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"The U.S. Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedoms"


Nach Ansicht von Glenn Greenwald und Micah Lee muss die in der vergangenen Woche enthüllte Anklage der US-Justiz gegen den WikiLeaks-Gründer Julian Assange als ernste Bedrohung der Pressefreiheit betrachtet werden. "(...) the indictment seeks to criminalize what journalists are not only permitted but ethically required to do: take steps to help their sources maintain their anonymity. As longtime Assange lawyer Barry Pollack put it: 'The factual allegations … boil down to encouraging a source to provide him information and taking efforts to protect the identity of that source. Journalists around the world should be deeply troubled by these unprecedented criminal charges.' That’s why the indictment poses such a grave threat to press freedom. It characterizes as a felony many actions that journalists are not just permitted but required to take in order to conduct sensitive reporting in the digital age."

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"A Veteran's War Movie Sheds Damning Light on How the Marines Fight in Afghanistan"

Camille Baker hat mit Miles Lagoze gesprochen, der als US-Marine Einsätze in Afghanistan mit der Videokamera begleitet hat. Das Filmmaterial ist nun im Dokumentarfilm "Combat Obscura" aufgearbeitet worden. "His job in the Corps was what’s known as combat camera, a role that entails capturing footage of Marines for operational use on the battlefield and for PR back home. 'Combat Obscura,' which was released March 15 with Oscilloscope Laboratories, is almost entirely comprised of footage Lagoze and another combat cameraperson, Justin Loya, shot for the Corps. The film amounts to a deft 110-minute condemnation of the behavior of U.S. troops and an excruciating lament for the needless loss of life caused by the American war in Afghanistan. The Intercept talked to Lagoze about why he made the documentary, the legal process that preceded the film’s release, and his feelings about having taken part in the war."

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"NYT’s Exposé on the Lies About Burning Aid Trucks in Venezuela Shows How U.S. Government and Media Spread Pro-War Propaganda"


Ein Bericht der New York Times hat bestätigt, dass Lastwagen mit humanitären Lieferungen an der Grenze zu Venezuela am 23. Februar nicht wie von vielen Medien berichtet von Kräften der Maduro-Regierung in Brand gesetzt worden sind. Nach Ansicht von Glenn Greenwald verdeutlicht dieses Beispiel, wie bereitwillig die US-Regierung und amerikanische Mainstream-Medien "Kriegspropaganda" verbreiten. "(...) the New York Times published a detailed video and accompanying article proving that this entire story was a lie. The humanitarian trucks were not set on fire by Maduro’s forces. They were set on fire by anti-Maduro protesters who threw a molotov cocktail that hit one of the trucks. (...) everything the New York Times so proudly reported last night has been known for weeks, and was already reported in great detail, using extensive evidence, by a large number of people. But because those people are generally skeptical of the U.S. Government’s claims and critical of its foreign policy, they were ignored and mocked and are generally barred from appearing on television, while the liars from the U.S. Government and their allies in the corporate media were, as usual, given a platform to spread their lies without any challenge or dissent, just like the manual for how to maintain State TV intructs."

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"After 18 Years of War, Taliban Has the Upper Hand in Afghanistan Peace Talks"

In den laufenden Verhandlungen mit der US-Regierung haben die Taliban die klare Oberhand, stellen Bilal Sarwary und Murtaza Hussain nüchtern fest. "(...) the talks also offer a serious reality check about the outcome of 18 years of U.S. military presence in Afghanistan. For many observers, the negotiations register as a defeat — recognition that the Taliban has not only survived, but is likely to play an integral role in Afghanistan’s future. It is also clear that there will be a new set of winners and losers in Afghan society, and that Afghans who pegged their hopes to the U.S.-backed government now risk losing limited gains in living standards and civil rights. (...) 'The Taliban who are in contact with the U.S. are mainly moderate Taliban. Even if they reach an agreement with the U.S. to end their support for international terrorists, the key challenge that will remain will be the radical Taliban factions that enjoy safe havens in Pakistan,' says Masoud Andarabi, a former Afghan intelligence official who was recently appointed acting interior minister."

