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"Israel 'Ready to Attack Iran' as Defense Minister Says 'We Need to Take Military Action'"

Israel sei laut dem israelischen Verteidigungsminister Benny Gantz bereit, Iran zu attackieren, äußert Brendan Cole. Zudem brauche es laut Gantz eine globale Antwort auf die Bedrohung, die von Iran ausgehe. "Israel, along with the U.S. and the U.K., has blamed Tehran for the attack on the Mercer Street last week that killed two people - the Romanian captain and a British crew member. Iran has denied involvement in the incident. 'Israel is ready to attack Iran, yes,' Gantz told Ynet on Thursday. 'We are at a point where we need to take military action against Iran. The world needs to take action against Iran now, (…) Iran is a global and regional problem and an Israeli challenge,' he said."

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"Julian Assange's Extradition Denial Prompts Reaction From Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald"

NSA-Whistleblower Edward Snowden und der Journalist Glenn Greenwald haben auf das Urteil im Auslieferungsverfahren gegen Julian Assange reagiert. "Immediately after the ruling was made public, Snowden, who now lives in Russia after leaking U.S. mass surveillance secrets in 2013, tweeted: 'Let this be the end of it.' (…) Greenwald, who initially worked on the Snowden disclosures, tweeted the ruling was 'great news' but suggested it was not a victory for press freedom as the judge indicated there were grounds to prosecute Assange in connection with his prior leaks. He wrote: 'This wasn't a victory for press freedom... the judge made clear she believed there are grounds to prosecute Assange in connection with the 2010 publication. It was, instead, an indictment of the insanely oppressive US prison system.' 'Ultimately... from a humanitarian *and* a political perspective, what matters most is that Assange be freed as soon as possible. The US Govt doesn't care what prison he's in, or why: they just want him silenced and in a cage. He should be freed immediately.'"

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"There's a Very Simple Way for Biden to Get Back on Track with Iran"

Daniel R. DePetris erklärt, warum eine schnelle Rückkehr der USA zum internationalen Atomabkommen für die kommende US-Regierung die wohl beste Option ihrer Iran-Politik wäre. "There are a number of ways Biden could proceed with the Iranians. Some of them, like maintaining the maximum pressure strategy, border on the outlandish. Others are ideal in theory but far-fetched in reality. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, for instance, proposed using the economic leverage Washington holds over Tehran to work for a better agreement that includes Tehran's ballistic and cruise missile programs. This recommendation, however, would be akin to pushing on a locked door. Ballistic missiles are an even more important element to Iran's defense strategy than its nuclear program. (…) a straightforward return by both Washington and Tehran is more than possible. Rouhani and Biden have both stated their interest in exploring this option. It would be a rather simple proposition: Iran returns to the nuclear obligations it gradually violated and the U.S. in exchange provides the economic sanctions relief Tehran is afforded to under the deal. This is the fastest way to deescalate the situation and offers both nations a diplomatic exit ramp for further negotiation on other issues, whether it be Iran's missile programs or its regional behavior. The overall U.S. objective is not to save the JCPOA for the JCPOA's sake, but rather to ensure tension is kept to an absolute minimum."

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"Biden's Chance to Challenge China"

Dan Blumenthal vom American Enterprise Institute betrachtet die von Joe Biden bevorzugte multilaterale Strategie im Fall China dagegen als mögliches Erfolgsmodell. "The new president's desire to improve allied relations could serve as a much-needed antidote to China's multidimensional onslaught. He would not be starting from scratch. The U.S. already enjoys strong relationships with India, Taiwan, Japan and Australia and continues to improve its new partnerships in Southeast Asia. Securing European and South Korean cooperation in maintaining a hard line on China is crucial. Biden's efforts to improve alliances will face challenges posed by U.S. politics. Traditionally U.S. presidents look to bolster alliances by signing trade agreements and improving America's military posture for deterrence. But these tools will likely be unavailable to Biden."

