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Youth Democracy Award 2019: The European IDEA - IDEAL or DEAD?

Get up to 500€ to realize your project for the European Parliament Elections 2019!

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Brexit, disputes on the migration question and low voter turnouts in former European Parliament elections - Some people say the European Idea is dead. Others think the European Idea is an ideal we just did not achieve yet, thus must work harder on doing so. Or is maybe everything fine just the way it is?

In 2019, many decisions will be made in the EU. From 23rd to 26th of May, it’s EU election time. Many opportunities are open, many changes are possible. It is on us to decide what kind of Europe we want for the future. But how should this future look like? Do we need more or less EU? What does the European Idea mean to you?

To find an answer to this question, the Youth Jury of the Youth Democracy Award is looking for projects from young people for young people, focusing on the EU elections and/ or the European Idea. We encourage you to hold dialog about the European elections and promote voting. We encourage you to discuss the EU and EU related topics. Whether it is a podium discussions, readings, poster campaigns, demonstrations, videos, concerts, theater plays, flashmobs or art projects making people think about the EU - Go for it!

We are excited…!

And you can be excited as well - additional to the 500€ support you’ll have the chance to win the youth democracy award, depending on the report you’ll hand in after finishing your project.

The Youth Democracy Award consists of two parts:

  • A competition of youth projects to win sponsorship (Deadline: 01.05.2019)
  • and subsequent selection of the 2019 Youth Democracy Award laureate among the promoted projects, including a bonus of 3.000€.
That means, you apply for a funding first. After you have been accepted for the funding and you finished your project successfully, you will write a report. This report serves as an application for the Youth Democracy Award as well. You cannot apply for the Youth Democracy Award without being accepted for the 500€ funding.

What can be promoted?
We promote project ideas that follow our guidelines. They are selected by the Youth jury panel of the Youth Democracy Award.

Who can be promoted?
You can apply as an individual or as a team. You may not be older than 25 years. Additionally, you need a legally capable, adult person (18 years or older) who is responsible for your project and the management of financial means. This can also be done by people who are not directly involved in your project, e.g. your parents or teacher.

How much money is connected to the sponsorship?
Projects and campaigns can get up to 500€.

How can I apply?
Now! You can apply from now on and continuoesly. The application deadline will end on 1st May, 2019. Until 1st July 2019, projects have to be put into practice and a settlement of the costs must be sent to the Federal Agency of Civic Education. Any deviation from this deadline must be explicitly approved by the Federal Agency.

How do we support you?
The financial means connected with the sponsorship is generated from taxes of civilians of the Federal Republic of Germany. This money has to be administered carefully and we expect you to spend it in an adequate manner.

The financial volume you receive will be oriented on the calculation of costs you have to fill in in the application form. This means that you have to state accurately what you need financial support for. We transfer the respective, earmarked sum to the legally responsible person. They will also receive an official receipt.

You are obliged to keep track of all your spendings. Therefore, collect all bills, invoices etc. to send them to us afterwards.

The final volume of our financial support is linked to your real expenses. If your project requires less money than calculated in the application form, the sponsorship will be reduced respectively. The legally responsible person will receive an invoice and must pay back the difference, if necessary.

After finalization of the project, a report is to be turned in. This report is part of the final financial settlement. It will also be posted on the website of the Federal Agency for Civic Education to show your project and achievements. Therefore, we embrace you to send us photos and videos of your project! Please keep in mind to get a formal, written consent to publish this material by all the people that are on it. On the basis of your report, the Youth Democracy Award 2019 winner will be chosen. Therefore, your photos and videos will not be considered.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) will use your email-addresses, names and the other contact details for dealing with your project applications and your reports accordingly to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. e of GDPR and within the meaning of German law § 3 BDSG ((BDSG = Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, [German] Federal Data Protection)).

Please find here the detailed privacy statement of the Federal Agency for Civic Education incl. the probands' data protection rights

Your personal related details will be used only within the Federal Agency for Civic Education. We assure you that we will use your data only within the framework of the bpb work and not for commercial objectives and will be destroyed after the end of the project.

Guidelines for promotion:
  • Projects that focus on the european idea, especially in connection with this year’s election of the European Parliament, will be promoted
  • Projects must be developed by adolescents under 25 years (with support by teachers, if necessary)
  • Applications can be filed by people that are 25 years old or younger. We need a completely filled in application form and cost calculation. For every project, an adult, legally capable person must be named to be responsible for the project and financial affairs. This person can also file the application.
  • After we receive your application, you’ll receive a confirmation via Email. If you didn’t get one after 5 days after your application, please contact us immediately!
  • If possible, a member of the selection panel will visit you and your projects personally. Additionally, you can ask for support and evaluation of your project by the jury.
  • Your projects have to be in alignment with democratic values (with the Basic Constitutional Law of the Federal Republic of Germany).
  • Your involvement in the project must be on a non-paid, voluntary basis.
  • The maximum financial volume for sponsorship is 500,00€.
  • Equipment acquisition (electronical devices etc.) can only be supported in exceptional cases.
  • Once your project is selected by the jury, the responsible person named on the application form will receive an official receipt with further information. Additionally, they must send in a copy of their ID. The copy will be deleted after the finalization and financial report of your project.
  • After finalization of the projects, a report has to be written. You’ll get a form for this after the confirmation that your project has been selected. On the basis of this report, the winner of the 2019 Youth Democracy Award will be chosen.
The Youth Democracy Award 2019 laureate will be chosen in August 2019. The award will be confered at the Youth Congress of the Federal Agency of Civic Education in Bochum (Germany) on 01. - 03.11.2019.




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This is an initiative of the Youth Democracy Award ( and a project of the German Federal Agency of Civic Education and Gemeinsam Europa gestalten e.V. (GeG e.V.)



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Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Svetlana Alenitskaya
Fachbereich Veranstaltungen
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