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"NBC News, to Claim Russia Supports Tulsi Gabbard, Relies on Firm Just Caught Fabricating Russia Data for the Democratic Party"

Die anhaltende Debatte über die angebliche Beeinflussung der amerikanischen Innenpolitik durch Russland wird Glenn Greenwald zufolge bereits jetzt genutzt, um unliebsame Präsidentschaftskandidaten wie die Demokratin Tulsi Gabbard zu diskreditieren. "That’s because the playbook used by the axis of the Democratic Party, NBC/MSNBC, neocons and the intelligence community has been, is and will continue to be a very simple one: to smear any adversary of the establishment wing of the Democratic Party – whether on the left or the right – as a stooge or asset of the Kremlin (a key target will undoubtedly be, indeed already is, Bernie Sanders). To accomplish this McCarthyite goal, this Democratic Party coalition of neocons, intelligence operatives and NBC stars will deceive, smear and even engage in outright journalistic deception, as NBC (once again) just proved with this report."

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"Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump/Russia Story"

Nachdem das Büro von Sonderermittler Mueller einen belastenden BuzzFeed-Artikel über US-Präsident Trump dementiert hat, macht Glenn Greenwald auf andere spektakuläre Trump-Berichte amerikanischer Medien aufmerksam, die sich im Nachhinein als inkorrekt herausgestellt haben. "(...) in homage to BuzzFeed’s past viral glory, following are the top ten worst media failures in two-plus-years of Trump/Russia reporting. They are listed in reverse order, as measured by the magnitude of the embarrassment, the hysteria they generated on social media and cable news, the level of journalistic recklessness that produced them, and the amount of damage and danger they caused. This list was extremely difficult to compile in part because news outlets (particularly CNN and MSNBC) often delete from the internet the video segments of their most embarrassing moments. Even more challenging was the fact that the number of worthy nominees is so large that highly meritorious entrees had to be excluded, but are acknowledged at the end with (dis)honorable mention status."

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"The FBI’s Investigation of Trump as a 'National Security Threat' is Itself a Serious Danger. But J. Edgar Hoover Pioneered the Tactic"

Die New York Times hat in der vergangenen Woche berichtet, dass das FBI 2017 eine Untersuchung gegen US-Präsident Trump wegen dessen angeblichen Russlandkontakten eingeleitet hat. Glenn Greenwald weist darauf hin, dass die Untersuchung einmal mehr keine Beweise für geheime Absprachen offengelegt habe. Der Vorgang selbst erinnere an frühere FBI-Operationen unter dem berühmt-berüchtigten Direktor J. Edgar Hoover. "It was a dangerous and shameful moment when J. Edgar Hoover investigated U.S. politicians as potential traitors and stooges because he believed they were too deferential and subservient to Russia, or because their advocated plans for peace with Moscow were 'contrary to American interests.' It’s no better when the agency housed in the headquarters that, revealingly, still bears Hoover’s name does the same today."

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"As Democratic Elites Reunite With Neocons, the Party’s Voters Are Becoming Far More Militaristic and Pro-War Than Republicans"

Glenn Greenwald schreibt, dass die Anhänger der US-Demokraten einer neuen Umfrage zum Truppenabzug aus Syrien zufolge deutlich militaristischer eingestellt sind als Republikaner und Trump-Anhänger. "(...) what is remarkable about the new polling data on Syria is that the vast bulk of support for keeping troops there comes from Democratic Party voters, while Republicans and independents overwhelming favor their removal. The numbers are stark: Of people who voted for Clinton in 2016, only 26 percent support withdrawing troops from Syria, while 59 percent oppose it. Trump voters overwhelmingly support withdraw by 76 percent to 14 percent. (...) This latest poll is far from aberrational. As the Huffington Post’s Ariel Edwards-Levy documented early this week, separate polling shows a similar reversal by Democrats on questions of war and militarism in the Trump era. (...) A core ethos of the anti-Trump #Resistance has become militarism, jingoism, and neoconservatism. Trump is frequently attacked by Democrats using longstanding Cold War scripts wielded for decades against them by the far right".

