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"Trump wants Europe to take back ISIS fighters. That's tricky."

US-Präsident Trump hat Europa aufgefordert, inhaftierte europäische IS-Kämpfer in Syrien und Irak in ihre Heimatländer zurückzuführen. Die Associated Press erläutert, warum dies europäische Regierungen vor Probleme stellt. "(...) few European countries have embassies in Syria or Iraq, let alone extradition treaties to get their citizens back. Proving who is who and gathering solid evidence against suspects that would stand up in European courts is virtually impossible. Then there is the question of what to do with the wives and children of European jihadis. (...) Britain refuses to take back citizens who joined ISIS and has stripped them of their citizenship. Belgium has said previously that it would not make any great effort to secure the release of 12 citizens imprisoned in Syria and two in Iraq. Other European countries have remained largely silent about the fate of men and women whom many see as a security threat."

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"Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia"

Die kurz vor dem Abschluss stehenden Russland-Ermittlungen des Geheimdienstausschusses im US-Senat haben offenbar keinen Beweis für eine Verschwörung zwischen US-Präsident Trump und Moskau aufgedeckt. NBC News zufolge wird dieses Resultat von Republikanern und Demokraten unterschiedlich interpretiert. "'If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don't have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,' said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, in an interview with CBS News last week. (...) On Tuesday, Burr doubled down, telling NBC News, 'There is no factual evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.' (...) Democratic Senate investigators who spoke to NBC News on condition of anonymity did not dispute Burr's characterizations, but said they lacked context. 'We were never going to find a contract signed in blood saying, 'Hey Vlad, we're going to collude,'' one Democratic aide said. The series of contacts between Trump's associates, his campaign officials, his children and various Russians suggest a campaign willing to accept help from a foreign adversary, the Democrats say."

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"Report: Space will likely be a battlefield in any U.S. conflict with China, Russia"

Die Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), der Geheimdienst des Pentagons, geht in einem neuen Bericht davon aus, dass ein möglicher Konflikt der USA mit China oder Russland auch im Weltall ausgetragen würde. "(...) a new DIA report, 'Challenges to Security in Space,' warns that both China and Russia are making advances in space technology, and that both are likely to turn to space early on in any major military conflict to cripple their adversaries. 'Space is now a war-fighting domain like the land, sea and air,' a U.S. defense official said. 'We can't view space as a sanctuary from attack.' (...) U.S. defense and intelligence officials say neither China nor Russia has surpassed the U.S. in space capabilities, but that they are investing broadly to try to best the American military, and that they are now integrating weapons that could attack in space into their conventional units."

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"ISIS regrouping in Iraq, Pentagon report says"

Ein neuer Pentagon-Bericht warnt, dass der "Islamische Staat" in Irak neuen Zulauf erhalte und sich dort sogar schneller erholen könnte als in Syrien. "'If Sunni socioeconomic, political and sectarian grievances are not adequately addressed by the national and local governments of Iraq and Syria, it is very likely that ISIS will have the opportunity to set conditions for future resurgence and territorial control,' according to the Department of Defense Inspector General Quarterly Report about Operation Inherent Resolve. 'Currently, ISIS is regenerating key functions and capabilities more quickly in Iraq than in Syria, but absent sustained [counterterrorism] pressure, ISIS could likely resurge in Syria within six to 12 months and regain limited territory in the [middle Euphrates River valley].'"

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"Trump's governing philosophy shares more in common with Alexander Hamilton than Machiavelli"

Keith Koffler meint, dass US-Präsident Trump in seinem Opportunismus nicht nur von Machtstreben, sondern von einer politischen Philosophie angetrieben werde. "President Donald Trump has values and philosophy. It all has something to do with Alexander Hamilton. Sounds crazy, right? But it's true. And Washington elites on both sides of the aisle are still, two years after the election, fatally underestimating the president and demonstrating contempt for his voters. Critics love to refer to him as a 'transactional' president and insist his voters are rubes who fell for an alluring sales pitch. But Trump has strong ideas that he is hell-bent on fighting for, and his core supporters remain willing to ignore his various outrages. Indeed, they may very well head to the polls for him again in 2020. Thus, Democrats who dismiss Trump as an empty suit do so at their own peril. No, Trump might not be so read up on the philosophical basis of his own ideology. He is not perusing the works of John Locke, Edmund Burke or Friedrich Hayek between morning tweets. But he is also not simply channeling Machiavelli."