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"Open Letter: For the Sake of Transatlantic Security, Stop Nord Stream 2"

114 aktuelle und frühere Diplomaten, Militär- und Sicherheitsexperten haben in einem Offenen Brief einen Stopp der Ostseepipeline Nord Stream 2 gefordert. "Over the past decade, the Government of the Russian Federation has engaged in a litany of malign activities aimed at upending liberal democratic norms across Europe and North America. The shocking poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny by a variant of the weapons-grade nerve agent Novichok shows that Moscow has not been deterred by Western actions and statements and refuses to reverse its destabilizing political adventurism at home and abroad. And at the crucial moment of the ongoing demonstrations in Belarus for free and fair elections, Western values must be held up high. In light of this latest malign action, which we believe can only have been carried out or sanctioned by the Kremlin, we are calling on the European Commission, and the Governments of all European Union Member States, as well as the United States, Canada, Norway, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova to take immediate action to stop the Kremlin-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline."

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"U.S. Troops in Syria Stuck Fighting 'Forgotten War' for Oil as Russia Advances Around Them"

Newsweek zufolge sieht ein US-Offizier vor Ort für die Pentagon-Mission im Nordosten Syriens keine klare Strategie. "The frustrations come as the U.S. nears an election in which both candidates vow to end the 'endless wars' waged by their predecessors. Come January, either former Vice President Joe Biden — who oversaw U.S. support for insurgents fighting to overthrow the Syrian government under former President Barack Obama — or President Donald Trump — who inherited a campaign then focused on fighting the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) — will steer a U.S. policy on Syria that is currently presented with mixed messages, even among the government's own agencies."

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"Russia Sends More Troops West, Signaling New Challenge to U.S.-NATO Presence Near Borders"

Russland hat die Verlegung zusätzlicher Truppen in die westlichen Grenzregionen angekündigt. Das russische Militär hat die Maßnahme mit den zunehmenden Aktivitäten des US-Militärs an den russischen Grenzen begründet. "The moves came just days after Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi of the Russian General Staff slammed 'anti-Russian' activities conducted by the U.S. and allied states of the 29-member NATO defense pact near his country's borders. The largest deployment of U.S. troops in a quarter-century was scaled down due to novel coronavirus concerns in March, but the U.S. still stepped up its presence through other maneuvers. These exercises include U.S. aerial activity over the far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula, Sweden and Norway in northern Europe, and in Ukraine, where West-backed forces are fighting an eastern insurgency they say Russia supports. In the Arctic, three U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet destroyers entered the Barents Sea for the first time in three decades, holding missile defense drills alongside warships of the United Kingdom."

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"It's Time to Crack Down on Iran-Venezuela Relations"

Jason Brodsky, Policy Director der Organisation United Against Nuclear Iran, hofft, dass die US-Regierung aktiv gegen die sich abzeichnende Allianz Venezuelas und Irans vorgeht. "Senior administration officials have told reporters the U.S. 'will not tolerate continued meddling' by Iran in Venezuelan affairs, and that U.S. Navy ships have been deployed to the area — perhaps preserving the option of intercepting the tankers. But still, a decision looms. The U.S. can allow both regimes to pierce the maximum pressure campaign; or, it can act decisively to deter Iran from increasing its footprint in Latin America. While these shipments may be equipment and fuel, the next shipments could be arms and terror operatives, too. (…) Officials in Washington would be wise to consider that these are not ordinary commercial transactions. They represent the latest advancement in an illicit strategic relationship stretching back more than a decade. With clear evidence of Iranian meddling in the Western hemisphere, now is the time to build a strong and unified coalition against the deadly Iranian regime and its key South American ally."

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"Exclusive: As Washington DC Faces Coronavirus Spike, Secret Military Task Force Prepares to Secure the Capital"

Eine kaum bekannte Einsatzgruppe des US-Militärs bereite angesichts einer drohenden Verschärfung der Coronakrise in Washington eine mögliche Evakuierung der Regierungsinstitutionen der Hauptstadt vor, berichtet William Arkin. "(…) a little-known military task force charged with evacuating Washington has already been activated, a task force charged with the most sensitive government mission of 'securing' Washington in the face of attackers, foreign and domestic — and if necessary, moving White House and other key government offices to alternate locations. (…) behind the scenes, JTF-NCR is responsible for what the military calls 'homeland defense': what to do in the face of an armed attack on the United States, everything from guarding Washington's skies to preparing for the civil unrest that could occur if a nuclear weapon were detonated in the capital. But most immediate, JTF-NCR is charged with facilitating continuity of government, particularly moving civil and military leaders to secret locations were the order given to evacuate the city."

