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Youth Democracy Award 2018

"Halte der Demokratie den Spiegel vor!!" Your project for strengthening and improving democracy

Youth Democracy Award 2018

Goes to "Youth creativity festival Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" This year’s winning project of the Youth Democracy Award is already selected. The project "Youth Congress + Youth Creativity Festival" from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania was selected as the best youth project 2018 by the youth jury panel.
Other acknowledged projects are
  • "Enhancing the understanding of Democracy among the girls in Kabale Municipality, southwestern Uganda" from Uganda,
  • "Mobile information kiosk / A-Team interface for regional youth involvement" from Görlitz, Germany,
  • and "The Unseen Theatre’s Vision School" from Bulgaria.
The Youth Democracy Award 2018 was announced under the following motto "Hold up the mirror to democracy! – Your project to strengthen and foster democracy". 2018 makes the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the award and rewards the winner with a prize of 3000 EUR. The winners have been selected by a jury panel consisting of young people aged 17–27.
Around 90 qualified applications were received, many of which impressed the youth jury with their sustainably and noteworthy social impact, thus proving that young people are highly motivated to participate in advancing and promoting democracy.

The award ceremony of the Youth Democracy Award will take place in the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig in Bonn on November 16th, 2018.


(English and German, with simultaneous translation)

11.30 Uhr

12:00 Uhr
The Award Ceremony of the Youth Democracy Award - with interactive surprises -

Welcome Speeches:
  • Thomas Krüger, Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Dr. Ansgar Burghof, Chairman of Internationaler Demokratiepreis Bonn e. V.
Insights into the projects

Music Surprise

The Awards Ceremony

13:30 Uhr
The End with Drink Reception

Below you may find the brief descriptions of the winning as well as the acknowledged projects:

Youth Democracy Award Winner 2018

Youth Congress + Youth Creativity Festival (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

Voting at the age of 16, implementing environmental protection and creating an open democratic society. We do not let changes just occur, we create them. It is about positive answers about topics like rightwing extremism, injustices and inequality and contradiction.

The project yard Karnitz is being used as a meeting point and free space for self-realization and self-expression. We established the Youth Congress so we could voice our concerns. To sum it up we host the annual Youth Creativity Festival so everyone can participate in democracy and shape their future sustainably. The engagement and interaction with each other give us the courage to solve difficult societal problems.
The aim of the Youth Congress (enlisted in the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable development) is to create a space for networking and exchanging about topics that matter to the youth; and to show the population of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania that they are young people who want positive social change and strive towards it.

Theresa Streib from the Youth Jury says: "The project Youth Congress and Youth Creativity Festival offers a participation opportunity for several young people and by that not only strengthens the civic education and democracy but also develops the social, personal and creative skills of the youth in an economically vulnerable region. The project team itself is diverse and consists of committed members from different nations, backgrounds and genders, who work in a democratic and participatory manner during implementation of their project."


Enhancing the understanding of Democracy among the young women in Kabale Municipality, southwestern Uganda (Uganda)

Our main goal is to enhance the understanding of Democracy among the young women in Kabale Municipality, southwestern Uganda. The project aims at creating a strong, free and participatory platform for youth, particularly young women to discuss their involvement in leadership. The project promotes the role of youth as the driving force of a viable democracy. The project will empower and strengthen youth, particularly young women, to both monitor and contribute to the advancement of democracy. Planned activities include sports (girls' football tournament), writing, drawing and painting world democratic leaders competitions, democracy walk in the streets of Kabale municipality, debates between youth and the local leaders and radio broadcasting.

Theresa Streib from the Youth Jury says: "The Assure Girls Club in Uganda takes a stand for girls and young women who often have to take responsibility for their household. They have the opportunity to take part in discussions and debates, writing competitions, radio programs or sports events which are linked to civic education in the Assure Girls Club. Therefore, they can get politically active, fight for their rights and become more confident as women. When the young girls exceed the age limit they can become the new teamers so the system will continue by itself in a closed loop."

"The Unseen Theatre’s Vision School" at the Community Center "Otets Paisiy 1930" (Bulgaria)

We are the first and the only Shadow-Marionette-Masks theatrical troupe in world, which is made up of visually impaired actors who represent groups that are disadvantaged because of their belonging to ethnic, religious and sexual minorities. Our moto is "Accept the Different". Our project The Unseen Theatre’s spectacle "Shadow of My Soul", breaks barriers in an area considered practically inaccessible for the blind people. We split up many areas in our project, but the main goal of the School of Vision is to give the entire society "new eyes" according to democratic values including in favor of integration of the people with special needs.

Steffanie Rauprich from the Youth Jury says: "It is an outstanding and exemplary project which I admired right from the first glance. I loved the combination of theater and empowerment which, in my opinion, is an excellent way of tackling some of the obstacles they face in their society. You are doing a great job which deserves to be heard and seen. That is why we chose you and your project as finalist/honored at this year’s Youth Democracy Award."

Mobile information kiosk / A-Team interface for regional youth involvement (Görlitz)

The A-Team mobilizes! We move with a converted caravan to different places in Görlitz, Germany from May to August. "Off to the hood!" is our motto. We want to escape from our bubble and meet young people in their neighborhood with the intent of their perception of their neighborhood. How is it living there? What is missing? Where do tensions and conflicts run high? Where can I participate? The program is linked with different actions and activities like table football, basketball or graffiti. The finale is the FOKUS Festival 2018 in Görlitz. The mobile Infokiosk, short MOIN, is a project of the A-Team interface for regional youth involvement.

Steffanie Rauprich form the Youth Jury says: "The mobile information kiosk excites me and I wish there would be more projects like that in Germany. I am amazed by how important it is for the project team to improve their city reaching every part of it with lots of creativity and motivation. Being a role model and the creative realization convinced us to acknowledge this project."




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The Youth Democracy Award 2018 is an initiative of the young jury oft he Youth Democracy Award and a project of the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, bpb).


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Die Jury des Jugenddemokratiepreises setzt DEMOKRATIE als höchste Priorität und wird auch 2018 den "Jugenddemokratiepreis" vergeben, der Projekte, Initiativen und Aktivitäten von und für junge Menschen würdigt, die sich nicht nur für Demokratie engagieren, sondern auch aktuelle Schwierigkeiten und Herausforderungen der Demokratie aufzeigen.

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