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"NBC and MSNBC Blamed Russia for Using 'Sophisticated Microwaves' to Cause 'Brain Injuries' in U.S. 'Diplomats' in Cuba. The Culprits Were Likely Crickets."

Im vergangenen Jahr wurde immer wieder über mysteriöse "Angriffe" auf Mitarbeiter der US-Botschaft in Kuba berichtet, die bei den Betroffenen zu Schwindel und Gedächtnisstörungen geführt haben sollen. Glenn Greenwald erinnert daran, dass US-Medien wie NBC News Russland für die Vorfälle verantwortlich gemacht haben. Nun haben Biologen herausgefunden, dass die "Schallangriffe" offenbar auf Grillen zurückzuführen sind. "(...) for the last four months, thanks to NBC News’s eagerness to mindlessly repeat whatever CIA officials tell them to say, Americans were led to believe that Russia purposely caused serious 'brain injuries' in dozens of U.S. 'diplomats' – spies acting under diplomatic cover – through dastardly electromagnetic or microwave weapons that are so sophisticated and devious that not even the most advanced Pentagon scientists could understand what new horrific horrors the Kremlin had inflicted on peace-loving Americans. (...) Thus far, not a single NBC or MSNBC reporter who hyped the Russia-did-it story (...) has bothered to tweet these scientific findings that, at the very least, raise major doubts about the accuracy of their huge and highly consequential story that the repeatedly hyped. That’s how the U.S. media functions: sensationalistic stories produce massive benefits, while there are zero consequences, or even an obligation to acknowledge error, when they turn out to be doubtful of even false."

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"Veteran NBC/MSNBC Journalist Blasts the Network for Being Captive to the National Security State and Reflexively Pro-War to Stop Trump"

William Arkin, ein zuletzt als NBC/MSNBC-Reporter tätiger langjähriger Experte für sicherheitspolitische Fragen, hat den großen TV-Sendern in den USA in einer offenen eMail vorgeworfen, eine reflexhafte Anti-Trump-Haltung eingenommen zu haben. Dies hat Arkin zufolge dazu geführt, dass sich die Sender in Fragen der nationalen Sicherheit an die Seite des "Sicherheitsstaates" gestellt haben. Glenn Greenwald kann die Kritik Arkins verstehen und schreibt: "Its key passages are scathing and unflinching in their depiction of those networks as pro-war propaganda outlets that exist to do little more than amplify and serve the security state agencies most devoted to opposing Trump, including their mindless opposition to Trump’s attempts (with whatever motives) to roll back some of the excesses of imperialism, aggression, and U.S. involvement in endless war, as well as to sacrifice all journalistic standards and skepticism about generals and the U.S war machine if doing so advances their monomaniacal mission of denouncing Trump."

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"Documents Show Vast Network of US Military Bases in Africa"

Neu veröffentlichte AFRICOM–Dokumente belegen Nick Turse zufolge, dass die Präsenz des US-Militärs in Afrika trotz gegenteiliger Ankündigungen des Pentagons kaum abgenommen hat. "According to a 2018 briefing by AFRICOM science adviser Peter E. Teil, the military’s constellation of bases includes 34 sites scattered across the continent, with high concentrations in the north and west as well as the Horn of Africa. These regions, not surprisingly, have also seen numerous U.S. drone attacks and low-profile commando raids in recent years. (...) According to Adam Moore, an assistant professor of geography at the University of California in Los Angeles and an expert on the U.S. military’s presence in Africa, 'It is getting harder for the U.S. military to plausibly claim that it has a 'light footprint' in Africa. In just the past five years, it has established what is perhaps the largest drone complex in the world in Djibouti — Chabelley — which is involved in wars on two continents, Yemen and Somalia.' Moore also noted that the U.S. is building an even larger drone base in Agadez, Niger. 'Certainly, for people living in Somalia, Niger and Djibouti, the notion that the U.S. is not militarizing their countries rings false,' he added."