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"Exclusive: Inside The Military's Top Secret Plans If Coronavirus Cripples the Government."

Sollte der Coronavirus die US-Regierung lahmlegen, gibt es William M. Arkin zufolge bereits vertrauliche Notfallpläne, die bis zur Verhängung des Kriegsrechts reichen. "Standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready these plans, not just to protect Washington but also to prepare for the possibility of some form of martial law. According to new documents and interviews with military experts, the various plans – codenamed Octagon, Freejack and Zodiac – are the underground laws to ensure government continuity. They are so secret that under these extraordinary plans, 'devolution' could circumvent the normal Constitutional provisions for government succession, and military commanders could be placed in control around America. (…) When might the military's 'emergency authority' be needed? Traditionally, it's thought of after a nuclear device goes off in an American city. But now, planners are looking at military response to urban violence as people seek protection and fight over food. And, according to one senior officer, in the contingency of the complete evacuation of Washington."

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"ISIS Already Has a New Leader, But Baghdadi May Not Have Been Running the Group Anyway"

Der "Islamische Staat" hat nach dem Tod seines Anführers Newsweek-Informationen zufolge bereits einen Nachfolger gefunden. "Abdullah Qardash, sometimes spelled Kardesh and also known as Hajji Abdullah al-Afari, was said to have been nominated by Baghdadi in August to run the group's 'Muslim affairs' in a widely-circulated statement attributed to ISIS' official Amaq news outlet, but never publicly endorsed by the group. Though little is known about the former Iraqi military officer who once served under late leader Saddam Hussein, one regional intelligence official asking not to be identified by name or nation told Newsweek that Qardash would have taken over Baghdadi's role — though it had lost much of its significance by the time of his demise. (…) 'Baghdadi was a figurehead. He was not involved in operations or day-to-day," the official told Newsweek. 'All Baghdadi did was say yes or no — no planning.'"

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"Trump Approves Special Ops Raid Targeting ISIS Leader, Military Says He's Dead."

US-Spezialeinheiten im Nordwesten Syriens haben bei einer Operation möglicherweise den IS-Anführer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi aufgespürt. Newsweek-Informationen zufolge hat sich al-Baghdadi dabei selbst getötet. "The United States military has conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), Newsweek has learned. President Donald Trump approved the mission nearly a week before it took place. Amid reports Saturday of U.S. military helicopters over the Syria's northwestern Idlib province, a senior Pentagon official familiar with the operation and Army official briefed on the matter told Newsweek that Baghdadi was the target of the top-secret operation in the last bastion of the country's Islamist-dominated opposition, a faction that has clashed with ISIS in recent years. A U.S. Army official briefed on the results of the operation told Newsweek that Baghdadi was killed in the raid, and the Defense Department told the White House they have 'high confidence' that the high-value target killed was Baghdadi, but further verification is pending DNA and biometric testing."

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"Exclusive: Turkey Attacks US Special Forces in Syria, Apparently by Mistake"

Während der türkischen Offensive in Nordsyrien ist eine dort aktive US-Spezialeinheit offenbar "versehentlich" unter türkischen Beschuss geraten. "Newsweek has learned through both an Iraqi Kurdish intelligence official and the senior Pentagon official that Special Forces operating on Mashtenour hill in the majority-Kurdish city of Kobani fell under artillery fire from Turkish forces conducting their so-called 'Operation Peace Spring' against Kurdish fighters backed by the U.S. but considered terrorist organizations by Turkey. No injuries have been reported. Instead of returning fire, the Special Forces withdrew once the shelling had ceased. Newsweek previously reported Wednesday that the current rules of engagement for U.S. forces continue to be centered around self-defense and that no order has been issued by the Pentagon for a complete withdrawal from Syria."

