What Is The Dutch Integration Model, And Has It Failed?

The murder of the well-known Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in November 2004 sparked off a lively debate across Europe on the apparent failure of the Dutch multicultural approach to integration. For many years, the Netherlands had appeared to offer an example of good practice for the integration of immigrants. This policy brief analyses what characterised the Dutch approach, why it was seen as a model for other countries, and what events led to growing critique of the Dutch concept. It goes on to describe how this shift in the debate has influenced recent developments in integration policy in the Netherlands and Germany. (Published 4/2005)

Schülerinnen und Schüler im niederländischen Utrecht.

Ines Michalowski

What is the "Dutch model"? Background, development, features

For a long time the Dutch concept of a multicultural society has been seen in Europe, and particularly in Germany, as a model of successful integration of people from different origins and of different religions. Weiter...

Gedenken an den ermordeten Filmemacher Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam im November 2004.

Dutch Integration Model

The end of the Dutch integration model?

The assassination of the filmmaker and columnist Theo van Gogh in November 2004 in Amsterdam sparked an Europe-wide debate about the "ailure of the Dutch model of integration". The murder of Theo van Gogh was motivated by Islamic fundamentalist ideas. Weiter...

Türkische Frauen in Rotterdam.

Ines Michalowski

Intention and reality: Growing criticism within the Netherlands since the 1990s

Although the murder of Theo van Gogh triggered a spate of German commentaries heralding the end of the idea of multicultural society, in the Netherlands there had already been high profile criticism of the multicultural policy since the early 1990s. Weiter...

Ein Maurer-Wettbewerbsteilnehmer auf der "WorldSkills Leipzig 2013" auf dem Messegelände in Leipzig (Sachsen) am 05.07.2013 bei seiner Arbeit.

Dutch Integration Model

A new view of their German neighbours

The multicultural consensus was therefore already breaking down in the Netherlands in the 1990s. By the beginning of the new century, it led to the appointment of an Investigative Commission by Parliament. Weiter...

Ines Michalowski

Role models, integration models: where next?

Dutch integration policy has adopted some of the features of a more assimilationist approach in recent years. Already by 1998 there was an obligatory integration programme for immigrants that included 600 hours of language classes, social studies and careers advice. Weiter...

Dutch Integration Model


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