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"More Democrats Oppose Yemen War Ahead of Senate Vote"

Im US-Senat mehren sich Alex Emmons und Ryan Grim zufolge die Stimmen, die ein Ende der amerikanischen Unterstützung des saudi-arabischen Kriegs in Jemen fordern. Eine entsprechende Resolution sei im März vor allem an der fehlenden Unterstützung der Demokraten gescheitert. Einige Senatoren hätten ihre Ansicht allerdings im Zuge der Khashoggi-Affäre geändert. "In a procedural vote, the Senate voted 55-44 against a similar measure in March, with 10 Democrats voting against it. But five Republicans voted in favor at the time. If those GOP senators vote the same way on Wednesday, just four of the remaining eight Democratic holdouts would have to vote in favor for the measure to pass. (...) Once Democrats take back the House in January, it is likely that a similar measure could pass. At that point, it would need to go back through the newly constituted Senate again. But with enough GOP support, or perhaps as Saudi Arabia’s reputation continues to erode, passage could again be possible with enough Democratic votes. The legislation requires President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. forces from 'hostilities' in Yemen."

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"Blowback in Africa"

Joe Penney berichtet, dass in Burkina Faso seit 2016 mindestens 263 Menschen bei mehr als 200 Angriffen unbekannter Gruppen getötet worden sind. Die Angriffswelle sei zumindest teilweise eine Folge der amerikanischen Antiterror-Strategie. "There are multiple theories behind the swift breakdown in security — and all turn around the 2014 revolution that overthrew ex-dictator Blaise Compaoré and threatened his feared presidential guard, known by its French acronym RSP and led by Gen. Gilbert Diendéré. By toppling only the president, which led to the disbanding of his key military unit a year later, the revolution left the country with a gaping security hole. As a special unit of roughly 1,300 soldiers with separate living quarters, equipment, training, and pay from the regular army, the presidential guard protected the interests of the party in power, rather than the country at large. The RSP was particularly potent, too — it had its own counterterrorism unit that received training from both France and the U.S. The insecurity that Burkina Faso is experiencing today appears to be proof that support for an elite unit that works for a corrupt dictator can lead to more terrorism and insecurity. This type of mistake is one of the hallmarks of the so-called war on terror and has been repeated, in various forms, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and numerous other countries."

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"The Saudi Crown Prince’s PR Campaign Has Totally Failed. Only Donald Trump Still Buys It."

Trotz der klaren pro-saudischen Positionierung des US-Präsidenten hält Murtaza Hussain die PR-Kampagne Saudi-Arabiens in Washington für gescheitert. Kongress, Regierungsbehörden und große Medienhäuser hätten sich überwiegend von Kronprinz Mohammad bin Salman abgewandt. "There are serious signs of anger in D.C. that the president may not be ultimately able to control — even among right-wing Republicans who usually favor a hawkish, Saudi-aligned foreign policy. In remarks that were sure to alarm Riyadh, Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., went on 'Meet the Press' last weekend and publicly described the crown prince as 'irrational' and 'unhinged,' while stating that it was impossible to believe that he was not involved in Khashoggi’s killing. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has also emerged as a harsh critic of the crown prince. Whatever ultimately comes of this pressure, the crown prince’s efforts to rebrand himself as a reformer seem to have run aground, likely permanently."

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"It's Time for America to Reckon With the Staggering Death Toll of the Post-9/11 Wars"

Eine neue Studie des "Costs of War Project" der Brown University sei nur eine von vielen aktuellen Untersuchungen, die einen verstärkten Fokus auf die Opfer des amerikanischen Kriegs gegen den Terror nach den Anschlägen vom 11. September 2001 richten, schreibt Murtaza Hussain. In der breiten amerikanischen Öffentlichkeit werde dies jedoch kaum beachtet. "It can hardly be said now that the truth isn’t out there. But some experts say that it isn’t surprising that this information has failed to translate into public action. John Tirman, author of 'The Deaths of Others: The Fate of Civilians in America’s Wars,' a study of the impact on foreign civilians of American military operations, argues that psychological factors might help explain why Americans don’t seem to care about the human cost of their wars. Faced with a terrible situation requiring complex solutions and sustained attention, people are likely to just ignore it if they have the option to do so. 'People tend to turn away from disasters such as a war gone bad very quickly. They turn away because it bothers them morally, but also because the carnage challenges their strongly held self-perception that their country is a force for good in the world,' said Tirman."

