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A symposium on the phenomenon of CORRUPTION

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Corruption is a highly complex social phenomenon that defies clear definition. In the long term, corruption in all its various forms is certain to negatively affect modernisation and transformation processes and to produce inequality. Corruption is present in various qualities and quantities around the world – in eastern European countries it is part of everyday life, both in the public and private sector. Although it affects many areas of life, and despite it being culturally conditioned, corruption is often reduced to its economic and political dimensions. Analysis of the phenomena of corruption therefore often excludes questions such as where the historical roots of corruption lie, what social framework conditions enable corruption, and what shapes, structures and patterns corruption is currently taking in politics and society. How are the oligarchy and corruption linked in Ukraine, for example? How does state corruption operate in different countries and how are (civil) societies responding to this? What is the role of traditional and digital media in the so-called fight against corruption? And what forms of artistic reception, narratives and narrative strategies have arisen as a result?

The international symposium IRRESISTIBLE? on 16 – 18 June 2017 in Berlin, intends to fill these gaps. It takes a multi-perspective view of corruption, focusing not only on political and economic aspects, but also on social, cultural, historical, religious, artistic, philosophical, civic and journalism-related dimensions.The symposium introduces the topic and offers the opportunity to engage with experts from corruption research and the fight against corruption. The symposium is also an educational platform and means of exchange for young target groups and multipliers from Eastern partnership countries and Europe.

Building on an exchange between disciplines and actors, IRRESISTIBLE? sensitises a broad range of target groups to the phenomenon of corruption in the countries of the Eastern partnership and Germany. It communicates the phenomenon of corruption through interdisciplinary approaches and formats that are being created in collaboration between different actors. The international symposium will be accompanied by a cultural programme of movies, exhibitions and performances in Ukraine and Moldova, implemented by the cooperation partner Goethe Institute Ukraine. The artistic approaches in public spaces and in different regions link various positions, making them and their respective interconnections and contexts legible to a broad audience. Parts of the cultural approaches will be presented and discussed during the symposium. IRRESISTIBLE? highlights the global dimensions of corruption and points to the multiple interdependencies between a range of actors from the political, economic and cultural sphere and civil society.

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16.06.2017,09:00 until 18.06.2017,13:30


dbb forum berlin GmbH
Friedrichstraße 169
10117 Berlin


IRRESISTIBLE? is a cooperation project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Goethe Institute Ukraine, supported by the Federal Foreign Office.


There is no conference fee. Travel expenses will be reimbursed, participants are accommodated in a central hotel and integrated into all offered activities. The symposium will be held in English / German with simultaneous translation. The optional pre-conference workshops on Friday, 16 June, will be held in English only, without translation.


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