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"British Army’s exit from Germany delayed over Russia threat"

Die britische Regierung verzichtet der Sunday Times zufolge auf den geplanten Abzug von hunderten Soldaten aus Deutschland, um auch weiterhin eine "russische Aggression" abzuschrecken. "The defence secretary has decided to tear up plans to withdraw all forces from Germany by 2020, and will keep forward bases on the central European plain. Williamson will issue a stark warning to Vladimir Putin at the Conservative Party conference this month after intelligence chiefs and military commanders told him Russia was at its most dangerous since the end of the Cold War. More than 200 servicemen and 400 family members will not be coming home as planned in the next year. Those due to remain in Germany include an engineering regiment that is Nato’s leading unit for river crossings, enabling tanks to go into battle where bridges have been destroyed."

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"'Debt colonialism' fears as China puts $60bn into Africa"

China hat angekündigt, afrikanische Länder in den nächsten Jahren mit weiteren 60 Milliarden US-Dollar an Investitionen und Krediten zu unterstützen. Dabei betont Peking, dass die Investitionen im Gegensatz zu vielen westlichen Hilfen nicht an politische Vorbedingungen geknüpft werden. "Since 2000 China has extended $136 billion in loans to African governments and it now does three times more trade on the continent than the US. It may soon overtake the US as Africa’s primary aid donor after President Trump called for donations to be cut by 35 per cent to about $5.4 billion. Beijing says that it is working to a different model from western powers and dismisses criticism that its spending amounts to colonialism or a debt trap. 'China’s co-operation with Africa is clearly targeted at the major bottlenecks to development,' Mr Xi said. 'Resources for our co-operation are not to be spent on any vanity projects but in places where they count the most.' He touted China’s no-strings approach to investment, which western nations have sometimes linked to human rights or democracy."

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"Britain scraps controversial aid to Syrian rebel areas"

Die britische Regierung hat ein Hilfsprogramm für die syrischen Rebellen offiziell eingestellt. Nach Ansicht von Richard Spencer bestätigt dieser symbolische Schritt, dass der Krieg für die Rebellen effektiv verloren sei. "The last rebel area, which is centred on the province of Idlib on the Turkish border but also includes parts of west Aleppo, is expected to be attacked by Assad regime forces at any time. Sources say they accept that the decision may be overtaken by events. Few expect the rebels to be able to resist the combined weight of Syrian troops, Shia militias supplied by Iran, and Russian and Syrian jets. The police scheme has been condemned in any case. A BBC Panorama programme last December said that the multimillion-pound project was being used to fund police answerable to the jihadist forces that were controlling much of the region."

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"US to sanction Russia over Skripal poisoning"

Die US-Regierung hat angekündigt, Russland wegen der Vergiftung des russischen Ex-Spions Sergei Skripal und dessen Tochter im britischen Salisbury mit neuen Sanktionen zu bestrafen. "The sanctions, expected to be export bans on sensitive national security technology and goods to Russia, will take effect later this month. A second, more punitive set may follow 'if the executive branch cannot certify that Russia is no longer using chemical weapons or provide reliable assurances that it will not use it in the future', a State Department official said. The actions were designed to put a 'sliding scale of pressure' on Russia to prove its compliance with the international ban on the use of chemical weapons. The sanctions could have an impact on trade worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They could affect 70 per cent of the Russian economy and 40 per cent of the workforce, the official said, as they will apply to all state-owned and state-funded enterprises. Russia has repeatedly denied involvement in the attack on the Skripals."

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"Italy revives Gaddafi deal to reduce migration"

Um die Migration aus dem Süden einzuschränken, will die italienische Regierung die Vereinbarung mit Libyen aus dem Jahr 2008 neu aufleben lassen, berichtet Tom Kington aus Rom. "Italy’s new populist government has revived a 2008 deal promising $5 billion in reparations to Libya to stop migrants sailing across the Mediterranean. Enzo Moavero Milanesi, the Italian foreign minister, called the deal significant and promising after a meeting in Tripoli with Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of Libya’s UN-backed government, at the weekend. The agreement was forged by Silvio Berlusconi and Colonel Gaddafi, but lapsed when the Libyan dictator was overthrown and killed in 2011. Its revival reflects Italy’s intense efforts to persuade Libya to reduce the number of migrants, which has caused rifts between EU member states and prompted a surge in populism."