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"Post-Cold War US Foreign Policy Has Been a Near Total Failure. Two New Books Look at Why"

Murtaza Hussain stellt zwei neue Bücher vor, die der amerikanischen Außenpolitik seit dem Ende des Kalten Krieges ein schlechtes Zeugnis ausstellen. "Two recent books — 'The Hell of Good Intentions: America’s Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy,' by Stephen Walt, and 'The Great Delusion: Liberal Dreams and International Realities,' by John Mearsheimer — seek to explain what went wrong with U.S. foreign policy and to promote a less grand, more restrained paradigm for its future. (...) 'The objective of U.S. foreign policy over the past several decades has been to gradually transform as much of the world as possible through the promotion of electoral democracy, the rule of law, free markets, and by bringing other countries into institutions and alliances that are U.S.-led,' Walt told The Intercept. 'This effort has been nearly a total failure. It hasn’t failed entirely, but in terms of stated objectives, democracy is in retreat around the world and is looking increasingly dysfunctional even in the United States itself.'"

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"Why Israel's — and America's — Legal Justifications for Assassinations Don't Add Up"

Die Menschenrechtsanwältin Noura Erakat hinterfragt in diesem Interview die juristischen Argumente, die von Israel und auch von den USA hervorgebracht werden, um gezielte Tötungen vermeintlicher Terroristen und anderer Personen, die als Gefahr eingestuft werden, zu rechtfertigen. "There is a synergy, in the sense that U.S. and Israeli arguments to expand the use of lethal force have been building off each other. As per the U.N. Charter, the use of force is generally prohibited, with a few exceptions, including individual and collective self-defense or when specifically authorized by a Security Council resolution under its Chapter VII authority. After 9/11, there was a shift under the Bush administration toward the use of preventive force, as opposed to pre-emptive self-defense, under customary law, or a response to an armed attack under treaty law. This shift becomes the basis of legal justification for extrajudicial assassinations, or targeted killings, outside of hot battlefields."

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"Is This the Beginning of the End of the US-Saudi Alliance?"

Könnte das Verschwinden des saudi-arabischen Journalisten Jamal Khashoggi das Ende der jahrzehntelangen Allianz zwischen den USA und Saudi-Arabien einläuten? Zaid Jilani und Ryan Grim stellen fest, dass die Stimmung gegenüber den Saudis in den vergangenen Tagen in Washington spürbar kritischer geworden sei. "In the Senate, the kingdom is starting to lose its traditional bipartisan support, with almost every member of the Foreign Relations Committee calling on Trump to investigate Khashoggi’s disappearance. (...) Washington-based lobbying firms that do business with Saudi Arabia — particularly Hogan and Lovells, the Glover Park Group, and Brownstein — are facing a difficult decision, as pressure mounts across the board to break with the kingdom. (...) The shift in discourse over Saudi Arabia is palpable in the think tank world as well. The vice president for security at the Center for American Progress, an influential liberal think tank, called on the United States to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia over Khashoggi’s disappearance. (...) Prominent right-wing columnist and Council of Foreign Relations fellow Max Boot, a longtime defender of the U.S.-Saudi alliance, warned that if the Saudis did indeed kill Khashoggi, there 'must be hell to pay.'"

