NECE Conference 2018 / 6 - 9 September 2018 Marseille (France)

Brave new Worlds?! The Future of Democracy and Citizenship Education

Interviews with speakers, participants, partners and others involved in NECE 2018!

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Liberal democracy is in a state of crisis. Worldwide, a "democratic recession" can be observed, even in countries that have long claimed a leading role in defending and spreading democratic values and freedoms. Uncertainties about the future of the European Union and its transformation into a "Citizens’ Europe" are shaping the run-up to the European Parliament elections in May 2019.

This year's NECE conference in Marseille provided a platform for the development of strategies on how citizenship education and civil society can counter the negative trend in liberal democracy and defend the civic space and basic democratic rights and freedoms in our societies.

Speakers included Latifa Ibn Ziaten, Vincent F. Hendricks, Fernando Vallespìn, Jan-Werner Müller, Basil Kerski, Claire Demesmay, Edit Inotai, Istvan Hegedüs, Karolina Wigura, Alberto Alemanno and Emily O’Reilly.

Inspired by the open and creative venue of the Friche La Belle de Mai in the heart of Marseille this year’s conference created a "festival" of networking, dialogue and inspiration offering lots and in part new opportunities to actively participate in shaping the programme.
  • Participants could introduce themselves and start by participating in the NECE Mapping.
  • The IDEA CAMPUS offered a great diversity of workshops, lectures, trainings and labs where participants got in touch with experienced practitioners and activists.
  • During the FIELD TRIPS participants could explore local organisations, initiatives, projects and activists engaged in citizenship education.
  • The OPEN SPACE gave participants an opportunity to find new project partners and to create their own forum for networking and ideas.
  • Video stream: All plenary keynotes were live-streamed. Watch the stream on
The conference participants included citizenship educators, activists and students from Europe and North Africa as well as the local public of Marseille, French educators and civil society organisations.

Interviews with speakers, participants, partners and others involved in NECE 2018!

Impressions from the NECE 2018 conference in Marseille, France

Digital Conference folder

PDF-Icon Conference Programme (EN)
PDF-Icon Conference Programme (FR)
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PDF-Icon NECE 2018 participants list
PDF-Icon Dossier of biographies (EN)
PDF-Icon Dossier of biographies (FR)
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Welcome speeches
PDF-Icon Opening by Thomas Krüger
PDF-Icon Welcome by Christoph Müller-Hofstede

PDF-Icon Keynote by Latifa Ibn Ziaten
PDF-Icon Keynote by Fernando Vallespín
PDF-Icon Keynote by Emily O’Reilly

Round Table: Où en sont-elles, l’éducation et la citoyenneté en France?, 6/9/18
PDF-Icon Abstract by Claire Demesmay
PDF-Icon Abstract by Claude Proeschel
PDF-Icon Abstract by Tahar Rabahi

Panel I: Turning back the tide, but how? Citizenship Education for a citizens’ Europe, 7/9/18
PDF-Icon Abstract by Edit Inotai
PDF-Icon Abstract by Niccolò Milanese

Panel II: Emotions and Politics: Ideas and formats for citizenship educators
PDF-Icon Abstract by Ola Hnatiuk
PDF-Icon Abstract by Karin Wahl-Jorgensen

Panel III: Fake News Worlds – Can citizenship education burst (the) bubbles?
PDF-Icon Abstract by Florent Guignard
PDF-Icon Abstract by Mads Vestergaard

Round Table: Desperately seeking… a future for solidarity in Europe.
PDF-Icon Abstract by István Hegedüs
PDF-Icon Abstract by Caroline Hornstein Tomic
PDF-Icon Abstract by Jaroslav Kuisz


Federal Agency for Civic Education (Germany)
Federal Ministry of Education (Austria)
Citizenship Education Centre (Poland)
Civic Education Centre (Czech Republic)
ProDemos (the Netherlands)
University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Social Sciences (Slovenia)
Zentrum fir politesch Bildung

Supported by

DARE Network (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe)
Friche la Belle de Mai
Goethe-Institut Lyon/Marseille
Les Têtes de l’Art

Supported by

European Solidarity Centre
Das Progressive Zentrum
Robert Bosch Stiftung


labconcepts GmbH (Germany)

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Federal Agency for Civic Education
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Conference | 28-29 October | Brussels

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