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"Intelligence Experts Question Iran Video: 'U.S. Track Record on Ginning up Evidence for War is Not Good'"

Die von der US-Regierung präsentierten angeblichen Beweise für die iranische Verwicklung in die Angriffe auf zwei Öltanker im Golf von Oman werden von einigen unabhängigen Experten skeptisch beurteilt. "(...) independent intelligence experts say the video provides no proof whatsoever of Iran's alleged responsibility for the attacks, a charge Iran denies. That's not to say Iran did not carry out the attacks, these experts hasten to add (...). But amid the rising tensions in the Middle East, these experts say, there are numerous other players in the region with compelling motivations to carry out such attacks. (...) Others have pointed to the possibility that Thursday's attacks, as well as the attacks on four tankers in the same waters a month ago, were so-called 'false-flag' operations carried out by Israel, another arch foe of Iran, to make Iran appear responsible. And some observers have even suggested the attacks may have been directed by hawkish members of the Trump administration as a pretext to launch military operations against Iran. 'The U.S. track record on ginning up evidence for war is not good,' William Church, a former military investigator for the United Nations Security Council. 'It lied in the run-up to the Vietnam war [by inventing a North Vietnamese attack on a U.S. Navy ship in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964], and it lied about WMD [weapons of mass destruction] before the Iraq war. So when these tanker attacks happen, we have to ask why and what's the motivation in addition to examining the evidence.'"

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"The Slow, Dangerous Implosion of the Saudi Crown Prince"

Madawi Al-Rasheed erläutert, warum der Aufstieg von Kronprinz Muhammad bin Salman das Regime in Saudi-Arabien ihrer Ansicht nach nicht nachhaltig stabilisieren wird. Wegen der verstärkten Unterdrückung innenpolitischer Gegner sei zwar in nächster Zeit keine Revolution zu erwarten, eine "graduelle Erosion" der Legitimität könnte aber längerfristig zu einer "Implosion" des Regimes führen. "Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) now stands alone at the top of the hierarchy, but he has lost many constituencies that allow him to rule without resorting to direct force. This situation is unsustainable and even dangerous. There's been a serious erosion of regime legitimacy, and this is leading to a slow implosion from within."

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"Marco Rubio: U.S. Military Intervention Could Solve Venezuelan Crisis"

US-Senator Rubio hat erneut eine Invasion des US-Militärs zum Sturz von Präsident Maduro in Venezuela thematisiert. "In an interview with Univision 23 in Miami earlier this week translated from Spanish to English, Rubio, a vocal opponent of Maduro’s regime, said he would not rule the military option out. 'For months and years, I wanted the solution in Venezuela to be a non-military and peaceful solution, simply to restore democracy,' Rubio said. 'I believe that the Armed Forces of the United States are only used in the event of a threat to national security. I believe that there is a very strong argument that can be made at this time that Venezuela and the Maduro regime has become a threat to the region and even to the United States.' But critics of U.S. military action say it’s a bad idea. A better solution would be a 'multilateral solution that involves some kind of negotiations,' said Juan Cruz, a CIA veteran and director for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the National Security Council."

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"U.S. Coalition Admits to Killing More Civilians in Iraq and Syria, but Activists Say Numbers Still Don't Add Up"

Eine Recherche des Journalisten Chris Woods von der Organisation Airwars ist Tom O'Connor zufolge zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass die vom US-Militär genannten Zahlen über die Zivilopfer der Kämpfe um Raqqa und Mossul bei weitem nicht mit den Angaben vor Ort übereinstimmen. "ISIS was declared defeated in Mosul in July 2017 and in Raqqa in October 2017. Both campaigns saw displays of overwhelming coalition air power and were accompanied by accusations that the coalition had killed scores of civilians. Prior to Thursday's report, the coalition took responsibility for 352 civilian deaths in Mosul and only 23 in Raqqa, a number that Airwars said fell short by well over 1,000. (...) Airwars estimates that the coalition is actually responsible for up to 1,579 civilian deaths in Mosul and 1,400 in Raqqa, and that these are conservative estimates. (...) The new official coalition count of 'at least 1,059' is still seen as incredibly low by many activists on the ground and abroad. Airwars placed the total number of civilians killed by the coalition at 6,321 in Iraq and Syria. As of March, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated 2,967 and the Syrian Network for Human Rights reported 2,673, both in Syria alone. The latest report may, however, represent a step in the right direction as evidenced by the new language in a usually heavily standardized monthly message."