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"Government Report: 'An Entire Generation' of American Weapons Is Wide Open to Hackers"

Der Rechnungshof des US-Kongresses hat in einem neuen Bericht davor gewarnt, dass hochmoderne amerikanische Militärtechnologie in erschreckendem Maße anfällig für internationale Hackerangriffe sei. Das Pentagon habe diese Schwäche bisher in sträflichem Maße ignoriert. "The report found that 'mission-critical cyber vulnerabilities' cropped up routinely during weapons development and that test teams 'easily' took over real systems without detection 'using relatively simple tools and techniques,' exploiting 'basic issues such as poor password management and unencrypted communications.' Testers could also download and delete data, in one cases exfiltrating 100 gigabytes of material, and could tap into operators’ terminals, in one instance popping up computer dialogs asking the operators 'to insert two quarters to continue.' But a malicious attacker could pull off much worse than jokes about quarters, warns the GAO: 'In one case, the test team took control of the operators’ terminals. They could see, in real-time, what the operators were seeing on their screens and could manipulate the system.'"

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"Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 11/9' Aims Not at Trump But at Those Who Created the Conditions That Led to His Rise"

Der Dokumentarfilmer Michael Moore hat sich in seinem neuen Film "Fahrenheit 11/9" mit dem Aufstieg Donald Trumps zum US-Präsidenten auseinandergesetzt. Glenn Greenwald lobt in seiner Besprechung, dass Moore sich in weiten Teilen des Films auf die strukturellen Ursachen des politischen Erfolgs Trumps konzentriert. "Moore dutifully devotes a few minutes at the start of his film to Trump’s rise, and then asks the question that dominates the rest of it, the one the political and media establishment has steadfastly avoided examining except in the most superficial and self-protective ways: 'how the fuck did this happen'? Knowing that no political work can be commercially successful on a large-scale without affirming Resistance clichés, Moore dutifully complies, but only with the most cursory and fleeting gestures: literally 5 seconds in the film are devoted to assigning blame for Hillary’s loss to Putin and Comey. With that duty discharged, he sets his sights on his real targets: the U.S. political establishment that is ensconced within both parties, along with the financial elites who own and control both of them for their own ends."

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"Government Can Spy on Journalists in the US Using Invasive Foreign Intelligence Process"

Cora Currier berichtet, dass geltende Sicherheitsregelungen der US-Regierung neu veröffentlichten Dokumenten zufolge erlauben, Journalisten ohne gerichtliche Erlaubnis zu überwachen. "Targeting members of the press under the law, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, requires approval from the Justice Department’s highest-ranking officials, the documents show. (...) 'This is a huge surprise,' said Victoria Baranetsky, general counsel with the Center for Investigative Reporting, previously of Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press. 'It makes me wonder, what other rules are out there, and how have these rules been applied? The next step is figuring out how this has been used.' (...) Ramya Krishnan, a staff attorney with the Knight Institute, said that concerns remained. 'There’s a lack of clarity on the circumstances when the government might consider a journalist an agent of a foreign power,' said Krishnan. 'Think about WikiLeaks; the government has said they are an intelligence operation.' Hannah Bloch-Wehba, a professor at Drexel University, said that 'a probable example would be surveillance of reporters who are working for somewhere like RT' — the state-funded Russian television network — 'and as a consequence, anyone who is talking to reporters for RT. The reporters are probably conscious they are subject to surveillance, but their sources might not be.'"

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"The Underground Caliphate"

Der "Islamische Staat" in Irak sei keineswegs zerschlagen, sondern führe derzeit einen Guerilla-Krieg gegen Bagdad, schreibt Simona Foltyn. "Just seven months after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in Iraq, the jihadists have regrouped and are stepping up guerrilla-style attacks. ISIS operates with ease, especially in rural areas and at night, according to interviews with three dozen civilians, community leaders, and local security forces conducted over nearly three weeks this summer in and around the towns of Hawija, Kirkuk, and Tuz Khurmatu. The militants show up on people’s doorsteps asking for food and call civilians’ cell phones to demand the whereabouts of government security forces. Multiple civilians described seeing ISIS fighters move through villages in broad daylight, sometimes entering mosques to ask worshippers for zakat, a charitable contribution under Islamic law."