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Sollten sich die US-Truppen tatsächlich aus Syrien zurückziehen, würde dies Courtney Kube und Josh Lederman zufolge die Frage aufwerfen, was mit den mehr als 790 IS-Gefangenen und deren Familien in US-Gewahrsam geschehen sollte. Als mögliche Option sei bereits die Überstellung nach Guantanamo ins Spiel gebracht worden. "To tackle the problem, the U.S. has separated the list of detainees into three categories: most dangerous, mid-level fighters and some leaders, and the more general fighters, according to three U.S. officials familiar with the planning. The most dangerous fighters are the ones under consideration to send to the detention facility at Guantanamo, which the president has repeatedly threatened to 'load up' with 'some bad dudes.' Karen Greenberg, director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University, says there is precedent for quickly and secretly moving prisoners into Guantanamo Bay. 'Recall what happened in 2001,' she said, 'the U.S. set up Guantanamo in 96 hours. It could happen very fast.'"

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"Lindsey Graham says Trump is 'slowing down' Syria withdrawal"

US-Senator Graham hat nach einem Gespräch mit Präsident Trump angedeutet, dass sich der angekündigte Abzug der US-Truppen aus Syrien verzögern könnte. "Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters Sunday after a lunch with President Trump that plans to withdraw 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria are 'slowing down in a smart way.' Graham, a South Carolina Republican, said outside the White House that talks about removing military personnel from the country are in a 'pause situation.' The senator said Trump told him 'some things I didn't know' about his plans in Syria 'that make me feel a lot better about where we're headed' in the Middle Eastern country."

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"9/11 hangs over Taliban talks and assurances militant group has changed"

Die Gespräche der US-Regierung mit den Taliban werden immer noch von den Anschlägen des 11. Septembers 2001 und den Verbindungen der Gotteskrieger zur Al-Qaida überschattet, berichten F. Brinley Bruton und Mushtaq Yusufzai. "(...) even as diplomatic efforts gallop ahead, a crucial question looms over talks: Would a Taliban legitimized by an international peace agreement prevent foreign terrorists from plotting attacks from Afghan soil like Al Qaeda did before Sept. 11, 2001? It was the Taliban government's decision to protect bin Laden that triggered the subsequent U.S.-led invasion. Top military brass clearly feel there is a danger of history repeating. (...) 'I don’t think that the Taliban loves Al Qaeda,' [Vanda Felbab-Brown, an expert on international terrorism and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution,] said. 'But it does not necessarily mean that they can easily control them.' Even if they wanted to, it is unlikely that the Taliban could keep a promise to rein in foreign fighters and groups. For one thing, the central government in Kabul has always struggled to control the country. And then there is ISIS Khorasan, the Islamic State’s local affiliate which includes many disaffected Taliban fighters. While small in number, the group has been especially brazen and lethal."

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"Kosovo announces new army, Serbia responds by raising prospect of armed intervention"

Das Parlament in Kosovo hat am Freitag die Bildung einer nationalen Armee beschlossen und damit wütende Reaktionen aus Serbien ausgelöst. "Serbia insists that the new army violates a U.N. resolution that ended Kosovo's 1998-1999 bloody war of independence. It has warned bluntly that it may respond to the move with an armed intervention in the former province, with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic saying it was 'one of the options on the table.' On Friday, Nikola Selakovic, an adviser to the Serbian president, said the county could send in Serbian armed forces or declare Kosovo an occupied territory. (...) The United States hailed Kosovo's parliamentary vote to form a new army as a first step and reaffirmed 'its support for the gradual transition ... to a force with a territorial defense mandate, as is Kosovo's sovereign right.'"

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"Trump's support for Saudi Arabia contradicts the CIA, subverts national security and puts millions of lives at risk"

Mark Hannah von der Eurasia Group Foundation nennt drei Argumente, die von Experten vorgebracht werden, um das Bündnis zwischen den USA und Saudi-Arabien zu rechtfertigen. Keiner dieser Punkte kann seiner Ansicht nach heute noch überzeugen. "Foreign policy experts typically give three main reasons why we continue to boost Saudi Arabia: oil, Iran, and terrorism. None of these holds water. First, thanks to advances in fracking, the U.S. has overtaken Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s top petroleum producer. (...) Second, some think Iran is poised to dominate the Middle East if the U.S. withdraws military support for Saudi Arabia. They are wrong. As Harvard’s Stephen Walt points out, the defense spending of Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates is, in aggregate, 'at least five times greater than Iran’s,' the U.S. would likely support any of these countries if attacked and so the argument that Iran 'is on the brink of regional hegemony defies reason.' Finally, the notion that Saudi Arabia is a bulwark against terrorism seems downright foolish when one considers that 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers were Saudi citizens, and the lead attorney for the 9/11 plaintiffs claimed there is evidence demonstrating a 'longstanding and close relationships between al Qaeda and the religious components of the Saudi government.' (...) supporting the Saudi-led coalition actually undermines U.S. national security."