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"Taliban’s best fighters being trained by Iran"

Der Iran habe auf die zunehmenden Spannungen mit den USA offenbar mit einer verstärkten Unterstützung der Taliban in Afghanistan reagiert, berichtet Anthony Loyd aus Kabul. Hunderte Kämpfer sind demnach von iranischen Spezialeinheiten ausgebildet worden. "The scale, quality and length of the training is unprecedented and marks not only a shift in the proxy conflict between the US and Iran inside Afghanistan, but also a potential change in Iran’s ability and will to affect the outcome of the Afghan war. A political adviser to the Taliban at its Quetta Shura headquarters in Pakistan said: 'The Iranian offer of training came with two demands: that we should put more focus on attacking American and Nato interests in Afghanistan, and devote more forces to attacking the Daesh [Isis].'"

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"Secret files prove Iran is trying to build bomb, claims Israel"

Israel hat neue Geheimdokumente veröffentlicht, die belegen sollen, dass der Iran die Atomwaffenforschung keineswegs aufgegeben hat. Roger Boyes schreibt, dass damit der Druck auf Europa verstärkt werden soll, um das Atomabkommen mit dem Iran endgültig scheitern zu lassen. "One of the key documents, seen by The Times, is a memorandum that formally hands responsibility for the production of weapons-grade enriched uranium to the Iranian defence ministry. This and other written orders are part of a cache of 100,000 files snatched from a Tehran warehouse by agents of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, in January. Some of the haul is being made available to the security services of Britain, France and Germany before this week’s trip to Europe by Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister."

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"Dead Isis fighters left to rot in wreckage of Mosul"

Neun Monate nach dem Sieg über den IS in Mossul sei von einem Wiederaufbau der irakischen Stadt kaum etwas zu erkennen, berichtet Richard Spencer in seiner Reportage. Selbst die Überreste getöteter IS-Kämpfer seien noch nicht eingesammelt worden. "It is nine months since Haider al-Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, declared Mosul’s 'liberation', and the bodies are still there. It took four months for Ms Husseini to realise that she would have to do it herself. It was another two before she managed to get council permits. Since they started in January, she and a small team of volunteers have collected 650 corpses from the wreckage of the Old City. She estimates that at least 1,000 remain, an entirely believable figure based on the ranks of collapsed and still unexamined houses, as well as the examples that lie openly in view."

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"Theresa May under pressure to join strikes on Assad in Syria"

Wird sich Großbritannien an einem amerikanischen Militärschlag in Syrien beteiligen? Die Times berichtet, dass Offizielle und Berater von Premierministerin May fürchten, im Falle einer britischen Verweigerung politischen Einfluss in Washington zu verlieren. "As Britain prepared options including the use of Tomahawk missiles, senior figures warned that it risked losing influence in Washington to France if it turned down a request by President Trump to join a retaliatory strike. Yesterday Mr Trump promised to respond 'forcefully' to the use of a chemical thought to be chlorine. President Macron of France was said by Whitehall sources to be 'egging on' Mr Trump. They acknowledged that Downing Street had been left embarrassed as Mrs May was still waiting to speak to Mr Trump last night while the two presidents spoke on Sunday — the day after the Douma attack."

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"Sergei and Yulia Skripal offered new identities with CIA help"

Der frühere russische Doppelagent Sergei Skripal und seine Tochter Yulia werden mit Hilfe der CIA eine neue Identität erhalten und künftig wohl in den USA leben, berichtet die Sunday Times. "Security sources said Britain would want to ensure their safety by relocating them with one of the 'five eyes' countries, the intelligence-sharing partnership that also includes America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 'The obvious place to resettle them is in America, because they’re less likely to be killed there and it’s easier to protect them there under a new identity,' an intelligence source familiar with the negotiations added."