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"Here's Mike Pompeo's Memo Justifying US Assistance to Saudi Arabia and the UAE's War in Yemen"

US-Außenminister Pompeo hat Saudi-Arabien und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten (VAE) in einer Erklärung bescheinigt, bei ihrem Krieg in Jemen alle nötigen Schutzmaßnahmen für Zivilisten zu treffen. "Pompeo’s vetting of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates was required by a bipartisan amendment to the annual defense spending bill signed into law last month by President Donald Trump. Pompeo made the announcement of his certification in a statement, saying that the two Gulf countries were 'undertaking demonstrable actions to reduce the risk of harm to civilians.' In a separate seven-page memo sent to Congress and obtained by The Intercept, Pompeo further justified the decision, citing U.S. training of the Saudi Royal Air Force and the formation of the Joint Incidents Assessment Team in 2016. (...) The full Pompeo memo to Congress, published here for the first time, conveys the breadth of justifications the Trump administration employs in its support of the Gulf coalition."

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"US Military's Worst-Case Scenario: Large Parts of Africa Seized by ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram"

Strategen des Afrikanischen Kommandos der US-Streitkräfte (AFRICOM) haben in internen Dokumenten Szenarien einer Übernahme weiter Teile Afrikas durch radikalislamische Terrorgruppen entworfen, berichtet Nick Turse. Andere Experten hielten diese Szenarien allerdings für übertrieben. "The forecasts, which are an update to AFRICOM’s Theater Campaign Plan and were obtained by The Intercept via a Freedom of Information Act request, center around potential gains by terrorist organizations in the north and west of the continent, specifically Libya, the Sahel, and the Lake Chad basin. They offer a nightmare vision of a destabilized, crisis-ridden region that could – if the worst happens — fall increasingly under the control of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram. (...) Experts say that the scenarios are generally plausible, but lack sophistication. There is little evidence to suggest that much time or effort was expended in scripting the nightmare forecasts. Key aspects — like probable safeguards that would likely keep such dire projections from coming to pass — go unmentioned. One former U.S. intelligence analyst, who asked not to be named for fear of jeopardizing relationships with current officials, described a scenario involving Boko Haram and ISIS-West Africa as 'ludicrous' due to its utter improbability. Additional checks on militants, like vigilante groups and local self-defense forces, would, he said, almost certainly prevent that worst-case scenario from coming to pass."

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"New Video Shows More Atrocities by Cameroon, a Key US Ally in Drone Warfare"

Nick Turse berichtet über ein Video, auf dem erneut ein Massaker der Regierungstruppen in Kamerun dokumentiert sei. Das Land gelte als enger Verbündeter der USA im Drohnenkrieg und im Kampf gegen die Terrorgruppe Boko Haram. "It quickly becomes clear exactly what type of mission this actually is. It’s of the same type that soldiers carried out at El Mozote, El Salvador, in 1981, at My Lai, South Vietnam, in 1968, and at Oradour-sur-Glane, France, in 1944. It is a massacre. And it is filmed. This particular mass killing takes place in Cameroon, a key U.S. ally and staging ground for America’s drone operations in Africa. While the number of victims is likely smaller than other notorious mass killings, it’s the second atrocity video involving Cameroon’s armed forces to be made public this summer."

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"Saudi-led Coalition Team to Investigate Civilian Casualties Is 'Covering Up War Crimes' in Yemen"

Ein neuer Bericht der Organisation Human Rights Watch wirft Experten der von Saudi-Arabien angeführten Militärkoalition vor, bei ihren Untersuchungen von tödlichen Militärschlägen in Jemen Beweise für mögliche Kriegsverbrechen zu ignorieren. "By its own count, the assessment team has investigated 79 incidents in which airstrikes allegedly killed or wounded civilians. But the vast majority of its reports — only 75 of which Human Rights Watch could actually find — absolve the coalition of legal responsibility for the strike in question, either by claiming the coalition wasn’t responsible or by determining that the attack was an 'unintentional' result of technical errors. The report also documents 17 instances in which JIAT’s [Joint Incidents Assessment Team] conclusions were profoundly at odds with Human Rights Watch’s own findings. (...) In the years after it was established, the Trump and Obama administrations pointed to JIAT as a sign that the coalition was aware that its attacks were killing civilians and that it was seeking to improve. But critics say the body is a cynical mechanism contrived to make it look as if the architects of the air war in Yemen care about reducing civilian casualties, when in fact their aims are something else entirely."