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"U.S. military in 'crisis,' could lose a war to Russia and China, report warns"

Ein neuer Bericht einer Kommission für den US-Kongress warnt, dass die globale militärische Vorherrschaft der USA deutlich abgenommen habe und das US-Militär heute nicht in der Lage wäre, in mehr als einem Krieg zu kämpfen. Zudem sei nicht mehr auszuschließen, dass die USA einen Krieg gegen Russland oder China verlieren könnten. "'U.S. military superiority is no longer assured and the implications for American interests and American security are severe,' said the report, which was issued by the National Defense Strategy Commission, an independent agency whose board is appointed by the House and Senate Armed Services committees. The report concludes that the Defense Department isn't financially or strategically set up to wage two wars at once and could even lose a war against China or Russia individually."

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"Russia has been quiet ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. Here's what it may be planning for Election Day."

Alex Stamos stellt fest, dass die von vielen Kommentatoren erwartete russische Beeinflussung der US-Kongresswahlen zumindest bis zum Wahltag ausgeblieben sei. "There are a couple of interpretations for this silence. The first possibility is that most of Russia’s information warfare assets are sitting the 2018 midterms out. (...) The second possibility is that Russian interference will be more subtle and deniable this time around. (...) In the end, the ability to defeat this enemy lies not with any government agency or Silicon Valley giant, but with our citizenry. We can choose to not be manipulated. As with all bullies, Russia’s greatest fear is not being defeated, but being ignored."

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"China's Xi and a retired U.S. general have both brought up war. How worried should the world be?"

In den vergangenen Tagen haben sowohl der im Ruhestand stehende US-General Ben Hodges als auch Chinas Präsident Xi Jinping die Möglichkeit eines Krieges zwischen den USA und China thematisiert. Alexander Smith schreibt, dass viele Experten vor dieser rhetorischen Eskalation warnen, zugleich aber darauf hinweisen, dass ein Krieg sehr unwahrscheinlich bleibe. "Many experts say that type of tough talk carries grave risks. But most believe the world is a considerable ways away from a war between its two largest economies. (...) 'Are we going to see a conflict soon, like Steve Bannon's doomsday proclamation? I tend to be a little less apocalyptic than that. I tend to think that cooler heads will eventually prevail,' [Raffaello Pantucci, director of International Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute,] added. One thing to remember, according to experts, is that China is not Russia. Russia has a relatively small economy and is less powerful than it was 30 years ago. It punches above its weight by sowing chaos and using hard power in places like Syria, Ukraine and Georgia, not to mention the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation. 'That is not China's game; China's game is to become the world's biggest power,' Pantucci said. 'It doesn't want a nuclear war, because nuclear war is not conducive to growth.'"

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"How a Saudi royal crushed his rivals in a 'shakedown' at the Ritz-Carlton"

NBC News berichtet über neue Details der Operation zur Machtsicherung des saudi-arabischen Kronprinzen Mohammed bin Salman, der politische Gegner vor einem Jahr in einem Luxushotel festhielt, um sie mit Drohungen und Folter gefügig zu machen. "(...) a year ago Sunday, on Nov. 4, 2017, the ultra-luxurious Riyadh hotel — with its marble floors and vast indoor swimming pool — became a gilded prison, when hundreds of Saudi royals, billionaires and senior government officials were detained in an extraordinary power play by the heir to the throne, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. (...) The details of exactly what happened to those detained at the Ritz have remained shrouded in secrecy, and the fate of those still held also remains unclear. A second hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott, located just across the street from the Ritz, was also used as a high-end detention center when space ran out at the Ritz. Both hotels were closed to the public during the operation. The Ritz did not respond to a request for comment. A U.S. intelligence official and two former senior U.S. government officials told NBC News that the detainees were coerced, abused and tortured. The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, declined to divulge details, which were contained in classified intelligence reports. The detainees were deprived of sleep, beaten and interrogated with their heads covered. Seventeen were hospitalized, according to the New York Times."

