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"Environment minister adamant oil spill is Iran terror; defense figures skeptical"

Die israelische Umweltministerin Gila Gamliel beschuldige Iran, Umwelt-Terrorismus zu betreiben, erläutern Stuart Winer und Toi Staff. Laut der Ministerin sei Teheran für das Auslaufen von Öl von einem Tanker vor der Küste Israels verantwortlich. "The minister's allegation of Iran's involvement was immediately disputed by senior security officials (…). Ori Disatnik, the former commander of Israel's submarine force, also cast doubt on Gamliel's assessment. (…) Disatnik said that if the spill were deliberate, the ship would have moved on as soon as it unloaded the pollutant instead of remaining in the area for nearly two weeks, as it reportedly did. He also said that the relatively small size of the spill, less than one percent of the 112,000 tons the ship can carry, indicates it was not a deliberate attack."

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"Arguing in favor of Iran deal, 2 ex-officers refuse to fall in behind Netanyahu"

Tal Schneider erklärt, auch in Israel gebe es nicht nur ablehnende Stimmen zum Atomabkommen mit Iran und verweist auf die Politiker Omer Barlev und Yair Golan. "'The agreement is not optimal (…). However, after signing… it must be said that it actually reduces the direct nuclear threat to the country in the coming years, I daresay, in a dramatic fashion,' Barlev (…) wrote in a lengthy Facebook post (…). Golan: (…) The current official policy, according to which returning to the nuclear agreement endangers Israel, is a deception toward the Israeli public."

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"Pressuring Biden, Iran warns he won’t have endless time to rejoin nuclear pact"

Die iranische Regierung habe den Druck auf die USA zur Aufhebung der Trump-Sanktionen erhöht, berichtet Nasser Karimi. "Iran warned the Biden administration on Tuesday that it will not have an indefinite time period on its disposal to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers. Iran also said it expects Washington to swiftly lift crippling economic sanctions that former US president Donald Trump imposed on the country after pulling America out of the atomic accord in 2018, as part of what he called maximum pressure against Iran. (…) The remarks Tuesday by Iran’s Cabinet spokesman Ali Rabiei are part of pressure that Tehran is trying to exert on the US as it seeks to increase its leverage and get the Biden administration to quickly return to the deal."

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"Cyberattacks spike globally as criminals target under-pressure hospitals"

Einem neuen Bericht zufolge haben Hackerangriffe auf Krankenhäuser und Gesundheitsorganisationen seit November 2020 weltweit um 45% zugenommen. "Cybersecurity attacks targeting healthcare organizations amid the coronavirus pandemic have spiked globally, and since the start of November these attacks have surged 45 percent, Check Point Software Technologies said in a new report. The average number of weekly attacks in the healthcare sector globally reached 626 in November, compared with 430 in October. This is more than double the overall increase in attacks seen in other industry sectors worldwide, which saw a 22% rise in attacks for the period, the report said. (…) Central Europe tops the list of regions impacted by the spike in attacks against healthcare organizations, with a 145% increase in November, followed by East Asia, which suffered a 137% increase, and Latin America with a 112% increase. Europe and North America saw 67% and 37% increases, respectively."

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"Hundreds march In Ukraine in annual tribute to Nazi collaborator"

In der Ukraine sind auch in diesem Jahr wieder hunderte Demonstranten auf die Straße gegangen, um den Nazi-Kollaborateur Stepan Bandera zu ehren. "Israel’s ambassador condemned the torchlight march Friday in Kyiv in memory of Stepan Bandera, issuing the strongest rebuke yet by an Israeli official of the event, which has grown in scope amid rising nationalism in Ukraine. 'We strongly condemn any glorification of collaborators with the Nazi regime. It is time for Ukraine to come to terms with its past,' Ambassador Joel Lion wrote on Twitter Saturday. At the march, many participants waved banners carrying the symbol of the far-right Svoboda party, whose leaders have often made anti-Semitic comments, and banners reading: 'Nationalism is our religion. Bandera is our prophet,' Pravda Ukraine reported."