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"The US Is Building a Drone Base in Niger That Will Cost More Than $280 Million by 2024"

Der Betrieb der neuen Drohnenbasis des US-Militärs in Niger soll Nick Turse zufolge jährlich 30 Millionen US-Dollar kosten. "By 2024, when the 10-year agreement for use of the base in Agadez, Niger, ends, its construction and operating costs will top a quarter-billion dollars — or around $280 million, to be more precise. And that’s actually an undercount. The new projections from the Air Force do not include significant additional costs, such as salaries of the personnel stationed at the base or fuel for the aircraft flying out of Agadez. The facility, which is part of the expanded U.S. military footprint in Africa, is now the largest base-building effort ever undertaken by troops in the history of the U.S. Air Force, according to Richard Komurek, a spokesperson for U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa."

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"NSA Cracked Open Encrypted Networks of Russian Airlines, Al Jazeera, and Other 'High Potential' Targets"

Neu veröffentlichte NSA-Dokumente Edward Snowdens haben offenbart, dass die NSA im Jahr 2006 den TV-Sender Al Jazeera, russische Fluglinien und andere hochrangige Ziele erfolgreich "gehackt" hat. "The NSA’s ability to crack into sensitive VPNs belonging to large organizations, all the way back in 2006, raises broader questions about the security of such networks. Many consumers pay for access to VPNs in order to mask the origin of their internet traffic from the sites they visit, hide their surfing habits from their internet service providers, and to protect against eavesdroppers on public Wi-Fi networks. The fact that the NSA spied on Al Jazeera’s communications was reported by the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel in 2013, but that reporting did not mention that the spying was accomplished through the NSA’s compromise of Al Jazeera’s VPN."

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"The NSA's Role in a Climate-Changed World: Spying on Nonprofits, Fishing Boats, and the North Pole"

Das Aufgabenfeld der NSA habe sich mit der Erkenntnis, dass der Klimawandel sicherheitspolitische Konsequenzen haben wird, spürbar verändert, berichten Alleen Brown und Miriam Pensack in Bezug auf neu veröffentlichte NSA-Dokumente Edward Snowdens. "Previously unreleased documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show how the agency has gathered intelligence meant to support U.S. interests related to environmental disasters, conflicts, and resources. In the coming years, greenhouse gas pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels will increase the frequency of ecological crises and conflicts over natural resources. The documents provide a window into the role the United States’s most sprawling international surveillance agency will play in an altered world. The documents show that although the NSA’s interest in environmental issues is limited, it’s wide-reaching and has grown over the years. Unsurprisingly, the agency is driven not by an imperative to avoid climate-induced ecological crises, but by a need to respond to such crises as they threaten U.S. political and economic interests or explode into violent clashes."

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"Saudi Arabia Planned to Invade Qatar Last Summer. Rex Tillerson's Efforts to Stop It May Have Cost Him His Job."

The Intercept hat erfahren, dass Saudi-Arabien vor einem Jahr offenbar ernsthaft erwogen hat, den Rivalen Katar militärisch zu erobern. Alex Emmons berichtet, dass der damalige US-Außenminister Tillerson die Invasion gestoppt und sich damit den Unwillen der arabischen Herrscher zugezogen habe. "In the days and weeks after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and closed down their land, sea, and air borders with the country, Tillerson made a series of phone calls urging Saudi officials not to take military action against the country. (...) Pressure from Tillerson caused Mohammed bin Salman, the de facto ruler of the country, to back down, concerned that the invasion would damage Saudi Arabia’s long-term relationship with the U.S. (...) Beginning in the fall of 2017, the crown princes in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi began lobbying the White House for Tillerson’s removal, according to the source close to the Emirati royal family and another source who is close to the Saudi royal family."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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