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"Deep Fakes: How they are made and how they can be detected"

NBC News erläutert in diesem Video, wie sogenannte "Deep Fakes" funktionieren. Die täuschend echt wirkenden Bild- und Tonfälschungen werden von Experten zunehmend als ernste Gefahr betrachtet. "Advances in machine-learning and A.I have now made it possible to swap someone else’s face and voice into a video, and make it look like they did or said something….anything you want. These videos and photos are called deepfakes, and they’re getting more sophisticated by the day. The technology harnesses machine-learning techniques – feeding a computer real data about images so it can create the fake."

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"Security experts say houses of worship vulnerable to attacks"

Nach dem antisemitischen Attentat in einer Synagoge in Pennsylvania erinnern Elizabeth Chuck und Dennis Romero an frühere Angriffe auf jüdische Gemeinden in den USA. Sicherheitsexperten halten religiöse Stätten demnach seit langem für "weiche Ziele". "Last year, a firearms training school in Corona, California, added a 'synagogue security' class to its list of courses. Previous private training sessions for synagogues were popular enough to offer a full course, said William Murphy, co-owner of Firearms Training Associates. The synagogue security class includes how to use a handgun to stop an attacker, he said. (...) Jewish institutions have long been targets for domestic terrorists and often deploy armed security, said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, social action director at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. It’s a policy that gained new urgency after the 1999 shooting at the North Valley Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles that wounded five, including three young children. Many Jewish institutions beefed up security, and the Los Angeles Police Department increased patrols of houses of worship."

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"Retired U.S. general says war with China likely in 15 years"

Der frühere Oberbefehlshaber der US-Streitkräfte in Europa, Ben Hodges, hält es für "sehr wahrscheinlich", dass zwischen den USA und China in den kommenden 15 Jahren ein Krieg ausbrechen wird. "The former commander of the U.S. Army in Europe warned Wednesday that it's very likely the United States will be at war with China in 15 years. Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges said that European allies will have to do more to ensure their own defenses in face of a resurgent Russia because America will need to focus more attention on defending its interests in the Pacific. 'The United States needs a very strong European pillar. I think in 15 years — it's not inevitable — but it is a very strong likelihood that we will be at war with China,' Hodges told a packed room at the Warsaw Security Forum".

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"Inside the remote U.S. base in Syria central to combating ISIS and countering Iran"

Courtney Kube hat zusammen mit anderen Journalisten zum ersten Mal den US-Stützpunkt Al Tanf im Osten Syriens besucht. Die dort stationierten US-Truppen hätten die offizielle Aufgabe, den sogenannten IS zu bekämpfen und den Einfluss des Irans zurückzudrängen. "NBC News joined Army Gen. Joseph Votel, the top U.S. commander for the Middle East, on a trip to Al Tanf where he acknowledged the base's strategic importance in countering the sway of Iran. 'We don't have a counter Iranian mission here. We have a defeat ISIS mission,' Votel said Monday. 'But I do recognize that our presence, our development of partners and relationships down here does have an indirect effect on some malign activities that Iran and their various proxies and surrogates would like to pursue down here.'"

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"Saudi government considering plan to admit that writer Jamal Khashoggi was killed in consulate"

Saudi-Arabien erwägt NBC News zufolge offenbar, den Tod des verschwundenen Journalisten Jamal Khashoggi einzuräumen. Verantwortlich sollen demnach Agenten gemacht werden, die ohne Auftrag der Regierung agiert haben. "Such an off-ramp could provide a way for Saudi leadership to save face and explain away their previous insistence that Khashoggi wasn’t killed in the consulate and indeed left the building shortly after he entered nearly two weeks ago. One of those two individuals said he was told by those close to the Saudi leadership that the kingdom will claim that rogue operatives killed Khashoggi during an interrogation or a rendition attempt that went horribly awry. The third individual said the U.S. government still doesn’t know precisely what explanation the Saudis plan to give, but that the Saudis intend to admit 'culpability.'"