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"Russian tech firm Kaspersky Lab exposes America’s anti-jihad mission"

Das russische IT-Sicherheitsunternehmen Kaspersky hat seine Kunden vor einer Schadsoftware gewarnt, die offenbar von den USA verbreitet wurde, um islamische Extremisten im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika zu überwachen. Einige Experten halten die Enthüllung nicht für zufällig. "The disclosure that the malware Kaspersky identified was an undercover US defence initiative is likely to arouse suspicions that it was deliberately exposed, although the motive would be unclear as Russia is also attacked by Islamic fundamentalists. Jake Williams, a researcher at Rendition Infosec, an American cybersecurity company, said: 'I would be surprised if Kaspersky and Russian intelligence hadn’t assessed with high confidence that the Slingshot group was the US. I don’t think we can prove the report was released for the purposes of counterintelligence, but if Russian intelligence knew or assessed that Slingshot was the US, outing the group through a third party is certainly Russian modus operandi.'"

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"Extremists should lose access to their children, says Scotland Yard chief"

Muslimischen Familien mit extremistischen Überzeugungen sollte in Großbritannien das Sorgerecht für ihre Kinder entzogen werden können, so die Forderung des scheidenden Chefs der Anti-Terror-Abteilung bei Scotland Yard, Mark Rowley. "Mr Rowley, who spoke to reporters before giving his final public speech at the Policy Exchange think tank in London, said: 'We still see cases where parents convicted of terrorist-related offences, including radicalisers, retain care of their own children,' he said. 'If you know parents are interested in sex with children or if you know parents believe that people of their faith or their belief should hate everybody else and grow up to kill people, for me those things are equally wicked environments to expose children to.'"

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"Pentagon prepares massive onslaught against Taliban"

Das Pentagon will der kommenden Frühjahrsoffensive der Taliban in Afghanistan in diesem Jahr mit eigenen "massiven" Operationen entgegentreten, berichtet Michael Evans. Einige Politiker und Experten zweifelten allerdings an den Erfolgsaussichten des erneuten Versuchs, die Taliban militärisch in die Knie zu zwingen. "Some of the finest US military brains have put their mind to countering the insurgents — General David Petraeus and General Stanley McChrystal among them. Yet the Taliban appear to be as strong as ever and able to strike in the heart of Afghanistan’s capital city. Much to the surprise of some of his closest advisers, President Trump vowed to have one more go at succeeding where Presidents Obama and George W Bush failed. He was persuaded by the current commander in Kabul, General John Nicholson, and by Jim Mattis, his defence secretary, that it was wrong to abandon Afghanistan, and that a more tailored military strategy, supported by extra troops, more bombers and additional special forces could make the difference."

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"Isis exploits chaos to hit back in Iraq and Syria"

Die einstigen Verbündeten im Kampf gegen den "Islamischen Staat" in Syrien und Irak bekämpfen sich mittlerweile gegenseitig. Die britische Times berichtet, dass dies von der Terrormiliz für ein "Comeback" genutzt wird. "Islamic State has seized its chance to regroup and launch attacks in Iraq and Syria as sectarian conflicts divide the forces that once fought together to defeat the jihadists. The terrorist group has been launching daily attacks since October, and has returned to fight against the Assad regime in northwestern Syria, from where it was driven out more than two years ago. (...) The terrorist group has been building up its power in Iraq and Syria ever since the Kurdish peshmerga and the Iraqi government’s forces, which were both trained by the US-led coalition and had worked to take territories from Isis, turned their guns on each other in the disputed city of Kirkuk in October."

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"Syria government forces move in to crush rebel bastion of Idlib"

Syrische Regierungstruppen haben mit russischer Luftunterstützung eine lange erwartete Offensive gegen die größte verbliebene Rebellenbastion in Idlib begonnen, berichtet Richard Spencer. "Pro-regime forces led by President Assad’s most successful general, Suheil al-Hassan, have already stormed a number of key towns and villages in Idlib province, in the northwest of the country. The general’s 'Tiger Forces' have emerged as the regime’s key strike unit, and troops that were facing Isis in the east have been transferred to the western front. Largely rural and tucked against the Turkish frontier, Idlib province was one of the original strongholds of the revolution against the regime. It is now controlled by a loose coalition of discordant rebel groups dominated by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former al-Qaeda offshoot known as the Nusra Front, and it is unlikely that any outside forces will come to their aid."

