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Spread the Vote – Young European Elections 2019

24th - 27th of April, Strasbourg (France)

Spread the Vote – Logo.

Results and Documentation

The transnational meeting "Spread the Vote - Young European Elections 2019" took place on April 24th – 27th 2019 in Strasbourg, the city where the foundations for the European Union were laid exactly 60 years ago. More than 90 young adults from Germany, France and Poland met for three days to discuss opportunities and potential of the EU as well as its crises and deficits.

More fragmented than ever, Europe is at a crossroads – the European Elections in May 2019 are becoming an increasingly vital choice. Going to the polls can make a difference, as Brexit and other electoral shocks have shown, and young voters have the power to turn the scale.

During the three days in Strasbourg, different possibilities of participation and influence of young people on opinion formation in Europe were targeted. Guided by experts on various fields of campaigning and media, the participants developed ideas and proposals for campaigns, in order to get young people to the polls.

One of the highlights was a fishbowl discussion with two important politicians and shapers of youth policy in France and Germany: Juliane Seifert (German State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth) and Gabriel Attal (French Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth). In a lively event lasting more than one hour the young citizens did not muss the chance to engage the two politicians in a critical conversation about the actual and future direction of the European Union. Stephan Erb, the General Secretary of the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW) and Tobias Bütow, the new General Secretary of the Franco-German Youth Office (OFAJ) took part. They summed up the event by stressing that exchanges and structures need to be put on solid and sustainable footing in order to cope with the big challenges European societies will be facing in the future. On behalf of the Federal Agency of Civic Education Christoph Müller-Hofstede expressed his wish to organize a follow-up meeting in 2020 when Germany will take over the presidency of the European Union.

The participants were also welcomed by the City of Strasbourg at a reception in the City Hall. Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg, emphasized the importance of young voters for the future of the EU. Presented in partnership with the German-French TV Channel ARTE, the participants as well had the opportunity to watch the screening of the movie “Erasmus kids” showing vivid examples of the meaning of the EU and transnational exchange in peoples’ lives.

Spread the Vote! was a time of meeting and exchange, of building a network of engaged youth throughout Europe, and of creating proposals to take on the many challenges we are facing across borders.

Impressions from “Spread the Vote! - Young European Elections 2019”

Results of the workshops

Workshop "Radio" with Radio Grenzenlos
In a first approach on radio journalism in the European context, the participants collected audio elements, conducted interviews, and edited their features under the slogan "engage to vote for Europe". The result of the collective work is captured in form of a 30-minute radio show in French, German and Polish which addresses the issues of the climate change, migration and refugee policy, European identity, the daily relationship with the European Union and its policies. Statistics, interviews, press reviews, testimonies and mini polls in the city center and in different neighborhoods: the programme paints a sensitive portrait of our fellow citizens, convinced by the EU, fiercely opposed or simply indifferent.

The result of this workshop: A 30-minute radio show in french, german and polish as podcast.

Workshop “Video” with Young Europeans - Strasbourg
Good communication material is crucial for bringing Europe closer to its citizens. In order to spread the vote most effectively, participants worked on setting up and producing visual and audio content.

This video is part of the results of the Video workshop held during "Spread the Vote" 2019 in Strasbourg, France.

Now you decide...

"Yes, I vote!" or "No, I don't vote!"

Workshop “YouTube and web 2.0” with Fabien Marchesini (Déclic)
Social Media is a powerful platform for campaigning. During the workshop, keys to a successful web campaign, such as filming and editing techniques, were provided. The participants discovered how to engage with people through social media and to design a creative and efficient campaign. Bosse Spohn: "Sometimes the European Union is not really visible in your daily life, she is a complex construct and can be really abstruse. We know, it can be frustrating to defend or explain someone the practical benefits of the EU, when they aren't tangible. But on the Website https://what-europe-does-for-me.eu you can check in detail what Europe does especially for you!"

Explanations why your vote matters.
Young people sending encouraging statements to vote!

Dominik Imeraj, Stadtverordneter von der Wählervereinigung "Junges Offenbach e. V." (JO), spricht über die Vorzüge der Europäischen Union und erzählt, warum er die Europawahl wichtig findet. (© Dominik Imeraj / Junges Offenbach e. V.)

Workshop “Games” with Électeurs en herbe
Games can be used as tools for mediation to make Europe understandable and accessible. Based on real-life experiences and role-playing the workshop revealed crucial steps in the process of creating a game and encouraged the participants to develop their own games.

Workshop “Event management" with Katharina Moser
Participants worked on preparing and running events from the beginning to the end, guided through all essential steps which are needed to run a successful event and develop projects to foster a positive European spirit.

Useful Links

"This time I’m voting" – Europäisches Parlament (page in all EU languages available)

"Y Vote" – AEGEE

"You Vote EU“ – European Citizen Action Service

"YourVoteMatter.eu" (all EU languages)

"Votematch.eu" (Partnered by bpb and other organizations engaged in citizenship education)

Europe Talks

Europäische Bewegung Deutschland

European May

Youth 4 Europe

"jung & wählerisch" – Polis 180

"Vote Volunteer Vision" Campaign (European Volunteer Center/ CEV)

Transeuropa Caravans 2019: The Road To The European Elections (European Alternatives)

"Europa Machen" – Junge Europäische Föderalisten/Europa-Union Deutschland

Toi et l'UE - un film fait par des enfants pour des enfants (YouTube-Clip)

"L’Europe au quotidien" ("Daily Europe") by Fabien Marchesini

Charta of Young Europe - "The upcoming elections on the 26th of May will decide the future of the European Union - how we will face existential crisis and in which Europe are we going to live in! The Charta of Young Europe is a demand and recommendation by young Europeans to the stakeholders, politicians and decision-makers in Europe and the whole world to respect, hear and put their claims into pratice!", Bosse Spohn from Young Europe (ein Projekt der TUI Stiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Think Tank iRights.Lab).
Federal Agency for Civic Education (Germany)

Franco-German Youth Office

German-Polish Youth Office

Organisers of "Spread the Vote".

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Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale et de la Jeunesse (France)

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Federal Agency for Civic Education
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Event series

Mapping Memories

Mapping Memories is an event series focusing on commemorative culture in Eastern Europe and beyond. Current events include conferences, summer schools and practical workshops.

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