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"North Korea's Kim agrees to dismantle main nuke site if U.S. takes steps too"

Nordkoreas Staatschef Kim Jong-un hat beim Gipfeltreffen mit Südkoreas Präsident Moon Jae-in einen Abbau der landesweit größten Atomanlage in Aussicht gestellt. Voraussetzung wären demnach entsprechende und nicht näher genannte Zugeständnisse der USA. "According to a joint statement issued by the two leaders, Kim also accepted international inspectors to monitor the closing of a key missile test site and launch pad and a vowed to work with South Korea to host the Summer Olympics in 2032. Declaring they had made a major step toward peace on the Korean Peninsula, the two leaders were side by side as they announced the to a group of North and South Korean reporters after a closed-door meeting Wednesday morning."

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"U.S. military drawing up options should Syria use chemical weapons in Idlib"

Das US-Militär sei bereit, auf einen möglichen Chemiewaffeneinsatz in der Idlib-Provinz erneut mit Militärschlägen gegen Syrien zu reagieren, berichtet NBC News. "Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said no decision had been made by the United States to employ military force in response to a future chemical attack in Syria. 'But we are in a dialogue, a routine dialogue, with the president to make sure he knows where we are with regard to planning in the event that chemical weapons are used,' he told a small group of reporters during a trip to India. Dunford later added: 'He expects us to have military options and we have provided updates to him on the development of those military options.'"

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"Saudi-led coalition admits Yemen strike that killed dozens of children was 'unjustified'"

Die von Saudi-Arabien angeführte Militärkoalition hat überraschend eingestanden, dass der Luftangriff am 9. August in Jemen, bei dem dutzende Kinder getötet wurden, "ungerechtfertigt" gewesen sei. "The rare concession follows mounting international pressure, including from allies, to do more to limit civilian casualties in a 3-1/2 year civil war that has killed more than 10,000 people and pushed the already impoverished country to the brink of famine. (...) The war has so far garnered relatively little public attention in Western countries, but there are signs that is starting to change, particularly because of the role Western governments play in supplying arms to the coalition countries."

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"Trump cuts more than $200 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians"

Nach der Kürzung der Unterstützung für das Palästinenserhilfswerk der Vereinten Nationen (UNRWA) hat die US-Regierung weitere 200 Millionen US-Dollar an Finanzhilfen für die Palästinenser gestrichen. "The United States is cutting more than $200 million in aid to the Palestinians, the State Department said on Friday, amid a deteriorating relationship with the Palestinian leadership. A senior State Department official said without elaborating that the funds, originally planned for programs in the West Bank and Gaza, would address 'high-priority projects elsewhere.' 'We have undertaken a review of U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority and in the West Bank and Gaza to ensure these funds are spent in accordance with U.S. national interests and provide value to the U.S. taxpayer,' the official said in a statement."

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"Russia's political meddling efforts go beyond midterms, experts say"

Jason Abbruzzese hat mit Cyberexperten gesprochen, die der Ansicht sind, dass die aus Russland stammenden Hackerangriffe auf Ziele in den USA nicht nur im Hinblick auf die anstehenden Kongresswahlen beurteilt werden sollten. "There is a quiet but intensifying digital battle being fought between Russia and the U.S. that reaches into geopolitics and foreign policy. In particular, Russia wants to get rid of U.S. economic sanctions by eliminating Republican support for the measures. 'The Russians initiated a cyber-insurgency inside of American cyberspace in 2014,' said Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer for the security firm Carbon Black, who also served on the Obama administration's Commission on Cyber Security. 'This is ongoing. This has been going on for literally four years.'"

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"Officials worry Trump may back Erik Prince plan to privatize war in Afghanistan"

Die ausbleibenden Erfolge des US-Militärs in Afghanistan könnten einen zunehmend "frustrierten" US-Präsidenten Trump NBC News zufolge dazu bewegen, sich erneut dem Plan des Blackwater-Gründers Erik Prince zur Privatisierung des Krieges zuzuwenden. "Prince's idea, which first surfaced last year during the president's Afghanistan strategy review, envisions replacing troops with private military contractors who would work for a special U.S. envoy for the war who would report directly to the president. It has raised ethical and security concerns among senior military officials, key lawmakers and members of Trump's national security team. A year after Trump's strategy announcement, his advisers are worried his impatience with the Afghanistan conflict will cause him to seriously consider proposals like Prince's or abruptly order a complete U.S. withdrawal, officials said."

