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US-Soldaten in Afghanistan

The Associated Press


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"NATO leader: Allies need to stand together amid sub flap"


NATO-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg habe beim U-Boot-Streit zwischen Australien, Großbritannien, den USA und Frankreich nicht Partei ergriffen, beobachtet Jennifer Peltz. "With some powerful NATO allies at odds over a submarine sale, the alliance's leader suggested Tuesday that members need to focus on 'the big picture' and not let the dispute between France and the U.S. and Britain open an ongoing rift. (…) Stoltenberg said he was confident that France, the U.K. and the U.S. 'will find a way forward and to not make this disagreement create lasting problems for the alliance, because we all see the need for allies to stand together and to continue to modernize and adapt NATO.'"

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"The AP Interview: UN chief warns China, US to avoid Cold War"


UN-Generalsekretär António Guterres habe vor einem möglichen Kalten Krieg zwischen China und den USA gewarnt, erläutert Edith Lederer. "Guterres said the world's two major economic powers should be cooperating on climate and negotiating more robustly on trade and technology even given persisting political fissures about human rights, economics, online security and sovereignty in the South China Sea. (…) 'We need to avoid at all cost a Cold War that would be different from the past one, and probably more dangerous and more difficult to manage,' Guterres said."

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"US targets 5 al-Qaida operatives in Turkey with sanctions"


The Associated Press meldet: Das US-Finanzministerium habe Sanktionen gegen fünf Männer in der Türkei angekündigt, die verdächtigt werden, Finanzdienstleistungen und Reiseunterstützung für die Terrororganisation Al-Qaida geleistet zu haben. "The five are a mix of Turkish and Egyptian nationals who Treasury said provided various forms of support to senior members of the organization that carried out the 9/11 attacks and other plots against the U.S."

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"2015 Paris attacks suspect: Deaths of 130 'nothing personal'"


Im Prozess um die Terroranschläge vom 13. November 2015 in Paris habe sich der Hauptangeklagte Salah Abdeslam zu den Hintergründen der Tat geäußert, schreibt Lori Hinnant. "The key defendant in the 2015 Paris attacks trial said Wednesday that the coordinated killings were retaliation for French airstrikes on the Islamic State group, calling the deaths of 130 innocent people 'nothing personal' as he acknowledged his role for the first time. (…) Nine Islamic State group gunmen and suicide bombers struck within minutes of one another at several locations around Paris on Nov. 13, 2015, targeting fans at the national soccer stadium and cafe-goers and ending with a bloodbath inside the Bataclan concert hall. (…) Abdeslam is the only survivor of that cell, most of whose members were French or Belgian."

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"Israeli army says it launched strikes on Hamas site in Gaza"


Das israelische Militär habe erneut Luftangriffe auf Einrichtungen der Hamas im Gazastreifen geflogen, schreibt Laurie Kellman. "Israeli forces, meanwhile, searched for six Palestinian prisoners who had escaped from a high-security facility in the biggest prison break of its kind in decades. Fighter jets struck a Hamas rocket manufacturing workshop as well as a Hamas military compound in Khan Yunis, a city in southern Gaza, according to the army statement. (…) The strikes came in response to incendiary balloons launched by Hamas into Israeli territory, the army said. The devices were a show of support for the six escapees, which Hamas and other Palestinian militants hailed as a heroic victory."

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"Syria says it has shot down Israeli missiles near capital"


Syrien habe eigenen Angaben zufolge in der Nähe von Damaskus mehrere israelische Raketen abgeschossen, schreibt The Associated Press. "State news agency SANA said Syria shot down most of the missiles, which were launched from the area southeast of neighboring Lebanon and targeted areas near Damascus. (…) The Israeli military, which rarely speaks of its military operations in the war-ravaged country, did not acknowledge that they carried out any airstrikes."

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"Gunmen kidnap 73 students in latest attack on Nigeria school"


Bewaffnete hätten am Mittwoch im Nordwesten Nigerias 73 Schülerinnen und Schüler entführt, erläutert Chinedu Asadu. "Attackers descended upon the Government Day Secondary School in the remote village of Kaya around noon Wednesday, local resident Yusuf Mohammed told The Associated Press. The kidnappers then began shooting into the air before taking the students, he said. (…) More than 1,000 students have been kidnapped from schools in northern Nigeria since December."

