadt "zu befreien". "Protesters on Sunday urged Washington to pass a bill, known as the Hong Kong Democratic and Human Rights Act, to support their cause. The bill proposes sanctions against Hong Kong and Chinese officials found to suppress democracy and human rights in the city, and could also affect Hong Kong’s preferential trade status with the U.S. (...) Some U.S. lawmakers have spoken out strongly in support of the Hong Kong protesters and voiced concern about the potential for a brutal crackdown by China. Trump, however, has indicated the U.S. would stay out of a matter he considers between Hong Kong and China. He has said he believes the U.S. trade war with China is making Beijing tread carefully."

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"Trump says he's canceling Afghanistan peace talks, secret meeting with Taliban leaders"

US-Präsident Trump hat überraschend das Ende der Verhandlungen mit den Taliban verkündet. Zuvor war ein US-Soldat bei einem Selbstmordanschlag in Kabul getötet worden. Trump zufolge waren die Gespräche so weit fortgeschritten, dass sogar ein geheimes Treffen des Präsidenten mit Taliban-Anführern in Camp David auf dem Plan stand. "Trump tweeted that he was scheduled to hold a secret meeting with Taliban leadership and, separately, the president of Afghanistan, Sunday at Camp David. The United States has been working on a deal to pull troops out of the country that harbored 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden and, in the process, end the nation's longest war. The meeting at Camp David would have come just days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11. 'I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations,' Trump tweeted. 'What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?' The attack in Kabul on Thursday, for which the Taliban took credit, killed 12 and injured 42."

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"Top Iranian official: We should never have signed Obama-era nuclear deal"

Ali Shamkhani, enger Berater des iranischen Religionsführers Ayatollah Ali Chamenei, hat die Unterschrift unter das internationale Atomabkommen im Jahr 2015 in einem Interview mit NBC News als Fehler bezeichnet. "To the Iranians, said Shamkhani, Trump seems to want the same things as all his predecessors as U.S. president, which is to diminish Iran's influence. But Trump, said Shamkhani, managed to forfeit the 'achievement' of 'neutralizing Iranian nuclear technology' by gutting the JCPOA. Iran, said Shamkhani, is not basing its decisions on U.S. policy on who is president, or on the possibility that Trump will not serve a second term. But he said that he thinks Trump's 'maximum pressure' campaign is failing because the U.S. public and Western allies are 'questioning' his leadership."

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"Fact check: Trump suggests video games to blame for mass shootings"

Nach den beiden Massenschießereien in El Paso und Dayton haben US-Präsident Trump und andere konservative Politiker u.a. erneut Videospiele mit "glorifizierender Darstellung von Gewalt" für die Taten mitverantwortlich gemacht. Jane C. Timm weist darauf hin, dass es nach wie vor keine wissenschaftlichen Belege für diesen Zusammenhang gibt. "(...) researchers told NBC News there is no evidence that violent video games encourage violence in real life. And they've definitely been looking. Consider this 2019 study out of Oxford University, which found no link, or this one from 2018 that also found no evidence to support the theory. Studies in 2016 and 2015also failed to find evidence that video games spurred violence, and researchers even noticed signs that crime may be reduced by violent games. 'There's absolutely no causal evidence that violent video game play leads to aggression in the real world,' said Andrew Przybylski, a researcher at Oxford University who has been studying the psychological effects of video games for more than a decade and co-authored that 2019 study. Earlier this year, Przybylski published his study in the Royal Society Open Science that monitored video game use, as reported by approximately 1,000 British teenagers, and symptoms of aggression, as reported by their parents. 'We found a whole lot of nothing,' he said."

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"Trump warns U.S. allies to take back captured ISIS fighters"

US-Präsident Trump hat damit gedroht, inhaftierte IS-Kämpfer in Europa freizulassen, sollten die zuständigen Regierungen sich weiterhin weigern, die Gefangenen in ihre europäischen Heimatländer zurückzuführen. "His comments raise the pressure on European powers who have been reluctant to repatriate nationals accused of fighting for ISIS due to security concerns and the difficulty of obtaining sufficient evidence for prosecution. 'We have thousands of ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take, and let's see if they take them. If they don't take them, we'll probably have to release them to Europe,' Trump told reporters on Thursday. It is unclear how many ISIS fighters of European origin are in detention and how Trump would release them to Europe. Experts estimate U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces hold some 800 European ISIS fighters in makeshift prisons, but the mostly Kurdish militia group is struggling to maintain them more than four months after ISIS lost the last significant part of its so-called caliphate."