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"World should thank Israel for hit on Iran nuke chief, Israeli official tells NYT"

Ein israelischer Regierungsmitarbeiter hat der New York Times offenbar mitgeteilt, dass die Welt Israel wegen des Attentats auf einen iranischen Atomwissenschaftler "dankbar" sein sollte. "An unnamed Israeli official told the New York Times on Saturday that the world should thank Israel for the assassination of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons mastermind Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, even as Jerusalem hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for the operation. The senior official, who according to the report was involved for years in tracking Fakhrizadeh for Israel, also said the country would continue to take any necessary steps against Tehran’s nuclear program. (…) Brookings Institution researcher Bruce Riedel, a former official at the Central Intelligence Agency with experience in Israel, (…) said the killing of Fakhrizadeh, who died on Friday in a bombing and shooting attack outside Tehran that has been widely attributed to Israel, could be an indication that after a hiatus, the Jewish state was reactivating its network of operatives made up of Iranian immigrants to Israel and Iranian collaborators."

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"'We can’t trust foreigners': Khamenei warns against hopes of 'opening' with West"

In Iran sind eventuelle Hoffnungen auf eine Annäherung an die USA unter Präsident Biden durch Religionsführer Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gedämpft worden. "Iran’s supreme leader cautioned Tuesday against hopes of a diplomatic 'opening' with the West, after President Hassan Rouhani’s government signaled a willingness to engage with US President-elect Joe Biden. Biden, who defeated Donald Trump at the ballot box on November 3, has promised a return to diplomacy with Iran after four hawkish years under the departing US president. At a meeting with Rouhani, parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and judicial chief Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said 'we can’t trust foreigners and hope for an opening on their part.'"

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"Germany accuses Iran of systematically breaking nuke deal, as top diplomats meet"

Das deutsche Außenministerium hat Iran systematische Verstöße gegen das internationale Atomabkommen vorgeworfen. "The German, French and British foreign ministers were meeting Monday to discuss the future of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program amid hopes that the incoming US administration might help breathe new life into the accord, Germany’s Foreign Ministry said. The three European powers have spearheaded efforts to keep alive the agreement, concluded in Vienna in 2015 and officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. Russia and China also remain on board. Ahead of the meeting, German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea Sasse said that Iran was systematically violating the 2015 accord."

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"Saudi minister says nuclear weapons 'an option' for kingdom if Iran gets them"

Der saudi-arabische Außenminister hat in einem Interview die Bewaffnung seines Landes mit Atomwaffen in Aussicht gestellt, sollte der Iran tatsächlich eigene Atomwaffen entwickeln. "Adel al-Jubeir said in an interview with Germany’s DPA news agency that nuclear armament was 'definitely an option.' 'Saudi Arabia has made it very clear that it will do everything it can to protect its people and to protect its territories,' Jubeir said. The report said the interview was held recently but did not give a specific date. Jubeir said that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, other countries will follow, and expressed support for taking a harsh stance against Tehran. 'We believe that the Iranians have only responded to pressure,' he said. 'We will have to see' what US President-elect Joe Biden’s policies will be, Jubeir said."

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"UN says 'full-scale humanitarian crisis unfolding' in Ethiopia"

Der innerstaatliche Konflikt in Äthiopien hat der UN zufolge eine humanitäre Krise ausgelöst. "The UN said Tuesday a full-blown humanitarian crisis was unfolding in northern Ethiopia, where thousands of people each day are fleeing the conflict in the Tigray region. (…) The United Nations refugee agency said around 27,000 Ethiopians have fled across the border into Sudan — a figure now rising by around 4,000 people each day. 'A full-scale humanitarian crisis is unfolding,' spokesman Babar Baloch told a virtual press briefing from Geneva. 'Refugees fleeing the fighting continue to arrive exhausted from the long trek to safety, with few belongings.'"

