Mapping Memories Summer School 2016

The international summer school "Mapping Memories" which took place in Tbilisi, Georgia from 13 July to 17 July was a follow-up to the conference in Vienna of 2015 and focused on different historical narratives and discussed ways of dealing with these. Find the event documentation here.

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In this day and age, transnational cooperation and exchange represent more than mere opportunities and possibilities of mapping memories in commemorative work, they almost create the prerequisites for well-considered and future-oriented education strategies. The “Mapping Memories" summer school 2016 invited practitioners involved in commemorative work to network, to undergo method-based advanced training and to engage in practise-oriented discussions. In the field of commemorative culture, it is a matter of taking a closer look of the pitfalls, lack of clarity and nuances within one's own work and of testing ways of simplifying transnational cooperation from multiple perspectives. This includes, for instance, a critical reflection of the terms used in commemorative work and questioning what influence history and politics and indeed propaganda driven by interests have had on the commemorative debate and practical projects. Participants had ample opportunity at the summer school to get to know each other and to tackle specific problem areas they encounter in their individual project work.

The "Mapping Memories" summer school focused on memories and commemoration in or with the countries of the Eastern Partnership in accordance with the orientation of the series of events. During the summer school, special focus was placed on the range of topics flight, displacement and forced migration which are important and productive issues for transnational commemorative work. Flight and displacement more so than any other topic represent transnational commemorative events in the history of Europe in the 20th century, particularly in the countries of central and Eastern Europe. The diverse facets of this range of topics has been perceived as a shared transnational topic and collective "commemorative space" in academia and commemorative work especially in recent times and there are signs of a remarkable rapprochement that extends beyond national boundaries. Notwithstanding this, rival national narratives have proven to be a challenge for transnational projects time and again, especially as far as practical commemorative work is concerned.

This also applies to Tiflis as the venue which is poised to become an interactive area of adventure and debate. In addition to practical workshop modules geared for participation, excursions, best practise project presentations, idea workshops and site visits organised by local commemoration initiatives, projects and venues familiarised participants with the theme. In terms of content, the summer school is linked to other modules in the "Mapping Memories" series of events, such as the conference and practical workshop in Vienna 2015 and the upcoming international conference which will be held in Kiev between 29 September 2016 and 1 October 2016. Those who attended the summer school are invited to attend the specialist conference that will deepen scientific knowledge of the topic.

Who did participate?

Practitioners involved in commemorative work from different European countries who are actively involved in the implementation or planning of commemoration projects with a focus or interest in transnational approaches. With involvement on either a professional level or voluntary/ non-professional.

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13.07.2016 until 17.07.2016

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Mapping Memories

Mapping Memories is an event series focusing on commemorative culture in Eastern Europe and beyond. Current events include conferences, summer schools and practical workshops.

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The international conference "Mapping Memories" and follow-on workshop, which took place in Vienna from 29 November to 3 December, focused on different historical narratives and discussed ways of dealing with these. Find the event documentation here.

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