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"The U.S. is eager to end its longest war. In interview, Taliban gives little sign it's ready to change."

Nach einem Interview mit einem Sprecher der Taliban bezweifeln Matt Bradley, Mushtaq Yusufzai und Dan De Luce, dass die USA in den laufenden Verhandlungen in Doha wesentliche Zugeständnisse erwarten können. "Shaheen spoke to NBC News in Doha, the capital of the glittering Gulf Arab kingdom of Qatar, where U.S. and Taliban negotiators are deep into the seventh round of talks. On two crucial issues — respect for women’s rights and recognition of Afghanistan’s U.S.-backed government in Kabul — Shaheen either hewed to Taliban policies dating back decades before the U.S. invasion or deferred to further negotiations or future decisions by Islamic courts. In an hourlong interview in one of the city’s finest hotels, Shaheen projected the calm confidence not only of a diplomat but of an experienced commander who would rather not have to blacken your eye but will do so if you need to be taught a lesson. (...) fighting will continue alongside talks, heaping mistrust on a process that has marinated in cynicism since it began. But that doesn’t seem to bother Shaheen, who believes his Taliban are more than capable of fighting the Americans for yet another 18 years. 'If this generation does not succeed, another generation would come to succeed in order to put an end to the occupation,' he said. 'So the sooner we end this, the better for both sides.'"

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"Iran tensions: Britain says 'small window' to save nuclear deal"

Der britische Außenminister Hunt hat die aktuelle Iran-Strategie des engen Verbündeten USA mit recht deutlichen Worten abgelehnt. "'Iran is still a good year away from developing a nuclear bomb. There is still some closing, but small window to keep the deal alive,' Hunt told reporters on arrival for a foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels. (...) Hunt, who is vying to become British Prime Minister, said that while he agreed with the United States on finding a long-term solution to Iran's regional influence, he disagreed on Washington's current approach. 'What the U.S. knows is that we consider them our closest ally, we believe the alliance between the U.K. and the U.S. has been the foundation of global peace and prosperity over the last 75 years, but friends sometimes disagree,' he said. 'This is one of the very rare occasions when we do disagree, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work very closely with them in pursuit of peace.'"

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"Bolton the hawk struggles to retain his influence with Trump"

Hat der ausgewiesene "Falke" John Bolton im Weißen Haus an Einfluss eingebüßt? NBC News berichtet über neue Unstimmigkeiten zwischen dem US-Präsidenten und seinem Sicherheitsberater. "According to three sources with close ties to the administration, friction between Trump and Bolton worsened in late May over Iran. Outside advisers and supporters told Trump he was being dragged into a confrontation with Iran and alleged his aides were moving ahead without fully consulting him, the sources said. The president came away angry and ready to question Bolton. (...) The dynamic between the two men ebbs and flows, with Bolton at times favored by Trump and at other times a source of irritation, the sources said. Bolton's status is not helped by the fact that he has made few allies inside the administration. Nevertheless, the president did not appear to be ready to sack Bolton, the sources said."

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"Trump meets Kim Jong Un, becomes first sitting U.S. president to step into North Korea"

NBC News berichtet über das kurzfristig arrangierte Treffen Donald Trumps mit Kim Jong Un. "President Donald Trump stepped foot into North Korea on Sunday during an extraordinary last-minute meeting with Kim Jong Un, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to enter the secretive, nuclear-armed nation. Although the unprecedented encounter comes despite the lack of any measurable progress on denuclearization between Washington and Pyongyang, Trump declared the meeting a success. (...) a senior Trump administration official told NBC News on Sunday that one possible outcome from Trump's handshake with Kim is that it could jump-start negotiations between the U.S. and North Korea at a lower level being led by Stephen Biegun, the U.S. special representative for North Korea. Those talks could then focus on making more substantive progress on the nuclear issues."

