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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Hungary

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Ungarn

Anti-Jewish legislation existed in Hungary even before the outbreak of the Second World War. What role did Hungary play in the Second World War? How did the culture of Holocaust remembrance ...

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Panel 3 - Memory in the Digital Age

Panel 3 "Memory in the Digital Age" looked at the different forms of digital memory cultur. It asked for the impact of digital media on the rememberance culture of a younger generations but ...

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Dr Edit Schlaffer about the role of Women and Mothers in Prevention

Interview with Dr Edit Schlaffer, Women Without Borders, Vienna, Austria

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Dr Thomas Schmidinger about the Islamic Community of Milli Görüş (ICMG)

Interview with Dr Thomas Schmidinger, University of Vienna, Austria.

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Democracy and Authoritarianism 1918 to 2018. A »Longue Durée« perspective

1918 – 1938 – 2018 – Beginn eines autoritären Jahrhunderts?

Katharine Sarikakis (University of Vienna) - Media as the Fourth Estate? Between Agora and Tyranny in the Authoritarian Century

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Political Culture in Europe 1918 to 1939

1918 – 1938 – 2018 – Beginn eines autoritären Jahrhunderts?

Oliver Schmitt (University of Vienna) - The Balkan States and the Impact of Regional Political Cultures since 1918

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Using Advanced Technologies to Preserve Jewish Memory

Edward Serotta auf httpasts://digitalmemoryonthenet 15.04.2011

Edward Serotta (Centropa, Jewish Witnesses of a European Century, Vienna) gave a speech about "Using Advanced Technologies to Preserve Jewish Memory" at the international conference ...

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