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"Muslim migrants behind rise in antisemitism"

Roger Boyes fordert, dass Europa und insbesondere Deutschland vor dem Antisemitismus vieler arabischer Einwanderer nicht die Augen verschließen dürfe. Bundeskanzlerin Merkel empfiehlt er dabei zwei konkrete Maßnahmen: "Angela Merkel may be confused by the competing need to defend the Jewish community in Germany and the desire to provide shelter to desperate people from the Middle East and other war zones. She cannot, however, duck the difficult choices. Here’s what she should do. First, make the granting of asylum conditional on full vetting of possible antisemitic attitudes. It is astonishing how little screening of refugees has been conducted so far. Second, allow — subject to other strict background checks — young families to join those who have been granted right of residence."

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"Hundreds of Isis widows trapped in Syria as caliphate falls"

In Syrien gebe es heute "hunderte" Frauen und Kinder getöteter IS-Kämpfer, deren Zukunft bisher ungeklärt sei, berichtet Anthony Loyd aus der syrischen Stadt Ain Issa. "Some countries have stepped forward to facilitate the repatriation of these foreign fighter families in what is essentially an international problem rather than a Syrian one. Yet many of the families themselves have not expressed any desire to return home. 'There is no established system or process to repatriate these foreign families from Syria, just a series of ad hoc efforts, sometimes by individual nations but more often the personal initiative by relatives of the families living abroad,' said Nadim Houry, director of Human Rights Watch’s terrorism and counterterrorism programme. 'It’s very confused. Many countries show no appetite at all to even engage with the issue.'"

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"Security services thwart 'Islamist plot to kill PM'"

Britischen Sicherheitskräften ist es offenbar gelungen, einen islamistischen Terroranschlag auf Premierministerin May zu verhindern. "Theresa May is understood to have been the focus of a suspected plot in which an Islamic State-inspired terrorist aimed to detonate a bomb outside No 10. The plan allegedly involved a knife attack on the Tory leader during the chaos after the bomb, sources said. It is one of nine alleged terror plots to have been thwarted since the Westminster Bridge attack in March and comes after Andrew Parker, head of MI5, warned of an unprecedented terror threat."

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"Surge of Isis fighters set to hit Europe, Turkey warns"

Die Türkei wirft der kurdischen Miliz YPG und den USA vor, hunderten IS-Kämpfern die Flucht aus Syrien ermöglicht zu haben. Viele der Extremisten seien auf Schmuggelpfaden in die Türkei gelangt und könnten nun unter falscher Identität weiter nach Europa reisen. "In an exclusive interview with The Times, one of those arrested said that hundreds of Isis fighters had exploited the well-established smuggling routes into Turkey. Saddam al-Hamadi, 26, said: 'I took advantage of that movement during the evacuation deal to get to Turkey. Lots of people were doing it, around half of them fighters and half of them civilians. It was an easy route to cross. Even if the YPG [the western-backed Syrian Kurdish militia] catch you, you will be held for ten or 15 days and then released.' His testimony adds to fears that Isis fighters who were allowed to leave Raqqa are now heading back to Europe to launch attacks."

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"Nato must stop growing if it wants to survive"

Roger Boyes empfiehlt der NATO in seinem Kommentar für die britische Times, angesichts der Herausforderungen durch die Türkei und Russland die seit 1991 verfolgte Erweiterungsstrategie aufzugeben. "The only way to stop the rot is for Nato to speak clearly to its challengers. To Erdogan, it should say that membership means respecting the contours of alliance policy. (...) The correct response to Putin, then, is a paradoxical one. It is to take seriously his fear of encirclement and end the process of Nato enlargement. To do so might appear to be handing Putin a gift, even acknowledging that he has some kind of sphere of interest. (...) Suspending all future Nato expansion is a way of adapting the institution to real-world dilemmas. It doesn’t mean shelving rigorous sanctions policies against Putin, and it doesn’t mean we should recognise his illegal annexation of Crimea. We have to resist his attempts to drive the US and Europe apart; that hits at the essence of Nato. But we have to accept a stark truth: an alliance of 29 members is close to breaking point."