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"Trump's Iran policy is deepening mistrust in North Korea, experts say"

Die aggressive Iran-Politik der US-Regierung wird Experten zufolge auch in Nordkorea aufmerksam beobachtet. Das Misstrauen gegenüber amerikanischen Zusagen habe dabei deutlich zugenommen. "'From the North Koreans' perspective, the Americans just can't be trusted — full stop,' said Tom Plant, director of the Proliferation and Nuclear Policy at the Royal United Services Institute, a London think tank. 'It is so bizarre to say this, but there's just not the stability of policy in Washington that there is in Pyongyang,' Plant said. 'They will always be worrying about how certain they could be that a deal made with one president would be honored by another.' (...) In Pyongyang, Trump's withdrawal from the deal came as 'a clear signal to North Korea about the U.S.' behavior,' said Kim Jina, a research fellow at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, a think tank funded by the South Korean government. Since then, North Korea has been 'totally focused' on the Washington's Iran policy 'as a possible barometer for what may happen to them,' Kim said."

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"Trump administration unveils $50 billion Palestinian economic plan in approach Abbas calls 'unacceptable'"

Die US-Regierung hat den wirtschaftlichen Teil ihres lange erwarteten Nahost-Friedensplans enthüllt, der für die Palästinenser zu Investitionen in Höhe von 50 Milliarden US-Dollar führen soll. "About $28 billion would go to the West Bank and Gaza and billions more to Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt, which have absorbed Palestinian refugees and dealt with other ramifications of the conflict for decades. But the rollout Saturday does not include the political portion of the plan, and so doesn’t address the most critical questions in the conflict, such as whether the Palestinians will get an independent state and the status of Palestinian refugees, the city of Jerusalem, and Jewish settlements in the West Bank. (...) Focusing on economic issues between Israel and the Palestinians 'is unacceptable before the political situation is discussed,' [Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] told top officials of his Fatah party."

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"U.S. sending 1,000 troops to Middle East amid heightened tension with Iran"

Das Pentagon will aufgrund der aktuellen Spannungen mit dem Iran 1.000 zusätzliche Truppen in den Nahen Osten schicken. "Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan (...) said that the increased forces were in response to a request from U.S. Central Command for defensive purposes to address air, naval and ground-based threats in the Middle East. U.S authorities accused Iran of attacks on two tankers last week, though the country's foreign minister has denied the accusations. 'The recent Iranian attacks validate the reliable, credible intelligence we have received on hostile behavior by Iranian forces and their proxy groups that threaten United States personnel and interests across the region,' Shanahan said. 'The U.S. does not seek conflict with Iran.'"

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"Russia plans to deliver S-400 missiles to Turkey within weeks"

Trotz des amerikanischen Ultimatums könnte die Lieferung der russischen S-400-Raketen an die Türkei bereits in den nächsten Wochen stattfinden, berichtet Reuters. "Russia said on Tuesday it plans to deliver its S-400 missile defense systems to Turkey in July, setting the clock ticking on a U.S. threat to hit Ankara with sanctions if it goes ahead with a deal that has strained ties between the NATO allies. Turkey and the United States have sparred publicly for months over Ankara's order for the S-400s, which are not compatible with the transatlantic alliance's systems. Washington has threatened to remove Turkey from its F-35 fighter jet program unless it drops the deal, and has set its own deadline of July 31. If Ankara accepts delivery of the S-400s, that would trigger U.S. sanctions that could prolong Turkey's economic recession and prompt a re-evaluation of its 67-year membership of NATO."

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"Julian Assange's legal team prepares for a lengthy free speech battle"

Die Anwälte von Julian Assange bereiten sich Linda Givetash zufolge auf einen langwierigen Kampf gegen eine Auslieferung des in Großbritannien inhaftierten WikiLeaks-Gründers an die USA vor. Im Mittelpunkt der Verteidigungsstrategie soll demnach die Meinungsfreiheit von Assange stehen. Die britische Politik könnte vor diesem Hintergrund allerdings versuchen, dem Streit durch eine Auslieferung von Assange an Schweden aus dem Weg zu gehen. "Assange's defense is likely to claim the charges are politically-motivated and violate his freedom of expression, protected by Article 10 in the European Convention on Human Rights, according to Michael Drury, a lawyer specializing in extradition cases for the London-based firm BCL Solicitors. It stands to be a 'highly unusual' argument in an extradition case, Drury told NBC News. Extradition cases more often see claims that a defendant would be treated inhumanely or harmed. (...) British politicians wanting 'to avoid being caught in the crossfire' of the American legal showdown would be enticed to hand Assange over to the Scandinavian nation, said [Richard Aldrich, professor of international security at the University of Warwick]. 'It’s more politically acceptable to extradite on the sorts of charges that the Swedes have raised.' (...) Even if Assange faces trial or is convicted in Sweden, Drury said he would eventually find his way back to British court to face the U.S. extradition order. 'Putting it entirely cynically, you can't get rid of the problem by sending him to Sweden,' he said."