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"UN watchdog: Iran storing 12 times more enriched uranium than nuke deal allows"

Der Internationalen Atomenergie-Organisation (IAEA) zufolge hat Iran seinen Vorrat an niedrig angereichertem Uran deutlich erhöht. "Iran continues to increase its stockpile of low-enriched uranium far beyond the limits set in a landmark nuclear deal with world powers and to enrich it to a greater purity than permitted, the UN’s atomic watchdog agency said Wednesday. The International Atomic Energy Agency reported in a confidential document distributed to member countries and seen by The Associated Press that Iran as of November 2 had a stockpile of 2,442.9 kilograms (5385.7 pounds) of low-enriched uranium, up from 2,105.4 kilograms (4,641.6 pounds) reported on August 25."

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"Armenia signs 'painful' deal with Azerbaijan, Russia to end conflict"

Die Präsidenten Armeniens und Aserbaidschans haben sich unter Vermittlung des russischen Präsidenten auf eine neue Waffenruhe in Bergkarabach verständigt. Die Vereinbarung soll durch russische Friedenstruppen überwacht werden. In Armenien wird der Vertrag als Kapitulation kritisiert. "The announcement of a full ceasefire from 1 a.m. Tuesday (2100 GMT) sparked outrage in Armenia, with angry protesters storming the government headquarters in Yerevan where they ransacked offices and broke windows. Crowds also seized control of parliament, calling from inside the chamber for the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan after he announced the 'painful' deal to the end the fighting. 'I have signed a statement with the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan on the termination of the Karabakh war,' Pashinyan said, calling the move 'unspeakably painful for me personally and for our people.' 'I have taken this decision as a result of an in-depth analysis of the military situation,' he added."

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"Vienna terrorist likely acted alone, 'fooled' de-radicalization program"

Der Attentäter von Wien habe im vergangenen Dezember seine vorzeitige Freilassung aus österreichischer Haft trotz Beobachtung im Deradikalisierungsprogramm des Landes erreicht, berichtet die Times of Israel. "Fejzulai, a dual Austrian and Macedonian national, was sentenced to 22 months in prison in April 2019 because he had tried to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State terror group. Nehammer said he had been on a de-radicalization program and had managed to 'fool' it and secure an early release in December under juvenile law. 'The perpetrator managed to fool the de-radicalization program of the justice system, to fool the people in it, and to get an early release through this,' the minister said."

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"Most Jews back French crackdown on radical Islam, targeting religious activities"

Das harte Vorgehen von Präsident Macron gegen den radikalen Islam in Frankreich wird von französischen Juden überwiegend begrüßt. "As the French government rolls out a controversial plan that amounts to its most robust crackdown on religious activity in decades, it is enjoying broad support from at least one of the country’s faith communities: French Jews. Jewish community leaders have applauded President Emmanuel Macron’s effort to counter what he calls 'Islamist separatism' with a plan that would require children to attend state-recognized schools from the age of three, effectively barring the practice of Muslim home-schooling, and mandate an oath of allegiance to the state from religious associations. The new plan would also increase oversight of foreign funding for mosques and end a program that allows the children of immigrants to receive subsidized lessons in their parents’ native language. While the new measures do not explicitly target French Muslims, which would be barred by the French constitution, Macron has made clear that they are aimed at 'isolating radical Islam.'"

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"France indicts Chechen-born refugee for 'liking' photo of murdered teacher"

Ein tschetschenischer Flüchtling, der auf Twitter ein Foto des ermordeten Lehrers Samuel Paty "gelikt" hat, ist von den französischen Behörden u.a. wegen Verherrlichung von Terrorismus angeklagt worden. "The 22-year-old man charged on Sunday is also of Chechen origin, the public prosecutor in the central town of Blois, where he lives, said. He was already on the radar of the authorities for having endorsed a massacre at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that first published the Mohammed cartoons. Several knives and other weapons were found at his home, prosecutor Frederic Chevallier. (…) Since Paty’s murder on October 16, the French authorities have launched a clampdown on radical Islam. Police have carried out dozens of raids on individuals and organizations suspected of supporting or abetting extremism."

