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More fragmented than ever, Europe is at a crossroads, making the European elections in May 2019 are becoming an increasingly vital choice. Going to the polls can make a difference, as Brexit and other electoral shocks have shown. Elections do matter! Therefore we put together some relevant information, articles and links that can be useful in order to make an informed choice.

Compilation of relevant links by Maarten de Groot

The Birth of Political Europe by Alberto Alemanno (March 2019)
In his recent article Alberto Alemanno, Jean Monnet Professor of European Union Law and Regulation, describes the increasing europeanisation of political discourse which the mainstream parties haven’t perceived yet. He argues that the resulting political vacuum has been filled in by younger, fringe parties and a plethora of new grassroots movements. As a result, Europe is evolving as a shared and lively political and human space still to be shaped, but soon captured by the next European parliamentary elections. In this framework, the elections 2019 might emerge as the first genuinely European political competition paving the way to the emergence of an incipient European transnational democracy. A Tale of Two Europes by Niccolò Milanese (February 2019)
We recommend the following article by Niccolò Milanese, member of the NECE advisory board, director of European Alternatives and author of Citizens of Nowhere: How Europe Can Be Saved From Itself, on the multiple crises in the European Union with an unimaginative elite against the twin threats of progressive and reactionary civic movements: List of campaigns ahead of the EU elections
The variety of campaigns ahead of the EU elections illustrates the extent to which the EU elections are at the centre of civil society and citizenship education.

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