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"Taliban declare victory from Kabul airport, promise security"


In Folge des vollständigen Abzugs der US-Truppen aus Afghanistan hätten die Taliban die Kontrolle über den Flughafen in Kabul übernommen, erläutern Tameem Akhgar und Kathy Gannon. "Standing on the tarmac, Taliban leaders pledged to secure the country, quickly reopen the airport and grant amnesty to former opponents. (…) 'Afghanistan is finally free,' Hekmatullah Wasiq, a top Taliban official, told The Associated Press on the tarmac. 'The military and civilian side (of the airport) are with us and in control. Hopefully, we will be announcing our Cabinet. Everything is peaceful. Everything is safe.'"

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"Kabul airport attack kills 60 Afghans, 13 US troops"


Vor dem Flughafen Kabuls hat es einen Anschlag gegeben, meldet The Associated Press. "Two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked crowds of Afghans flocking to Kabul’s airport Thursday, transforming a scene of desperation into one of horror in the waning days of an airlift for those fleeing the Taliban takeover. The attacks killed at least 60 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops, Afghan and U.S. officials said. The U.S. general overseeing the evacuation said the attacks would not stop the United States from evacuating Americans and others, and flights out were continuing. (...) The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the killings on its Amaq news channel."

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"Gunmen kill 2 in raid on Nigerian army school in northwest"


In Nigeria seien bei einem Angriff auf eine Militärakademie im Nordwesten des Landes zwei Soldaten getötet und ein weiterer entführt worden, schreibt Chinedu Asadu. "The attack comes amid mounting violence in Kaduna state, where already three mass school abductions have taken place this year alone including one near the military school in Afaka. (...) The increase in crime has been attributed to bandits, though some observers fear there may be links between the attackers in Kaduna and the Islamic extremist groups in northeastern Nigeria."

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"12 killed in overnight grenade attack in southern Pakistan"


Bei einem Anschlag auf einen Lastwagen seien in der pakistanischen Stadt Karachi zwölf Personen am vergangenen Wochenende ums Leben gekommen, berichtet The Associated Press. "Attackers targeted the truck on Saturday evening as it shuttled an extended family from a wedding ceremony in a western Karachi neighborhood, killing nine people and wounding nine others. Dr. Qarar Abbasi at the city's main Dr. Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital said three of the injured died during treatment, raising the death toll to 12. (…) He said seven women and five children were among the dead. (…) No one has yet claimed the responsibility for the attack. The motive for the bombing was not known, though police were quick to rule out sectarian violence."

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"Myanmar leaders 'weaponizing' pandemic, residents say"


Myanmars Militärregierung nutze laut Berichten von Einwohnerinnen und Einwohnern des südostasiatischen Landes die COVID-19-Pandemie zur Konsolidierung ihrer Macht und zur Unterdrückung der Opposition, informiert David Rising. "Supplies of medical oxygen are running low, and the government has restricted its private sale in many places, saying it is trying to prevent hoarding. But that has led to widespread allegations that the stocks are being directed to government supporters and military-run hospitals. At the same time, medical workers have been targeted after spearheading a civil disobedience movement that urged professionals and civil servants not to cooperate with the government, known as the State Administrative Council."

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"US defense secretary visits Vietnam, vows support for region"


US-Verteidigungsminister Lloyd Austin habe den Staaten Südostasiens während seiner jüngsten Reise in die Region die Unterstützung der Vereinigten Staaten zugesagt, meldet The Associated Press. Austin "repeated that Beijing's claim to virtually the entire South China Sea 'has no basis in international law' and 'treads on the sovereignty of states in the region.' He said the U.S. continues to support the region's coastal states in upholding their rights under international law, and remains committed to the defense treaty obligations the U.S. has with Japan and the Philippines."

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"EXPLAINER: US, NATO pledge billions to back Afghan forces"


Die NATO und die USA hätten den afghanischen Militär- und Sicherheitskräften bis 2024 eine Finanzierung von jährlich vier Milliarden US-Dollar zugesagt, erklärt Kathy Gannon. "Already, the U.S. has spent nearly $89 billion over the past 20 years to build, equip and train Afghan forces. Yet America's own government watchdog says oversight of the money has been poor, hundreds of millions of dollars have been misspent and corruption is rife in the security apparatus. Monitoring where the future funding goes will become virtually impossible after Aug. 31, when the last coalition troops leave."

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"To reach a peace deal, Taliban say Afghan president must go"


Die Taliban hätten als Bedingung für einen Waffenstillstand in Afghanistan den Rücktritt von Präsident Aschraf Ghani und dessen Regierung genannt, schreibt Kathy Gannon. "In an interview with The Associated Press, Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, who is also a member of the group's negotiating team, laid out the insurgents' stance on what should come next in a country on the precipice. (…) Shaheen said the Taliban will lay down their weapons when a negotiated government acceptable to all sides in the conflict is installed in Kabul and Ghani's government is gone."