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"A President Biden would likely take less combative approach on Israel than Obama"

Israel werde in der Außenpolitik eines US-Präsidenten Joe Biden wohl eine untergeordnete Rolle spielen, berichtet Jacob Magid. "One senior adviser to the campaign told Foreign Policy magazine last month that the Middle East would be 'a distant fourth' in the list of foreign policy priorities, after Europe, the Indo-Pacific, and Latin America. Addressing Israel specifically in a conversation with The Times of Israel, another foreign policy adviser clarified, 'It’s not that a Biden administration won’t focus on Israel. It just might not be given center stage like it has been in recent years.' (…) Biden has not shied away from criticizing Israel on settlement expansion. He even did so publicly in Israel, hours into a state visit in 2010, after the Interior Ministry announced the advancement of a plan to build 1,600 housing units in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo. Still, Biden was seen as less willing than Obama to become embroiled in public spats with the Israeli government."

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"Trump to drop Sudan from terror list in presumed prelude to Israel normalization"

Die von US-Präsident Trump angekündigte Streichung Sudans von der amerikanischen Liste von "Terrorstaaten" wird von Experten als erster Schritt einer Normalisierung der Beziehungen des Landes zu Israel betrachtet. "Trump made no mention of a decision by Sudan to normalize ties with Israel, but the US has pushed Khartoum to take that step for weeks, and it has been widely reported that Washington conditioned its decision to drop the northeast African nation from its terror blacklist on it forging official relations with the Jewish state. Israel and Sudan could normalize relations within days, according to two US officials quoted by the New York Times."

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"As UN arms embargo on Iran expires, US vows to punish those who sell it weapons"

US-Außenminister Pompeo hat Ländern, die dem Iran nach dem Auslaufen des UN-Waffenembargos Rüstungsgüter verkaufen wollen, offen mit Sanktionen gedroht. "'The United States is prepared to use its domestic authorities to sanction any individual or entity that materially contributes to the supply, sale, or transfer of conventional arms to or from Iran, as well as those who provide technical training, financial support and services, and other assistance related to these arms,' he said in a statement. 'For the past 10 years, countries have refrained from selling weapons to Iran under various UN measures,' Pompeo said. 'Any country that now challenges this prohibition will be very clearly choosing to fuel conflict and tension over promoting peace and security.'"

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"Azeris use Israeli-made drones as conflict escalates with Armenia — report"

Aserbaidschan könne bei seinen Operationen in Bergkarabach offenbar u.a. auf israelische Drohnen zurückgreifen, berichtet The Times of Israel. "The Azeri military has been using Israeli-made attack drones during the recent uptick in violence with neighboring Armenia, Hikmet Hajiyev, assistant to the president of Azerbaijan, said in an interview with the Israeli Walla news outlet Wednesday. (…) In the interview, Hajiyev said that his country has used Israeli drones, including loitering munitions, or 'kamikaze drones,' in the recent round of fighting and lauded their effectiveness. 'Hats off to the engineers who designed it,' Hajiyev said. He also said that the Azeris 'very much appreciate the cooperation with Israel, especially the defense cooperation.'"

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"Defying UN, Washington unilaterally asserts sanctions on Iran back in effect"

Trotz fehlender Zustimmung des UN-Sicherheitsrates hat die US-Regierung die UN-Sanktionen gegen den Iran unilateral wieder eingesetzt und dabei auch anderen Ländern gedroht. "The United States unilaterally proclaimed on Saturday that UN sanctions against Iran are back in force and promised to punish those who violate them, in a move that risks increasing Washington’s isolation but also international tensions. (…) The threat is formidable: those deemed to be in defiance by Washington will be denied access to the US financial system and markets. (…) Washington is almost alone on the issue: all the other great powers — China, Russia and also the US’ own European allies — have challenged the claim. 'Any decision or action taken with a view to re-installing [the sanctions] would be incapable of legal effect,' France, Britain and Germany said in a joint letter sent Friday to the Security Council and of which AFP has obtained a copy."

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"Trump says Saudi Arabia among 7-9 countries expected to make peace with Israel"

US-Präsident Trump hat während der Unterzeichnungszeremonie in Washington in Aussicht gestellt, dass bis zu neun weitere Länder im Nahen Osten eine Normalisierung ihrer Beziehungen zu Israel ins Auge fassen könnten. "Earlier, while hosting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House before the signing of the Abraham Accords, Trump said, 'We’re very far down the road with about five additional countries… Frankly, I think we could have had them here today.' 'We’ll have at least five or six countries coming along very quickly… They want to see peace. They’ve been fighting for a long time…. They’re warring countries but they’re tired of fighting. You’re going to see a lot of very great activity. It’s going to be peace in the Middle East.' He assessed that 'most of the countries… in the Middle East want to sign this deal.'"

