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The Celluloid Curtain - Europe's Cold War in Film

Curators Oliver Baumgarten and Nikolaj Nikitin in Conversation

The Curators of the film series "The Celluloid Curtain", Oliver Baumgarten and Nikolaj Nikitin, explain the fascination of European spy films of the Cold War.

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Fragments of the wall - Mauerstücke

An impressive collage made of historic and often little-known archive footage about the history of the Berlin Wall, the partition of Germany and the peaceful revolution in 1989.

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Panel discussion: Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe

How are historical narratives instrumentalized in the post-Soviet region?

The panel discussion following on Alexis Miller’s presentation was titled "Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe". Facilitated by Jochen Hellbeck, Rutgers University, ...

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Concluding discussion: Perspectives

Marry Theory and Practice

The concluding panel referred to various topics highlighted by the conference and linked theory to everyday practice. Florian Kührer-Wielach put forward a provocative introductory thesis: ...

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The Celluloid Curtain - Europe's Cold War in Film

Die Film-Experten Oliver Baumgarten und Nikolaj Nikitin im Gespräch

Die Kuratoren der Filmreihe "The Celluloid Curtain", Oliver Baumgarten und Nikolaj Nikitin, erläutern im Interview die anhaltende Faszination von europäischen Spionagefilmen aus der Ära ...

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Germany´s migration history

workshop 'Democracy in Germany 2' - Marcel Berlinghoff´s lecture in arabic translation

Germany is a country of immigration - this understanding grew slowly within politics and society. Marcel Berlinghoff, historian and expert in migration research, indicates that migration to ...

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