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1918-1938-2018: Beginnt ein autoritäres Jahrhundert? Dawn of an Authoritarian Century?

March 1938: Rally of national socialists in Innsbruck, Austria, supporting the „Anschluss“ of Austria.March 1938: Rally of national socialists in Innsbruck, Austria, supporting the „Anschluss“ of Austria. (© picture-alliance, IMAGNO)

The year 2018 will see the commemoration of several important historical events from recent European history, remembered with varying degrees of intensity: the end of the First World War (1918); the "Anschluss" of Austria, already eroded by Austro-fascism; the destruction of the democratic Czechoslovakia through the Munich Agreement; and the escalating disenfranchisement and discrimination against Jews in National Socialist Germany, which led to the orchestrated violence of the November pogrom ("Kristallnacht") in 1938.

In the context of recent developments that have seen an undermining of parliamentary democracy, different aspects of the historical events in question will be focused on over the course of four half days, incorporating longitudinal and cross-sectional studies and the shifting spatial and geopolitical perspectives:

  • Session 1: Political Culture in Europe 1918 to 1939
  • Session 2: The Escalating Persecution of Jews and Aggressive National Socialist Expansion Policies 1938
  • Session 3: Democracy and Authoritarianism 1918 to 2018. A Longue Durée Perspective
  • Session 4: The Future of Democracy in the 21st Century
We invite academics and experts from the field of political education and artists and activists who work in projects relating to fascism, anti-fascism, authoritarianism and the promotion of democracy to submit a presentation for the conference. Submissions from a wide range of academic disciplines are welcome, in particular from the fields of history, law, political sciences, sociology, European ethnology, cultural and social anthropology. To apply, please send an abstract of your contribution (incl. the title) of no more than 1500 characters (incl. spaces) and a brief résumé of no more than one A4 page to the following address:

The submission deadline is 15th April 2018. Submissions can be in German or English. The conference language is English and presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the selection process in May 2018.

For more information and the full call visit

Call for papers

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04.09.2018 until 07.09.2018


Schloss Eckartsau
2305 Eckartsau


scholars, journalists and the wider public.


Federal Agency for Civic Education, Bonn
Department of Contemporary History of the University of Vienna


fee: 30 Euro
Submissions for panel presentations can be sent by e-mail ( until March 31st, 2018. The full Call for Papers can be found here (link follows shortly). Applicants will be informed of the decision of the conference committee in May 2018.

The conference language is English. We accept submissions in English and German.


for further information:


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