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"'Alternative normalization' with Saudi Arabia seen in Bahrain-Israel deal"

Nach der Normalisierung der Beziehungen zwischen Bahrain und Israel richte sich der Blick nun auf Saudi-Arabien, schreibt Anuj Chopra. In diesem Fall sei eine "alternative Normalisierung" des Verhältnisses zu Israel allerdings wahrscheinlicher als ein formelle. "The development, billed by Trump as 'truly historic,' was unlikely to have happened without the silent endorsement of Riyadh, which holds enormous leverage over Bahrain. (…) Saudi officials have publicly remained tight-lipped over the development, but a source close to the establishment hinted it was a concession to Trump after he exerted enormous pressure on Riyadh to form diplomatic ties with Israel. (…) Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest sites, is unlikely to make a similar deal with Israel immediately, as doing so without a resolution to the Palestinian issue would be seen as a betrayal of the cause and hurt its image as the leader of the Muslim world. And analysts say it does not feel a pressing need to after having cultivated covert ties with Israel, which it views as a bulwark against its regional nemesis Iran, even as it has voiced steadfast support for an independent Palestinian state."

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"Kushner: Our plan is bid to save 2-state solution; Israel was eating up the land"

Jared Kushner, führender Berater im Weißen Haus, hat den Nahost-Plan der US-Regierung als Versuch charakterisiert, die Ausdehnung israelischer Siedlungen im palästinensischen Westjordanland zu stoppen. "Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday that the Trump administration’s peace plan was an attempt to 'save the two state solution' because it stops Israel from further expanding its presence in the West Bank. 'The reality today is that a lot of this land is inhabited with Israelis,' Kushner told reporters during a phone briefing ahead of the White House signing next week of the Israel-UAE normalization deal. (…) 'What we did with our plan was we were trying to save the two-state solution because… if we kept going with the status quo… ultimately, Israel would have eaten up all the land in the West Bank,' Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser added."

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"Erdogan raises rhetoric in Greece standoff in Mediterranean"

Im aktuellen Streit mit Griechenland habe der türkische Präsident Erdogan erneut rhetorisch nachgelegt, berichtet Andrew Wilks. "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday warned Greece to enter talks over disputed eastern Mediterranean territorial claims or face the consequences. 'They’re either going to understand the language of politics and diplomacy, or in the field with painful experiences,' he said at a hospital’s opening ceremony in Istanbul. (…) He stressed that Turkey was 'ready for every eventuality and result.' Meanwhile, Turkish media reported that tanks were being moved towards the Greek border. The Cumhuriyet newspaper said 40 tanks were being transported from the Syrian border to Edirne in northwest Turkey and carried photographs of armored vehicles loaded on trucks. A military official speaking on condition of anonymity in line with government regulations said the deployment was a regular movement of forces and unconnected to tension with Greece."

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"Kushner: 100% possible, and logical, for all 22 Arab states to recognize Israel"

Jared Kushner, Berater im Weißen Haus und Architekt des Nahost-Friedensplans der US-Regierung, erwartet, dass die anderen arabischen Staaten dem Vorbild der VAE allmählich folgen und in den kommenden Jahren eigene Friedensverträge mit Israel abschließen werden. "Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner predicted Tuesday that all other Arab countries will gradually follow the United Arab Emirates in normalizing ties with Israel, causing the 'vocal minority' that opposes the move to become increasingly isolated in the region. Asked in an interview with the UAE’s WAM news agency whether he believed all 22 Arab states could eventually recognize Israel, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law replied: '100 percent.'"

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"Palestinian leaders! Wake up and smell the statehood!"