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"Saudi Arabia's explosion at a Canadian tweet shows how rules have changed"

Nach Ansicht von F. Brinley Bruton verdeutlicht der aktuelle Disput zwischen Kanada und Saudi-Arabien und die ausbleibende westliche Unterstützung der Kanadier, wie sehr sich das internationale System in den letzten Jahren verändert habe. "(...) the end of the Cold War after the collapse of the Soviet Union also dealt a blow to the global order that saw Western democracies freely lecture about human rights conditions in other countries. 'Unity within what used to be called the Western bloc has disappeared,' [Charles Freeman, the United States ambassador to Riyadh in the late 1980s and early ’90s,] said. 'But you also have the devolution of authority to regional actors and powers among which is Saudi Arabia. There will very likely be more forceful reactions by third-world countries to Western pontificating on their lack of liberal institutions.' These days, Western nations — in particular the U.S. — have a harder time occupying the moral high ground, Freeman added. 'The state of liberty in the West is not what it once was under the impact of terrorism,' he said, adding that examples of U.S. forces torturing detainees and officials engaging in extraordinary rendition undermined its claims to the moral high ground. 'There is a lot of hypocrisy, which is to say the moral standing of countries like the United States and Canada to preach to others about liberal values is not what it once was,' he said."

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"Watchdog says U.S. wasted more than $15 billion in past 11 years in Afghanistan"

Der Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) hat auf Anfrage eines Kongressabgeordneten kalkuliert, dass die USA in den vergangenen 11 Jahren in Afghanistan über 15 Milliarden US-Dollar verschwendet haben. "After 10 months of research, SIGAR sent a letter back to the congressmen that estimated the waste at $15.5 billion between SIGAR's inception in 2008 and Dec. 31, 2017, or 29 percent of the spending it audited. In the letter, obtained by NBC News, Special Inspector General John Sopko describes the figure as 'likely … only a portion of the total waste, fraud, abuse and failed efforts.'"

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"China is waging a 'cold war' against the U.S., says CIA Asia expert"

Ein hochrangiger CIA-Mitarbeiter hat China als größten strategischen Rivalen der USA gekennzeichnet. China strebe an, die USA als globale Supermacht abzulösen und führe zu diesem Zweck einen "Kalten Krieg". "'I would argue ... that what they’re waging against us is fundamentally a cold war — a cold war not like we saw during THE Cold War [between the U.S. and the Soviet Union] but a cold war by definition,' [Michael Collins, deputy assistant director of the CIA’s East Asia mission center,] told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. 'The Chinese fundamentally seek to replace the United States as the leading power in the world,' Collins added. (...) Washington has repeatedly railed against Beijing for what it says is a deeply entrenched theft of U.S. intellectual property and forced technology transfer from U.S. companies to Chinese competitors, charges Chinese officials deny. It has also criticized China for asserting its dominance in the contested South China Sea. 'I would argue that it’s the Crimea of the East,' Collins said, referring to Russia’s brash annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which was condemned throughout the West."

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"U.S. refuses European requests for exemptions from its new sanctions on Iran"

Die US-Regierung hat bei der Durchsetzung ihrer neuen Sanktionen gegen den Iran Ausnahmeregelungen für europäische Unternehmen abgelehnt. "The United States has rejected an appeal from Britain, France and Germany to grant broad exemptions to European firms doing business in Iran, saying it would press ahead with sanctions intended to exert 'unprecedented' economic pressure on the Tehran regime, U.S. and Western officials told NBC News. Replying to a June 4 letter from the European powers, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote that the Trump administration would not agree to wide-ranging protections for European companies operating in Iran and instead would grant only limited exceptions based on national security or humanitarian grounds, the officials said. The stern message comes as the White House has ratcheted up its rhetoric toward Iran, accused Tehran of plotting terrorist attacks in Europe and vowed to hammer the country’s economy."

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"North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials"

US-Geheimdienste werfen Nordkorea NBC News zufolge vor, die Produktion atomaren Materials in geheimen Anlagen erhöht zu haben, um das Ausmaß des Atomwaffenprogramms in künftigen Verhandlungen mit den USA besser verschleiern zu können. "U.S. intelligence agencies believe that North Korea has increased its production of fuel for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months — and that Kim Jong Un may try to hide those facilities as he seeks more concessions in nuclear talks with the Trump administration, U.S. officials told NBC News. (...) Analysts at the CIA (...) see a regime positioning itself to extract every concession it can from the Trump administration — while clinging to nuclear weapons it believes are essential to survival."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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