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"Killing British jihadists 'is only option', says Rory Stewart"

Ein Staatssekretär des britischen Außenministeriums hat klargestellt, dass britische Mitglieder des "Islamischen Staates" in Syrien und Irak aus Sicht der Regierung in London getötet werden sollten. "Nearly all Britons who join Islamic State should be killed, the government made clear yesterday in a significant toughening of its line. Rory Stewart, a Foreign Office minister, confirmed a policy that could result in hundreds of British jihadist volunteers in Syria facing death rather than being spared to be put through the courts or stripped of citizenship. (...) The stance contrasts with that of Max Hill, QC, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, who said last week that returning Isis volunteers could be rehabilitated because they had been naive to go to Syria."

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"Iraqi PM sends troops to seize disputed city of Kirkuk"

Irakische Truppen haben auf Anordnung von Premierminister Abadi begonnen, die Kontrolle über die Stadt Kirkuk im Norden des Landes zu übernehmen und dabei kurdische Peschmerga-Einheiten zurückzutreiben. "Iraqi tanks rolled towards Kirkuk from the south shortly after midnight, attacking peshmerga forces on two fronts. There were exchanges of artillery fire at the Taza-Kirkuk intersection and Maryam Bag bridge in the southern suburbs. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said it had destroyed five Iraqi army Humvees (supplied by the US), and would continue to repel Baghdad’s advance into the city. 'Peshmerga will continue to defend Kurdistan, its people and interests. This was an unprovoked attack following days of Iraqi military deployments to Kurdistan’s borders,' said the Kurdistan Region security council in a statement on Twitter."

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"SAS to join Donald Trump’s Afghanistan troop surge"

Die britische Spezialeinheit SAS wird sich der Times zufolge an der von US-Präsident Trump angekündigten Verschärfung des Militäreinsatzes in Afghanistan beteiligen. "The SAS has been readied to return to Afghanistan in significant numbers as part of Donald Trump’s planned military surge after British intelligence helped persuade the US to step up the fight against the Taliban. Senior sources in the military and Whitehall say Theresa May is prepared to approve a surge of special forces personnel to hunt down Taliban leaders and the Isis and al-Qaeda militants they are sheltering."

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"EU’s failure over illegal migrants fuels crisis"

Die europäische Flüchtlingskrise wird nach Überzeugung von Experten in Brüssel auch durch die Probleme europäischer Regierungen bei der Abschiebung abgelehnter Asylbewerber verschärft, heißt es in einem weiteren Beitrag der britischen Times zum Thema. "An economic migrant who survives the journey across the Mediterranean has a 73 per cent chance of remaining in the EU even if served with an order to leave, official statistics show. Less than a third of those told to leave are removed, creating an incentive for economic migrants to join refugees striving to reach Europe. (...) One EU diplomat working on migration said: 'The inability of EU governments to enforce deportations is the biggest pull factor. If people know that as illegal immigrants they have a 70 per cent-plus chance of being able to stay, even if ordered to leave, then it is hardly surprising people get into the boats.' David Wood, former director-general of immigration enforcement at the Home Office, said: '[In] reality ... the vast majority stay here, regardless of the merits of their application.'"