Bishara A. Bahbah kann nicht verstehen, warum die palästinensische Führung trotz der veränderten Umstände des Nahost-Konflikts an einer seit Jahrzehnten scheiternden Strategie festhalte. "One wonders if the collective Palestinian leadership is in a coma. And, now the situation is dramatically different and more challenging than it was even a year ago. (…) Instead of bemoaning their fate and pursuing a failed strategy, what the internationally recognized Palestinian leadership in Ramallah should urgently do is think out of the box and take two steps that, until now, have been unthinkable. First, the Palestinians should pick up the phone, call President Donald Trump and ask for an urgent meeting at the White House to present the Palestinian demands for an acceptable peace plan. Second, the Palestinians should call for an Arab mini-summit in Riyadh hosted by King Salman of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Emir of Kuwait, the Egyptian President and, yes, the Crown Prince of the UAE."

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"Poll: Nearly 80% of Israelis prefer UAE deal over West Bank annexation"


Einer Umfrage zufolge sind fast 80% der Israelis mit der Entscheidung zufrieden, für das Friedensabkommen mit den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten auf eine Annexion des Westjordanlandes zu verzichten. "Nearly 80 percent of Israelis prefer Israel’s normalization deal with the United Arab Emirates over West Bank annexation, according to a survey on Sunday. Meanwhile, some 14% said the accord would, or might, change their vote in a future election. Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced Thursday that they are establishing full diplomatic relations in the US-brokered accord, which also required Israel to suspend its contentious plan to annex West Bank land sought by the Palestinians for a future state. Israel had previously planned to unilaterally move ahead with the measures on the basis of the US peace plan."

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"Trump seeks 'snapback' to force return of UN Iran sanctions"

Die US-Regierung ist mit ihrem Versuch, ein UN-Waffenembargo gegen den Iran im UN-Sicherheitsrat zu verlängern, gescheitert. Nun will Washington Sanktionen gegen Teheran auf einem anderen Weg durchsetzen. "'We’ll be doing a snapback,' the US president said, referring to the contested argument that the US remains a 'participant' in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal — despite Trump’s withdrawal from it — and therefore can force a return to sanctions if it sees Iran as being in violation of its terms. Trump added that the US will make its move next week. (…) The 15-member council on Friday resoundingly defeated a US resolution to indefinitely extend the embargo. Only the Dominican Republican joined the US in supporting the resolution. Russia and China opposed it, while the remaining 11 members abstained."

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"US threatening to veto UN peacekeeper mandate in southern Lebanon — report"

Die US-Regierung hat sich hinter Israels Forderung nach einer Reform der UNIFIL-Mission in Libanon gestellt und im Fall einer Weigerung des UN-Sicherheitsrats mit einem Ende der Mission gedroht. "The United States is warning it may veto a United Nations resolution extending the mandate of UN peacekeepers in southern Lebanon and dissolve the force, unless changes are made before an August 31 vote, according to a Wednesday report. Israel has for years complained that the contingent of Blue Helmets deployed along the ceasefire line between Israel and Lebanon is ineffective at keeping the Hezbollah terror group from maintaining an armed presence on its doorstep, claims that Washington is now reportedly backing. However, the rest of the Security Council seemingly backs a simple renewal of the existing mandate without changes, especially with Lebanon currently wracked by instability following the Beirut port explosion and the fall of its government."

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"America’s confused, lackluster response to virus met with incredulity in Europe"

Das Ansehen der USA sei aufgrund der amerikanischen Reaktion auf die Corona-Pandemie besonders in Europa beschädigt worden, berichten Nicole Winfield und Lisa Marie Pane. "The United States’ failure to contain the spread of the coronavirus has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe, as the world’s most powerful country edges closer to a global record of 5 million confirmed infections. (…) Much of the incredulity in Europe stems from the fact that America had the benefit of time, European experience, and medical know-how to treat the virus that the continent itself did not have when the first COVID-19 patients started filling intensive care units. Yet, more than four months into a sustained outbreak, the US is about to hit an astonishing milestone of 5 million confirmed infections, easily the highest in the world. (…) 'There’s no national strategy, no national leadership, and there’s no urging for the public to act in unison and carry out the measures together,' [Dr. David Ho, director of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at Columbia University Irving Medical Center,] said. 'That’s what it takes and we have completely abandoned that as a nation.'"

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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