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Youth Democracy Award 2016 | HIER GEHT ES NICHT MIT RECHTEN DINGEN ZU! – Your project against right-wing populism in everyday life

+++ Apply now! | Application deadline on 15 April 2016 | The winner project will be honoured with 3000 Euros +++

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education will continue awarding the “Youth Democracy Award” in 2016. This year, the focus is on projects which are created to raise awareness against right wing populism in every day life.

Democracy is challenged in these days: anti-democratic slogans, xenophobia and electoral success of right-wing parties have become present not only in Germany but in many European countries. This is why we would like to award a project in 2016 which sets an example against this rising tendency and shows that respect and tolerance are important values it is worth standing up for. The decision about the winner will be made by a youth jury consisting of 15 students aged 14 - 27 from all over Germany. They will discuss and honour the project which has the most convincing and sustainable impact on the key topic.

Applicants will be informed about the decision in June 2016. The three most outstanding projects will be awarded in Bonn between September and December 2016 when the price ceremony of the International Democracy Award also takes places.

The application deadline is on 15th April 2016.


  • You are 14 up to 27 years old and organize your project mainly by yourself. You may be supported by grown-ups who work on a full-time basis.
  • You want to do social work and motivate other young people for political questions. Therefore you play an active role in your project.
  • Your project could be an (international) youth event, a political media project, a tournament, a community centre for youth or something that is totally different. We are looking for creative, innovative ideas!
  • Your project is mainly related to democratic work, due to the award’s main emphasis is on civic education. It should cause a sustainable impact on democratic structures or it should put down a marker against racism.
  • Your project could last a day, a few months or several years. But all projects mustn’t be finished before 17th May 2015.
  • Your project comes from a European country (EU and non-EU)
  • Your aims and ideals are in accord with basic democratic values.
  • A non-profit background is a must. Those projects that are financed by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb) are not allowed to apply.
We would appreciate …
  • Projects which are organized by youth only.
  • New ideas, creativity and surprising approaches.
  • A project team that organizes voluntarily and enthusiastically.
  • Projects which achieve much with few resources.
  • Not only you but other young people get involved in some way.
  • Incomplete applications will be dismissed. Therefore, it is important to answer every question carefully.
  • Only the application will be taken into account. We can’t take further material into consideration.
  • Those applications that strongly disregard of the guideline (e.g. in terms of words) will be dismissed.
  • Applications must be handed in in German or English. It’s possible to send them either via e-mail or online form.
  • Assessment will be done by 20 young professionals that are involved in youth projects themselves. In case that a juror is involved in an applying project, he/she will not rate this project.
Application form youth democracy award 2016 (docx-file)

Applications must be sent by 15th April 2016 at the latest to Svetlana Alenitskaya,

If you have any questions, please contact:
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Svetlana Alenitskaya

The award

One could think that there are thousands of awards honoring persuading youth projects. That is true, but the Youth Democracy Award differs from all the other awards. In 2008 some young heads became the brain behind the youth democracy award. The most of them took part in projects of the Federal Agency for Civic Education somehow. They decided to initiate an award revolutionizing everything they had heard about prizes before. This is what we do different:
  1. The Youth Democracy Award is bestowed by young people for youth. The jury consists of young people who are between 16 and 27 years old and differ among social backgrounds.
  2. Mainly projects that will reinforce democracy in Germany or Europe should be awarded. We think that youth projects are often underestimated and we do think that this view should be changed.
  3. We are convinced that one should know which aspects will be rewarded. Therefore, we've introduced high transparency for our rating criteria.
Furthermore there has been the International Democracy Award, which is given to outstanding personalities and organisations since 2009 in Bonn/Germany. It immediately suggests itself to take this award as a role model for our youth award. This idea was the first spark of the Youth Democracy Award that will be given by youth and the Federal Agency for Civic Education for the 7th time in 2016.

It could be worth to contest: The winner project gains 3.000 euros.

The award will be announced every or every second year in January – the exact time depends on our cooperation with the International Democracy Award Bonn and on the young jury members. The deadline for applications will be about March/April each year. Afterwards the jury is in charge: We’ll read every single application carefully, will discuss it in detail and rate all of them online. Finally we will find our amazing winner project during a conference.

At the moment we brood on a new concept that will also allow pupils to get involved in the rating process. Therefore, we established cooperations with schools in Bonn/Germany (due to the fact that the Federal Agency for Civic Education is located in Bonn).

On the paper the decision process will be like the following: We are going to choose three finalists by may 2016. After that we`ll present those three projects / initiatives / events to pupils at several schools. The presentation will be linked to a one day workshop dealing with youth participation and in the end it’s the pupils’ turn. They will be asked to vote for their favorite finalist. There is a great advantage: Even more young people will be part of the selection process. This is another step towards even more youth participation. Disadvantages? We can’t think of any so far. But we still have to negotiate with schools …

In conclusion: It remains exciting in 2016!

Now it's your turn! Convince your team members that it’s worth applying. Show us your peaceful work against racism and hate. We are looking forward to get hands on your application!




Cooperation Partner:

Internationaler Demokratiepreis Bonn e.V.



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