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"Trump administration's Assange indictment is a referendum on the Constitution"

Steve Vladeck von der University of Texas School of Law analysiert die verfassungsrechtlichen Fragen, die in den USA mit der neuen Anklageschrift gegen Julian Assange aufgeworfen worden sind. "It’s easy to blame the Justice Department in general, and the Trump administration, in particular, for taking the first step down such a slippery slide. But part of the blame here also lies with Congress, which has, for decades, been warned about a potential future case exactly like this — and has nevertheless chosen to leave the law unchanged. This history of congressional quiescence led a pair of Columbia law professors, writing in 1973 (shortly after the Pentagon Papers case), to conclude that 'we have lived since World War I in a state of benign indeterminacy about the rules of law governing defense secrets.' That indeterminacy has only become more pronounced over the ensuing four and a half decades. And as of yesterday, it is no longer benign."

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"In letter, 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh said ISIS 'doing a spectacular job'"

Nach 17 Jahren steht der als "American Taliban" bekannt gewordene John Walker Lindh kurz vor seiner vorzeitigen Freilassung wegen guter Führung. Ken Dilanian berichtet über den Verdacht, dass Lindh nach wie vor ein potentiell gewalttätiger Extremist sein könnte. "Underscoring those worries is Lindh's 2015 handwritten letter from prison to NBC's Los Angeles station KNBC - revealed for the first time Wednesday - in which he expressed support for ISIS, saying the terror group that beheaded Americans was 'doing a spectacular job.' (...) After serving 17 years of a 20-year sentence, Lindh will be released for good behavior, as is standard in the federal system. Judge T.S. Ellis imposed unusually restrictive conditions on him, including mandatory monitoring of his internet usage, banning him from foreign travel and requiring mental health counseling. (...) The conditions of his supervised release last three years, after which Lindh will be clear of formal supervision. U.S. officials told NBC News the FBI is likely to keep a close eye on him."

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"White House says it won't sign international agreement to combat online extremism"

Neuseelands Premierministerin Ardern und Frankreichs Präsident Macron haben die internationale Erklärung "Christchurch Call" auf den Weg gebracht, in der Online-Dienste aufgefordert werden, stärker gegen terroristische und extremistische Inhalte auf ihren Plattformen vorzugehen. Die US-Regierung hat die Erklärung Dareh Gregorian zufolge grundsätzlich begrüßt, eine Unterzeichnung aber mit dem Hinweis auf die Meinungsfreiheit in den USA abgelehnt. "That makes the U.S. an outlier. Allies including the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Italy, India, Germany and Spain are all listed as signing on to the effort. Numerous technology giants are involved as well, including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube. In its statement, the White House suggested that First Amendment concerns were stopping the Trump administration from joining in the agreement. 'We continue to be proactive in our efforts to counter terrorist content online while also continuing to respect freedom of expression and freedom of the press,' the statement said. The White House later tweeted that the administration is 'fighting for free speech online,' and urged people who feel they've been censored because of 'political bias' to share their stories on the White House's website."

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"Trump may be underestimating Iran's resolve in resisting nuclear sanctions"

Andrea Mitchell stellt fest, dass US-Präsident Trump mit seiner Iran-Strategie international zunehmend isoliert dastehe. Die "Falken" im Weißen Haus unterschätzten zudem die Entschlossenheit Teherans, dem Druck der USA nicht nachzugeben. "(...) the president’s hawkish circle of advisers very well may be underestimating Iran’s resolve and resilience. With the approach of the U.S. election, Tehran may decide to wait out the Trump administration. And while the president seems confident in his powers of persuasion if he were in a room with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, how has “the art of the deal” worked so far with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un? In addition, Iran, unlike North Korea, does not have one-man rule. Rouhani has to answer not only to the supreme leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei, but also the powerful Revolutionary Guard, recently named by the State Department as a terrorist group, the first time an official government organization was so designated. Under those conditions, negotiations between the two governments are all but impossible. And Pompeo said last week he does not believe Iran’s government could ever change enough to satisfy the administration."