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"Christians Killed in ISIS-inspired Suicide Bomb Attacks on Three Churches In Indonesia"

Die Bombenanschläge auf drei Kirchen in Indonesien sind Berichten zufolge von einer Familie von IS-Anhängern verübt worden. "A family of six is believed to have launched the suicide attacks targeting the Santa Maria Catholic Church, the Indonesian Christian Church and the Pentecost Central Church in Surabaya, a port city on Java Island's east coast, East Java Police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera told CNN. 'The husband drove the car, an Avanza, that contained explosives and rammed it into the gate in front of that church,' Barung Mangera told reporters at the regional police headquarters in Surabaya. He said the wife and two daughters in the family were involved in an attack on a second church, while at the third church, 'two other children rode the motorbike and had the bomb across their laps.'"

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"When It Comes to Military Force, Trump Is Just Like Obama"

Aaron David Miller und Richard Sokolsky stellen fest, dass US-Präsident Trump im ersten Jahr seiner Amtszeit viele Initiativen und Entscheidungen seines Amtsvorgängers symbolisch als auch inhaltlich mehr oder weniger drastisch demontiert habe. Die große Ausnahme sei der Einsatz des US-Militärs: "On this question, Trump, like his predecessor, has shown more risk-aversion than risk-readiness. While the president has often engaged in blustery and bellicose rhetoric, he has been careful when it comes to putting American troops into harm’s away. (...) This uncharacteristic Trumpian caution seems driven by several factors. First, despite his boasts during the campaign that he knew more than his generals, Trump (although he would never admit it) seems to understand that military strategy and tactics are not in his wheel-house — and that talking tough is one thing, killing is another. Trump’s limited use of force in Syria and his military caution toward North Korea and Iran reflect the steadying hand, prudence, and influence of what he likes to refer to as his generals and Secretary of Defense Mattis. Second, Trump sees himself as a domestic rather than foreign policy president. (...) Maybe it’s giving Trump too much credit, but he probably grasps intuitively that a war, and especially an unpopular one, could derail his agenda and sink his presidency."

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"Nuclear War with N. Korea: We’re Not Prepared for the Scale of Casualties"

Cham Dallas, Direktor des Institute for Disaster Management an der University of Georgia, schreibt, dass die Nordkorea-Krise einen Atomkrieg um einiges wahrscheinlicher gemacht habe. Die praktischen Folgen eines Atomwaffenangriffs mit möglicherweise Millionen Toten und Verletzten würden bisher allerdings auch von medizinischen Experten nicht ernsthaft genug thematisiert. "In fact, I recently published an assessment of U.S. and Asian emergency medical responders’ hypothetical response to a nuclear event which found a striking lack of knowledge about patients affected by radiation after nuclear war and a strong reluctance to treat them, even though it is far less dangerous than treating infectious disease patients. This fear of radiation is just as pronounced in the general population. (...) While nuclear nonproliferation remains a top priority, the preparation for responding to the actual use of these terrible weapons is now a regrettable necessity that we must confront."

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"The Cost of War for the U.S. Taxpayer Since 9/11 Is Actually Three Times the Pentagon's Estimate"

Die tatsächlichen steuerlichen Kosten der Kriege mit amerikanischer Beteiligung seit dem 11. September 2001 übersteigen die Schätzungen des Pentagons einer neuen Studie des Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs der Brown University zufolge um das Dreifache. "The United States military has spent more than $5.6 trillion on conflicts since 2001, more than three times the Pentagon’s actual estimate, according to a new study. The Department of Defense reported earlier this year that it had spent around $1.5 trillion on conflicts (...) The study examines not only the money spent by the Pentagon but also the State Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security, for resources dedicated to the 'war on terrorism.' The total costs include financial support for allies in the battle against extremist groups, mostly from eastern Europe, such as Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania, and a trillion dollars added for the care of veterans who may have received injuries in the conflicts."

