Rasenstück mit Sonderbriefmarke zur Fußball WM 2006 in Deutschland. Auf der Briefmarke ist das Maskottchen Goleo im Trikot der deutschen Nationalmannschaft zu sehen.


"A dream has come true"

Rowland Issifu Alhassan, Ambassador of Ghana in the Federal Republic of Germany

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Ghana has been a football country for a long time. We dominated the African Football Cup three times. But somehow we weren't able to win for the fourth time and keep the cup, but we are coming back. We usually are the football power in Africa. But after some time ago we came down. So, it is now a dream coming true that we have qualified for the World Cup for the first time, and everybody is very excited at home. According to expectations we will – on a minimum basis - pass the group stage. Maximum: We will play the cup final versus Germany.

I think it is the most popular game, you know, unlike other games. This is a street game and all the children who were born can start playing football. So football is the most popular game, in every school or village you can play football, so it really is a very popular game in Ghana.

Concerning the formal organisation: We have the sports council and we have the Ghana Football Association which caters for football alone, but the sports council is set up by the government to support sports in general.

Football is much older than only 20 years. For example: Anthony Yeboah was first a no-name in Germany, but then he belonged to the most adored players in Germany playing for Eintracht Frankfurt. But Yeboah has been out of the football sports for some time now, actually more than twenty years. So you can see how much time has been passed. In the meantime we have already produced further star players. We have Essien who plays for Chelsea, we have Appiah who plays for one of the Turkish clubs and we have Kuffour who was playing for Bayern Munich as a defense player.

Redaktion: Marcus Pawelczyk
Kamera und Schnitt: Jovan Arsenic
Das Interview entstand auf dem Africafestival in Würzburg vom 25. bis 28. Mai 2006.