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"Biden: US will protect Haiti embassy, won't send troops"


Laut US-Präsident Joe Biden würden die Vereinigten Staaten keine Truppen zur Stabilisierung des Landes nach Haiti entsenden, berichtet The Associated Press. "Haiti's interim government last week asked the U.S. and the United Nations to deploy troops to protect key infrastructure following President Jovenel Moïse's assassination. (…) 'We're only sending American Marines to our embassy,' Biden said."

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"China says it chased US warship out of disputed sea"


Das chinesische Militär habe eigenen Angaben zufolge ein US-amerikanisches Kriegsschiff in einem umstrittenen Gebiet im Südchinesischen Meer "verfolgt", so The Associated Press. "Beijing affirmed its claims to portions of the sea that also are claimed by Southeast Asia governments. It rejected the Biden administration's declaration of support Sunday for an international tribunal ruling in favor of the Philippines that threw out most of them. (…) The People's Liberation Army said it sent ships and planes after the U.S.S. Benfold entered waters claimed by Beijing around the Paracel Islands. (…) The U.S. Navy, in a statement by the 7th Fleet Public Affairs office, rejected the Chinese statement as false but gave no details of a possible encounter with PLA forces."

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"Germany grants 2,400 visas to Afghan employees, relatives"


Bisher seien von Deutschland 2.400 Visa an ehemalige lokale Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Bundeswehr in Afghanistan und deren Angehörige ausgegeben worden, so The Associated Press. "Foreign Ministry spokesman Rainer Breul (…) acknowledged that procedures have been complicated by the military withdrawal and the closure of Germany's consulate-general in Mazar-e-Sharif, but said Berlin is trying to work with partners such as the International Organization for Migration. The latter's office there hasn't yet started work because of the security situation, he added."

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"Philippine military's worst air disaster kills 50, wounds 49"


Beim Absturz eines Militärflugzeugs im Süden der Philippinen am vergangenen Sonntag seien fünfzig Personen ums Leben gekommen, meldet Jim Gomez. "The Lockheed C-130 Hercules was carrying 96 mostly combat troops when it overshot the runway while landing Sunday at the Jolo airport in Sulu province, military officials said. It slammed into a coconut grove beyond the airport and burst into flames in a disaster witnessed by horrified soldiers and villagers. (…) The plane was one of two refurbished U.S. Air Force aircraft handed over to the Philippines, Washington's oldest treaty ally in Asia, as part of military assistance this year. (…) It was not immediately clear what caused the crash and investigators were looking for the C-130's cockpit voice and flight data recorders."

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"49 people killed in attacks on eastern Congo villages"


Bei einem bewaffneten Angriff auf zwei Dörfer im Osten Kongos seien mindestens 49 Menschen getötet worden, schreibt Jean-Yves Kamale. "It wasn't immediately clear who carried out the attacks, but Allied Democratic Forces have killed hundreds in the region and have increasingly staged attacks in recent months. Myriad rebel groups are vying for control of mineral-rich land in Congo's east."

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"Mysterious air base being built on volcanic island off Yemen"


Auf einer Insel vor der jemenitischen Küste entstehe ein Luftwaffenstützpunkt, zu dem sich bisher kein Staat offiziell bekannt habe, schreibt Jon Gambrell. "Officials in Yemen's internationally recognized government now say the Emiratis are behind this latest effort (…), even though the UAE announced in 2019 it was withdrawing its troops from a Saudi-led military campaign battling Yemen's Houthi rebels. (…) Satellite images from Planet Labs Inc. obtained by The Associated Press showed dump trucks and graders building a 1.85 kilometer (6,070-foot) runway on the island on April 11. By May 18, that work appeared complete, with three hangars constructed on a tarmac just south of the runway. A runway of that length can accommodate attack, surveillance and transport aircraft."

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"Turkish police say top Islamic State group figure captured"


Nach türkischen Polizeiangaben sei ein hochrangiger Unterstützer von Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, dem 2019 getöteten Anführer des sogenannten "Islamischen Staats", in Istanbul festgenommen worden, informiert The Associated Press. "The Afghan national, only identified by the codename Basim, was detained in the Atasehir district on the city's Asian side on Wednesday, according to an Istanbul police statement. News reports of the joint operation with Turkey's intelligence agency said the suspect had been involved in helping hide al-Baghdadi in Syria's Idlib province after the fall of the group in 2019."