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"Women Are Vital in the Fight Against Terrorism — Finally People Are Recognizing This"

Republikaner und Demokraten im US-Kongress haben in seltener Einmütigkeit ein Gesetz verabschiedet, in dem eine stärkere Beteiligung von Frauen bei der Bekämpfung des Terrorismus und bei Verhandlungen zur Beilegung gewaltsamer Konflikte gefordert wird. Jamille Bigio vom Council on Foreign Relations hofft, dass die US-Regierung diesen Aspekt in ihrer Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik stärker beachten wird. "First is leadership: the Trump administration should immediately nominate the next Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues and appoint coordinators at the Department of Defense and USAID. Second, few resources are allocated to promoting women’s participation in security efforts — U.S. security strategy would be made more effective by correcting this omission. Third, the U.S. government should ensure that the rising generation of American diplomats and security professionals recognizes the value of women’s participation in security efforts, so that it becomes standard practice for U.S. officials to see women leaders in places like Syria and Afghanistan as partners and not afterthoughts."

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"After Trump Travel Ban, Chad Pulls Troops From Boko Haram Fight in Niger"

Das neue Einreiseverbot der US-Regierung betrifft auch Bürger des Tschad. Viele Experten hätten auf diese Entscheidung "schockiert" reagiert und vor sicherheitspolitischen Folgen gewarnt, berichtet Conor Gaffey. Nun habe die Regierung des zentralafrikanischen Landes ihre Truppen aus der Koalition zur Bekämpfung der radikalislamischen Terrorgruppe Boko Haram zurückgezogen. "Chad has pulled hundreds of troops from neighboring Niger, where they had been stationed to assist in a regional fight against Boko Haram, the Nigerian militant Islamist group, Reuters reported. Chad’s government has not given any explanation for the withdrawal, which took place over the past two weeks. But in the wake of Trump’s pronouncement on September 24, Chad’s communications minister Madeleine Alingué said that the decision 'seriously undermines Chad’s image and the good relations between the two countries, notably in the fight against terrorism.'"

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"Art of the Deal: Trump Won’t Scrap Iran Nuclear Agreement — For Now"

US-Präsident Trump hat sich offenbar entschlossen, das von ihm immer wieder scharf kritisierte Atomabkommen mit dem Iran vorerst nicht aufzukündigen, sondern es lediglich zu "dezertifizieren". "Scrapping the deal entirely would require the United States to re-impose nuclear sanctions on Iran. And 'for now,' a source says, Washington will not do that. Republicans in Congress have been eager to bring back sanctions lifted after the deal was signed in 2015, but Trump will ask them to hold off, and Congress will likely do so."

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"Why Isn’t Las Vegas Shooting Being Called 'Terrorism' and Shooter Stephen Paddock a 'Terrorist'?"

Der Massenmord von Las Vegas hat erneut die Frage aufgeworfen, welche Gewalttaten als "Terrorismus" eingestuft werden sollten. Jason Le Miere schreibt, dass der Begriff von US-Behörden und Regierungsstimmen in den letzten Jahren oft in widersprüchlicher Art und Weise verwendet worden sei. "Federal law defines terrorism more specifically as the 'unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.' After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, then-President Barack Obama came up with his own designation for the term: 'Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terror,' he said before the identity of the attackers or their motivation had been established. (...) President Donald Trump has a particularly inconsistent history with the term. After the killing of a counterprotester at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August by an alleged white supremacist, Trump said only that 'you can call it whatever you want.' However, he has repeatedly been quick to define attacks carried out by Muslims."

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"The CIA Wants Permission to Kill Terrorists in Afghanistan with Drones, Which Could Endanger U.S. Troops"

US-Präsident Trump erwägt Berichten zufolge, der CIA trotz Vorbehalten aus dem Pentagon zu erlauben, in Afghanistan eigenständig Drohnenangriffe durchzuführen. Der Geheimdienst wäre dabei im Gegensatz zum US-Militär nicht verpflichtet, mögliche Zivilopfer dieser Angriffe einzugestehen. "Some Pentagon officials reportedly fear this could place U.S. troops in danger because drone strikes have been known to increase animosity toward the U.S., especially when civilian deaths occur. If troops in Afghanistan had no knowledge of strikes conducted near where they're deployed, they'd likely be ill-prepared to deal with potential backlash. That people within the Pentagon are reportedly expressing alarm about this CIA push is definitely a cause for concern, Dr. Peter W. Singer, a leading expert on 21st century security issues, tells Newsweek."

