Federal Agency for Civic Education

The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues for all people in Germany. Here you can find some information about the bpb in English.

Here you can find some of our upcoming events.

Strengthening Democracy - Fostering a Civil Society

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education - the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung or the ”bpb” as it is referred to in short - is a federal public authority providing citizenship education and information on political issues to all people in Germany. “Citizenship education” in this connection broadly means educating and encouraging citizens to actively participate in society and in the democratic process. The bpb’s work focuses on fostering an awareness of what democracy is and on furthering participation in politics and social life. Weiter...


Federal Agency for Civic Education

How we work: Key Activities

One of the bpb’s key activities is the provision of information on the major issues of our times. Large amounts of information are made available on our website and in a wide variety of print publications. The range of topics includes European integration, participation in politics and in society, issues relating to the economy and the financial markets, migration, and social change, as well as historical issues and democracy in general. Another one of our key activities is the ongoing creation of new projects and the development of new methods to meet the special informational and educational needs of people with different learning abilities and people from different age groups and different walks of life. Weiter...

The bpb at a glance: A short film

"The German Federal Agency for Civic Education is something very special. It’s a government agency that provides citizens in Germany with information about all areas of politics - explained in simple terms and without being tainted by party politics.” Watch the whole film (7 minutes). Weiter...


Organization Chart

This chart presents an overview of the bpb's organizational structure. Our staff at the bpb service line - +49 228 99515-200 - or at kommunikation@bpb.de will be glad to help you find the person you need to contact. Weiter...

Kurz vor seinem Ausscheiden als Direktor der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung erhält Dr. Paul Franken (m.) im Dezember 1968 das Bundesverdienstkreuz. Sein Nachfolger Dr. Hans Stercken (l.) und der damalige Bundesinnenminister Ernst Benda (r.) gratulieren.

History of the bpb

On November 25, 1952 the Federal Agency for Homeland Services (renamed the Federal Agency for Civic Education in 1963) was established in order to educate the German people about democratic principles and prevent any moves to re-establish a totalitarian regime. Weiter...


Selected Projects in Citizenship Education

We believe in citizenship education as the basis for participation and for a European public in general. Citizenship education facilitates public dialogue and equips people with the knowledge and know-how for participation. Therefore the bpb has unfolded activities to provide information on European issues, foster dialogue on citizenship education issues and mutual understanding on an international level. Weiter...


Selected Media at bpb

The bpb disseminates information via a wide variety of media: in printed publications such as books, book-series, and magazines, on DVDs, and in dossiers on various topics of citizenship education. This website provides an overview of the English media currently available from the bpb. Weiter...

Upcoming events

Im Rahmen der "Akademie der Autodidakten" spielen Jugendliche aus dem Kiez "Ferienlager – Die 3. Generation" im Ballhaus Naunynstraße in Kreuzberg. Die Texte für das Stück, das zu Gastspielen in München, Hamburg und New York war, haben sie selbst geschrieben.



Open Call

Stückemarkt 2017 by Berliner Festspiele

The Stückemarkt of the Berliner Theatertreffen is looking for innovative theatre languages and diverse forms of authorship. We would like to invite theatre makers from all parts of Europe to apply by submitting their latest plays. Theatre texts and finished productions can be submitted, the medium of language should be a main aspect of the work. Weiter...

Junge Pioniere mit ihren typischen Halstüchern vor dem Gebäude einer Grundschule




Deutschlandforschertagung '16: Children of Transition, Children of War.
03.-05.11.2016 Vienna (Austria)

The 1990s have a long lasting impact on the children who experienced the fall of soviet-dominated societies on the other side of the "Iron Curtain". This generation consists of the German "Wendekinder" as well as the children of the political revolutions in Eastern Europe. How does this generation deal with its past, present and future in Europe? Weiter...

Wolken am Himmel des Weißen Hauses in Washington.




What’s up, America? – And the winner is... Clinton vs. Trump – the US election night live in Berlin
08.-09.11.2016 Berlin

The countdown is on: On November 8, 2016, the USA will decide – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? She – Democrat, former US Secretary of State, the first woman in history to be a major-party candidate for the highest office in the USA. He – Republican, business man and billionaire, who with his controversial views and statements constantly draws the attention of the public and the media. Weiter...

Den amerikanischen Präsidenten George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt und Abraham Lincoln (von links) wurde in Mount Rushmore in Süd Dakota ein Denkmal gesetzt.




What’s up, America? The USA and the world after the presidential election – Start of a new era?
28.11.2016 Berlin

The Obama era is drawing to a close. Eight years have passed since 2008, when Barack Obama won over the US electorate with "Yes, we can" and was elected as the first non-white president of the United States. What political legacy will he leave his successor after two terms in office? How will he or she deal with it? Weiter...

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The bpb at a glance

The German Federal Agency for Civic Education is something very special: It’s a government agency that provides Citizens in Germany with information about all areas of politics - explained in simple terms and without being tainted by party politics. Weiter... 


The euro|topics press review presents debates and topics that matter to citizens across Europe. Euro|topics reflects the great variety of opinions, ideas and emotions on those issues. Whether politics, the economy, society or culture–euro|topics takes a daily look at roughly 300 European media and shares the most important voices in three languages. Weiter... 


"Hipharpigland" is a children’s Internet site with a political theme. The name refers to the land of hippos, hares and pigs. The Hipharpiglanders, you see, are all trying to run a democracy together. There is already a government with Chancellor Barbara Broadfoot, Foreign Minister Earnest and Interior Minister Harold. But actually there is not much else that works. So join the fun. A new chapter of the comic is published every month! Weiter...