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"'Martyrdom, bro:' U.S. Army veteran busted in domestic terror plot"

In Kalifornien ist ein Veteran der U.S. Army wegen der Planung eines Terroranschlags verhaftet worden. FBI-Angaben zufolge wollte Mark Steven Domingo möglichst viele Teilnehmer einer Versammlung "weißer Nationalisten" töten, um sich für den rechtsextremistischen Anschlag in Christchurch zu "rächen". "Mark Steven Domingo, 26, boasted about amassing an arsenal of weapons, including 80 pounds of nails for a bomb, to carry out the attack in retaliation for the killing of Muslims by a white supremacist in the city of Christchurch, according to an affidavit supporting the criminal complaint. (...) Over six weeks of plotting with the informant, Domingo fantasized about murdering a laundry list of perceived enemies, including Christians, Jews, white supremacists, police officers, even his next-door neighbor.“

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"Syrian refugees who fled to Turkey face backlash"

Syrische Flüchtlinge in der Türkei, die von der Bevölkerung zunächst mit offenen Armen begrüßt worden seien, sähen sich nun zunehmender Ablehnung gegenüber, berichtet Kristina Jovanovski. Neben wirtschaftlichen Problemen spielten dabei auch kulturelle Bedenken eine Rolle. "(...) the mood has since changed and tensions are now rising amid concerns about competition for jobs and cultural differences. This has led to a rare unifying sentiment across political lines that Syrian refugees must eventually leave. A survey conducted at the end of 2017 by Istanbul Bilgi University found 86 percent of respondents wanted all Syrians to return home when the war ends. (...) Turkey is divided between citizens who want the government to reflect the religious beliefs of the country's Muslim majority and those who staunchly cling to the secular roots of a republic founded on the basis of separation between state and religion. Turkey's interior minister last year said Syrians have had 380,000 babies in their adopted country since 2011. Some in Turkey, with a population of around 80 million, worry that the influx will mean secular culture is left behind."

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"Trump says he agrees '100%' with keeping U.S. troops in Syria"

US-Präsident Trump hat seinen Verzicht auf den vor zwei Monaten angekündigten vollständigen Truppenabzug aus Syrien in einem Schreiben an den Kongress noch einmal bekräftigt. "Two months after declaring all U.S. troops are leaving Syria, President Donald Trump wrote to members of Congress that he now agrees '100%' with keeping a military presence in Syria. A bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives wrote to Trump on Feb. 22, applauding his decision to keep a small residual force in Syria. 'We support a small American stabilizing force in Syria,' the group wrote, adding that a force 'which includes a small contingent of American troops and ground forces from our European allies, is essential to ensure stability and prevent the return of ISIS.'"

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"Putin vows to target U.S. if missiles are deployed in Europe"

Präsident Putin hat die USA in seiner Rede an die Nation vor der Stationierung neuer Mittelstreckenraketen in Europa gewarnt. "Russia will respond to any American deployment of short or intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe by targeting not only the countries where they are stationed, but the U.S. itself, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday. In his toughest remarks yet on a potential new arms race, Putin said Russia was not seeking confrontation and would not take the first step to deploy missiles in response to Washington's decision this month to quit a landmark Cold War-era arms control treaty."

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"Trump wants Europe to take back ISIS fighters. That's tricky."

US-Präsident Trump hat Europa aufgefordert, inhaftierte europäische IS-Kämpfer in Syrien und Irak in ihre Heimatländer zurückzuführen. Die Associated Press erläutert, warum dies europäische Regierungen vor Probleme stellt. "(...) few European countries have embassies in Syria or Iraq, let alone extradition treaties to get their citizens back. Proving who is who and gathering solid evidence against suspects that would stand up in European courts is virtually impossible. Then there is the question of what to do with the wives and children of European jihadis. (...) Britain refuses to take back citizens who joined ISIS and has stripped them of their citizenship. Belgium has said previously that it would not make any great effort to secure the release of 12 citizens imprisoned in Syria and two in Iraq. Other European countries have remained largely silent about the fate of men and women whom many see as a security threat."

