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Germany´s migration history

workshop 'Democracy in Germany 2' - Marcel Berlinghoff´s lecture in arabic translation

Germany is a country of immigration - this understanding grew slowly within politics and society. Marcel Berlinghoff, historian and expert in migration research, indicates that migration to ...

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Cornelia Siebeck: "The Darkest Chapters Have Been Consigned to the Past" – Questioning the Contemporary German Memory Regime

Lecture at the Mapping Memories Conference 2017: "Fascism and Antifascism in Our Time: Critical Investigations"

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Poland

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Polen

Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland marked the beginning of the Second World War. With the system of concentration and extermination camps, which Nazi Germany built mostly in occupied ...

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Panel 6 - Memory and Forced Migration

Forced migration in the form of ethnic cleansing, expulsion, flight, resettlement or population exchange has influenced Eastern Europe throughout the 20th century. How these memories of ...

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Trailer "Mapping Memories of Post-1989 Europe"

This conference has the claim to offer countries of Central and Eastern Europe a chance to discuss recent history and to create room for the perspective of a common European remembrance.

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