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"Trump Administration Seeks Pre-Election Win on Nuclear Arms Deal with Russia"

In den laufenden Verhandlungen über eine Verlängerung des New-START-Abkommens mit Russland strebe die US-Regierung vor dem Hintergrund des laufenden Wahlkampfes das umfassendste Rüstungsabkommen der Geschichte an, berichtet John Walcott. Dafür hätten die USA insgeheim auf die Vorbedingung einer Beteiligung Chinas verzichtet. "If the U.S. and Russia do hammer out some kind of new framework agreement without China, there are divisions in the Administration about how, when, where, and by whom such a deal should be announced, multiple officials tell Time. In one camp are some of Trump’s political advisers, who would like to see the President and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet before Election Day in Austria or another third country to make the announcement. (…) Others in the Administration, however, fear that another Putin-Trump meeting would rekindle the controversy over their relationship, and that with Trump trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the polls, any U.S. eagerness for such a meeting would give Russia added leverage in negotiations."

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"Why Trump Mocked al-Baghdadi and Gave Gruesome Details of the ISIS Leader's Death"

US-Präsident Trump habe die Umstände des Todes des IS-Anführers Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in seiner Ansprache mit "schockierenden" Details dargestellt, berichtet Brian Bennett. Dies sei durchaus Trump-typisch, habe nach Ansicht von Experten aber auch einen strategischen Hintergrund. "Trump was doing more than running down an adversary; he was actively trying to break the spell al-Baghdadi holds over his followers, says a White House official. 'He felt it was important to mock this guy,' the official says, adding that Trump wanted to 'rub in everybody’s face that this guy was killing and ordering rape of thousands of people and at the end of the day blew himself up with his three kids rather than fight.' Roger Cressey, a former senior White House counterterrorism official in the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, tells TIME that the 48 minutes of Trump speaking and answering reporters’ questions was 'uniquely Trump' and 'unlike any other president announcement.' And even though Trump was clearly drawing on his 'flair for the theatrical,' Cressey saw a deeper method: 'He was trying to do something we’ve done in the past, which is demonstrate that the leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS are not courageous and they are not people who should be followed.'"

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"The Most-Wanted ISIS Leader Is Still Alive. Here's How the U.S. Is Using Drones to Hunt Him Down"

Nach dem Videoauftritt von Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi berichtet W.J. Hennigan über die Jagd des US-Militärs auf den Anführer des "Islamischen Staates". "The video footage is now being scrutinized by U.S. intelligence analysts for the smallest detail — such as the ornate embroidery on the pillows at Baghdadi’s feet and the design on his followers’ headscarves — that might provide a clue to betray his location. The U.S. also relies upon airborne surveillance, captured communications chatter, signals intelligence and information gathered by allied forces in Iraq and Syria. Despite the unceasing flow of information, finding and tracking ISIS operatives is a painstaking task. ISIS isn’t brazenly waving black flags or openly brandishing Kalashnikovs on their backs unlike in the early days of the war. Leaders eschew cell phones, emails and computers out of fear they’re being traced. Drone operators tell TIME that they’re now watching scores of locations for days, even weeks, to ensure the identities of those inside."

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Hier finden Sie die Redaktion der Sicherheitspolitischen Presseschau.

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Europa, Asien, Afrika, Amerika und weltweite Phänomene und Institutionen. Die bpb bietet ein breites Angebot zu internationalen Themen.

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Informationsportal Krieg und Frieden

Wo gibt es Kriege und Gewaltkonflikte? Und wo herrscht am längsten Frieden? Welches Land gibt am meisten für Rüstung aus? liefert wichtige Daten und Fakten zu Krieg und Frieden.

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Innerstaatliche Konflikte

Vom Kosovo nach Kolumbien, von Somalia nach Süd-Thailand: Weltweit schwelen über 280 politische Konflikte. Und immer wieder droht die Lage gewaltsam zu eskalieren.

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Zahlen und Fakten


Kaum ein Thema wird so intensiv und kontrovers diskutiert wie die Globalisierung. "Zahlen und Fakten" liefert Grafiken, Texte und Tabellen zu einem der wichtigsten und vielschichtigsten Prozesse der Gegenwart.

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