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"US Navy fires warning shots in new tense encounter with Iran"


Ein US-Marineschiff habe im Persischen Meer Warnschüsse in Richtung dreier Boote der iranischen Revolutionsgarde abgefeuert, berichtet Jon Gambrell. "The Navy said the Cyclone-class patrol ship USS Firebolt fired the warning shots after three fast-attack Guard vessels came within 68 yards (62 meters) of it and the U.S. Coast Guard patrol boat USCGC Baranoff. 'The U.S. crews issued multiple warnings via bridge-to-bridge radio and loud-hailer devices, but the (Guard) vessels continued their close range maneuvers,' said Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a spokeswoman for the Mideast-based 5th Fleet. 'The crew of Firebolt then fired warning shots, and the (Guard) vessels moved away to a safe distance from the U.S. vessels.'"

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"Facebook says it halts hackers tied to Palestinian security"


Facebook habe die Zerschlagung eines Hacker-Netzwerks mitgeteilt, schreibt Josef Federman. Dieses soll vom Geheimdienst des palästinensischen Präsidenten Mahmoud Abbas genutzt worden sein, um Medienschaffende, Oppositionelle sowie Menschenrechtsaktivistinnen und -aktivisten zu überwachen. "In its report, Facebook said that elements linked to the Preventive Security Service 'used fake and compromised accounts to create fictitious personas.' Posing as young women, journalists and political activists, they then sought 'to build trust with people they targeted and trick them into installing malicious software.' The malware, disguised as chat applications, would give the security agency access to targets' phones, including contacts, text messages, locations and even keystrokes, Facebook said. It said the ring, based in the West Bank, targeted people in the Palestinian territories and Syria, and to a lesser extent in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya."

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"Russia says its airstrike in Syria killed 200 militants"


Nach Angaben des russischen Militärs seien bei einem Luftangriff im Osten Syriens etwa 200 Aufständische getötet worden, informiert The Associated Press. "Rear Adm. Alexander Karpov, the head of the Russian military's Reconciliation Center in Syria, said Russian warplanes hit two militant hideouts northeast of Palmyra. (…) He said the militants' base had served as a staging ground for terror attacks across Syria."

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"Biden to unveil actions on guns, including new ATF boss"


Mit Durchführungsverordnungen plane US-Präsident Joe Biden, den Kauf von Waffen in den Vereinigten Staaten stärker zu regulieren, melden Michael Balsamo, Alexandra Jaffe und Aamer Madhani. "Biden is expected to announce tighter regulations requiring buyers of so-called 'ghost guns' to undergo background checks. The homemade firearms - often assembled from parts and milled with a metal-cutting machine - often lack serial numbers used to trace them. (…) The president will also announce investments in community violence intervention programs, which are aimed at reducing gun violence in urban communities, across five federal agencies."

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"'All options open': Egypt warns Ethiopia amid dam deadlock"


Ägyptens Präsident Abdel Fatah El-Sisi habe Äthiopien gewarnt, er werde eine Verringerung des ägyptischen Anteils am Wasser des Nils nicht tolerieren, berichtet Samy Magdy. "The warning (…) came after the latest round of talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over sharing the water failed to make progress. The three nations are deadlocked in a yearslong dispute over a giant dam Addis Ababa is building on the Nile River's main tributary. Egypt and Sudan argue that Ethiopia's plan to add 13.5 billion cubic meters of water in 2021 to the dam's reservoir on the Blue Nile is a threat to them. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi said in televised comments that 'all options are open' should Egypt's share be 'touched.' He urged Addis Ababa to cooperate with Cairo and Khartoum to avert sliding into conflict."

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"Russia ready for quick extension of last arms pact with US"


Russland hat sich vor dem Machtwechsel im Weißen Haus grundsätzlich zu einer schnellen Verlängerung des New-START-Abkommens bereit erklärt. "Moscow is ready for a quick deal with the incoming administration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden to extend the last remaining arms control pact, which expires in just over two weeks, Russia’s top diplomat said Monday. Months of talks between Russia and President Donald Trump’s administration on the possible extension of the New START treaty have failed to narrow their differences. The pact is set to expire on Feb. 5. Biden has spoken in favor of the preservation of the New START treaty, which was negotiated during his tenure as U.S. vice president, and Russia has said it’s open for its quick and unconditional extension."

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"FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack"


Das FBI will nach dem Sturm auf das US-Kapitol alle 25.000 Soldaten der US-Nationalgarde unter die Lupe nehmen, die derzeit in Washington zur Absicherung der Vereidigungszeremonie für Joe Biden stationiert sind. "U.S. defense officials say they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, prompting the FBI to vet all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington for the event. The massive undertaking reflects the extraordinary security concerns that have gripped Washington following the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by pro-Trump rioters. And it underscores fears that some of the very people assigned to protect the city over the next several days could present a threat to the incoming president and other VIPs in attendance."

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? Sicherheitspolitik.bpb.de liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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