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"Europe under threat from terrorists posing as migrants"

Der amtierende libysche Premierminister Faiez Serraj hat der britischen Times gegenüber davor gewarnt, dass die Bedrohung durch Extremisten, die als Flüchtlinge getarnt unkontrolliert nach Europa kommen, weiter ansteigen werde. Der Beitrag der Times ist Teil einer neuen Artikelserie über die angespannte Situation an der Grenze Südeuropas zu Afrika. "The Times begins a series of reports today from Africa and southern Europe based on scores of interviews with political leaders, migrants, charity chiefs and citizens on the front line, revealing the scale of the problems in the EU and on its borders. The coverage includes: - Clear evidence of a modern-day slave trade on Libya’s migrant routes. - A warning that Italy’s 'social and democratic fabric' is under threat amid growing public intolerance towards migrants and a rise in support for anti-migrant parties. - A Libyan five-point plan for the EU to help to solve the crisis, including help to police its southern border, which is supported by Italy. - Signs of the deep resentment in Rome and Tripoli, where leaders accuse Brussels of abandoning them."

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"Isis and Taliban join forces to murder hated Shia minority"

Die Taliban und der "Islamische Staat" haben in Afghanistan ihre Kooperation bei der Verfolgung von Angehörigen der schiitischen Minderheit der Hazara angekündigt. "Islamic State commanders in Afghanistan have said that they will sanction joint attacks with the rival Taliban to target the Hazara Shia minority, which is hated by both groups. Last week Taliban insurgents and fighters loyal to a commander who has switched to Isis co-ordinated their operations to massacre more than 50 civilians at Sayad district in the northern province of Sar-e-Pul, which Afghan forces are fighting to retake. The Hazara in Sayad found themselves under attack from both groups. As militants broke through after a two-day battle, civilians trying to flee were stopped and rounded up. Dozens of men, women and children were killed. Several were beheaded. Escaping civilians have told of a mass grave in the district where at least a dozen bodies were dumped after the massacre."

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"Fears over warning system as more known extremists slip through net"

Die meisten der bekannten Täter der drei letzten Terroranschläge in Großbritannien seien den Sicherheitsbehörden bereits bekannt gewesen, stellt Sean O’Neill fest. Nun stelle sich die Frage, ob die Behörden überhaupt in der Lage seien, die 23.000 identifizierten potentiellen Terroristen im Land tatsächlich im Auge zu behalten. "Theresa May’s warning to counterterrorism agencies that they must 'keep up' with the rapidly changing threat is understood to be directed at a pattern of cases in which terrorists appear to have slipped through the security net. Police and MI5 set up Project Danube in 2013 to develop an alert system for when low-priority suspects were at risk of re-engaging in violent extremism. Events since March have found that programme seriously wanting."

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"Sweeping surveillance powers will ban complete encryption"

Die britische Regierung plant der Sunday Times zufolge ein neues Sicherheitsgesetz, das die wirksame Verschlüsselung von Daten verbieten und die umfassende Überwachung britischer Bürger im Internet erlauben würde. "The draft legislation, which was leaked by the Open Rights Group, a campaigning organisation, would force internet, telephone and other communications companies to provide rolling access to the messages of any named person within one working day. A large number of people could be subjected to simultaneous surveillance, but it would be limited to one in every 10,000 of a service’s users, enabling about 6,500 individuals to be monitored. It would need to be sanctioned by a secretary of state and a judge appointed by the prime minister. The rules specifically cover encrypted content, which means that companies would no longer be able to offer true end-to-end encryption of users’ messages."

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"350 returning jihadists pose terror threat to UK"

Britische Sicherheitsdienste haben der Times zufolge 350 mutmaßliche Dschihadisten identifiziert, von denen seit ihrer Rückkehr aus Syrien eine potentielle Terrorgefahr ausgehe. "The disclosure of a precise figure exposes the scale of the challenge facing counterterrorism agencies. Keeping one person under round-the-clock surveillance requires between 24 and 30 police or intelligence officers. All those returning from Syria have been assessed. While some are disillusioned with extremism and pose no danger, a large number have been trained in the use of firearms and explosives and are indoctrinated with the ideology of Islamic State. The returning foreign fighters, when added to the names on existing watchlists, have put huge strain on security resources. Many cannot be prosecuted through the courts because the information identifying them has been obtained through covert means and is inadmissible, or would endanger human sources if disclosed. The jihadists create an extra, and more lasting, dimension to the security problem because they are capable of radicalising impressionable youths."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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