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"Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia"

Die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehenden Russland-Ermittlungen des Geheimdienstausschusses im US-Senat haben offenbar keinen Beweis für eine Verschwörung zwischen US-Präsident Trump und Moskau aufgedeckt. NBC News zufolge wird dieses Resultat von Republikanern und Demokraten unterschiedlich interpretiert. "'If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don't have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,' said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week. (...) On Tuesday, Burr doubled down, telling NBC News, 'There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.' (...) Democratic Senate investigators who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity did not dispute Burr's characterizations, but said they lacked context. 'We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, 'Hey Vlad, we're going to collude,'' one Democratic aide said. The series of contacts between Trump's associates, his campaign officials, his children and various Russians suggest a campaign willing to accept help from a foreign adversary, the Democrats say."

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"Report: Space will likely be a battlefield in any U.S. conflict with China, Russia"

Die Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), der Geheimdienst des Pentagons, geht in einem neuen Bericht davon aus, dass ein möglicher Konflikt der USA mit China oder Russland auch im Weltall ausgetragen würde. "(...) a new DIA report, 'Challenges to Security in Space,' warns that both China and Russia are making advances in space technology, and that both are likely to turn to space early on in any major military conflict to cripple their adversaries. 'Space is now a war-fighting domain like the land, sea and air,' a U.S. defense official said. 'We can't view space as a sanctuary from attack.' (...) U.S. defense and intelligence officials say neither China nor Russia has surpassed the U.S. in space capabilities, but that they are investing broadly to try to best the American military, and that they are now integrating weapons that could attack in space into their conventional units."

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"ISIS regrouping in Iraq, Pentagon report says"

Ein neuer Pentagon-Bericht warnt, dass der "Islamische Staat" in Irak neuen Zulauf erhalte und sich dort sogar schneller erholen könnte als in Syrien. "'If Sunni socioeconomic, political and sectarian grievances are not adequately addressed by the national and local governments of Iraq and Syria, it is very likely that ISIS will have the opportunity to set conditions for future resurgence and territorial control,' according to the Department of Defense Inspector General Quarterly Report about Operation Inherent Resolve. 'Currently, ISIS is regenerating key functions and capabilities more quickly in Iraq than in Syria, but absent sustained [counterterrorism] pressure, ISIS could likely resurge in Syria within six to 12 months and regain limited territory in the [middle Euphrates River valley].'"

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"Trump's governing philosophy shares more in common with Alexander Hamilton than Machiavelli"

Keith Koffler meint, dass US-Präsident Trump in seinem Opportunismus nicht nur von Machtstreben, sondern von einer politischen Philosophie angetrieben werde. "President Donald Trump has values and philosophy. It all has something to do with Alexander Hamilton. Sounds crazy, right? But it's true. And Washington elites on both sides of the aisle are still, two years after the election, fatally underestimating the president and demonstrating contempt for his voters. Critics love to refer to him as a 'transactional' president and insist his voters are rubes who fell for an alluring sales pitch. But Trump has strong ideas that he is hell-bent on fighting for, and his core supporters remain willing to ignore his various outrages. Indeed, they may very well head to the polls for him again in 2020. Thus, Democrats who dismiss Trump as an empty suit do so at their own peril. No, Trump might not be so read up on the philosophical basis of his own ideology. He is not perusing the works of John Locke, Edmund Burke or Friedrich Hayek between morning tweets. But he is also not simply channeling Machiavelli."

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NBC News

Sollten sich die US-Truppen tatsächlich aus Syrien zurückziehen, würde dies Courtney Kube und Josh Lederman zufolge die Frage aufwerfen, was mit den mehr als 790 IS-Gefangenen und deren Familien in US-Gewahrsam geschehen sollte. Als mögliche Option sei bereits die Überstellung nach Guantanamo ins Spiel gebracht worden. "To tackle the problem, the U.S. has separated the list of detainees into three categories: most dangerous, mid-level fighters and some leaders, and the more general fighters, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the planning. The most dangerous fighters are the ones under consideration to send to the detention facility at Guantanamo, which the president has repeatedly threatened to 'load up' with 'some bad dudes.' Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University, says there is precedent for quickly and secretly moving prisoners into Guantanamo Bay. 'Recall what happened in 2001,' she said, 'the U.S. set up Guantanamo in 96 hours. It could happen very fast.'"

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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