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"Barcelona Attack: Charlie Hebdo Publishes Controversial Anti-Islam Cover Art"

Das französische Satiremagazin Charlie Hebdo hat nach dem Terroranschlag in Barcelona Jack Moore zufolge erneut eine provokative Karikatur veröffentlicht. "The satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday published a provocative front cover in reaction to the vehicle-ramming attack in Barcelona last Thursday, sarcastically calling Islam a 'religion of peace.' The magazine’s artwork shows a white van in the background with two cross-eyed, bloodied bodies lying motionless on the floor. The words read: 'Islam, the religion of eternal peace.' Most of those implicated in the Barcelona vehicle-ramming attack and a second attack in the Catalonian town of Cambrils were Moroccan-born Muslims. The magazine’s editor, Laurent 'Riss' Sourisseau, justified the decision in an editorial, saying that the publication was sending a message that the French elite was too scared to communicate. 'The debates and questions about the role of religion, and in particular the role of Islam, in these attacks have completely disappeared,' he wrote."

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"What’s the U.S. Plan for Post-ISIS Syria? Let Them Fight Among Themselves"

Frederic C. Hof vom Atlantic Council kritisiert, dass das US-Militär offenbar keine Syrien-Strategie für die Zeit nach der Zerschlagung des "Islamischen Staates" habe. Damit riskierten die USA die Entstehung neuer extremistischer Bewegungen. Hof selbst plädiert für eine Militärintervention einer "Koalition der Willigen". "This writer has pressed relentlessly since 2015 for the United States to organize and lead a professional ground force coalition of the willing in eastern Syria to defeat ISIS sooner rather than later, and to work with genuine local leaders and anti-Assad opposition figures — many of whom had received material American support — to establish competent, humane, and inclusive post-ISIS governance. (...) In the end, post-combat responsibilities can indeed be evaded. They can be handed off to militiamen or ignored altogether. But the consequences of this evasion, as demonstrated in Iraq 2003 and Libya 2011, can be catastrophic."

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"What We Know About Paris Shooting Suspect Karim Cheurfi"

Drei Tage vor der ersten Runde der französischen Präsidentschaftswahl hat ein offenbar radikalislamischer Täter in Paris einen Polizisten erschossen und drei weitere Menschen verletzt, bevor er selbst getötet wurde. "French prosecutor François Molins said at a press conference in Paris, 'The identity of the attacker is known and has been verified,' reported Liberation. The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) claimed responsibility Thursday for the attack, claiming via its al-Amaq news agency it was carried out by one of its 'fighters' it called Abu Yussef al-Balgiki, which experts said suggested the attacker was Belgian or spent time in Belgium. A Belgian prosecutor said there was no indication the attacker was Belgian, reported France 24. Sources told AFP that a handwritten note in praise of ISIS was found near the attacker’s body, and a Koran in his vehicle nearby."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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Am Hindukusch – und weiter?

Am Hindukusch – und weiter?

Ende 2014 zogen die letzten deutschen ISAF-Truppen aus Afghanistan ab. Dieser Band zieht Bilanz, fra...

Fluter Terror


Terrorismus bedroht die offene Gesellschaft und die kulturelle Vielfalt. Er ist uns fremd, aber er k...

Krieg im 21. Jahrhundert

Krieg im 21. Jahrhundert

Kriege sehen heute anders aus als noch vor 100 oder 50 Jahren: oft stehen sich Staaten und bewaffnet...

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

Ungebrochen aktuell bleiben Fragen nach den Wurzeln und den Folgen der Terroranschläge vom 11. Sept...

Eine Geschichte des Krieges

Eine Geschichte des Krieges

Kriege durchziehen die Menschheitsgeschichte - doch erst in den vergangenen zwei Jahrhunderten bekam...

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