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Coming Of Age

Demokratie für alle? Kenia

Von der Unabhängigkeit über die Diktatur zum Mehrparteiensystem: Eine Frau schildert Kenias Weg zur Demokratie und erinnert sich dabei an ihr eigenes Erwachsenwerden.

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Seeking Refuge (OmeU)

describes the struggles of coming to terms with his father’s death, as well as settling into a new country ... continues to suffer from the effects of being separated from her at a young age, but is supported by her ... "Seeking Refuge" is a series of animated documentaries exploring the experiences of five young

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3  Country Profile 14: Mexico

Challenges and Future Developments

National Population Council estimates that the rate of growth of the working age population (ages 15-59) is ... slowing and that it will begin to shrink in 2027. Nevertheless, a quarter of the working age population ... fewer young people enter the workforce in coming years. Demographic changes Demographic growth in

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4  Country Profile 19: Ireland

Immigration by Nationality

national groups. In the late 1980s around 65 per cent of the immigrants coming to Ireland were returning ... White, while Black, Asian and other ethnicities accounted for just 1 per cent each. Of the respondents ... The various phases of recent immigration to Ireland have been strongly associated with particular

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What Consequences Does the Increase of the World Population Have for Migration Patterns?

and 10.9 billion by 2100. The development of the earth’s population signifies two trends in the coming ... rather increase in the coming decades in light of the population growth in these regions. In the future ... Commuters in a train station in Mumbai, India. Projections of population growth According to

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6  Dual citizenship


should not be obliged to choose one of two citizenships upon coming of age. In August 2009, the then ... Recently, the Intercultural Council, an association of individuals and organisations promoting ... prominent representatives of politics, trade unions, academia and civil society demand that young adults

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Newsletter Oktober 2018

im Blick hat, laufen im Kino derzeit spannende Coming-of-Age-Filme für Jugendliche. Die 13-jährige

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8  teamGLOBAL - Themen - Ökonomie - Szenarien

Energy Needs, Choices and Possibilities

Geist eines neuen Zeitalters (The Spirit of the Coming Age) In diesem Szenario sind vor allem die ... noch einmal mindestens verdoppeln wird. Szenario 1: Bekannte Dynamiken (Dynamics as usual) Eine Welt

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9  Does Germany Need Labour Migration?

How acute are shortages in Germany?

workers increased by 180%. Demand will continue to grow in the coming years, even in the event of economic ... ageing populations and the growing importance of the tertiary sector will also create rising demand for ... experience a significant increase in the old age dependency rate – i.e. the ratio of economically active to

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10  Country profile 22


Switzerland between 10 and 20 years of age are counted double. Unlike in the 19th century, naturalization is ... citizenship. Since the revision of the law in 1992 this is no longer the case. Only since the coming into ... in Switzerland to introduce jus soli, at the beginning of the 20th century, for example, to this day

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11  Rede von Thomas Krüger (09.05.2014)

The First World War - Speech given by Thomas Krüger at the “Conference Debate Europe 14|14”

World War. He reached 111 years of age. It was not until his 100th birthday that Harry was able to talk ... died. He was 113 years of age and at that time the oldest surviving soldier of the First World War. He ... Participants and guests of HistoryCampus, our Federal Foreign Minister, Dr. Steinmeier, In July

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12  Jacqueline Bhabha

Contemporary Human Rights Protections for Child Migrants

and Coming of Age in America. Oakland: University of California Press. Human Rights Watch (2018 ... agency are the demonstrations by Afghan youth in Sweden, the engagement of migrant and refugee youth in ... , sizeable numbers of children and adolescents participate in cross-border migration. Their circumstances are

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13  Evelyn Ersanilli

Immigration Policy

must have an employment contract for at least one year and be at least 21 years of age. The spouse who ... to the Netherlands for the purposes of family migration (formation or reunification) now need to pass ... a Dutch language and culture proficiency test in the country of residence. Aliens Act of 2000 In

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14  Hochqualifizierte


-skilled worker – be lowered for people below a certain age limit. Whether or not a lowering of this salary ... The preceding points have highlighted the subtle and complex nature of the factors that shape and ... influence the mobility of early career scientists. A better understanding of the issues faced by these

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15  "The Celluloid Curtain" Documentation

The Cold War in the Cinema: The Boom in Spy Films in the 1960s, its Causes and Implications

confrontation between the two world systems. 1. Politics and entertainment: the rise of the Spy Thriller It ... The remarkable history of the spy genre from the late 19th century onwards, is due to two closely ... linked developments: the involvement of increasing numbers of ordinary people in the political process

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