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Europe 14|14

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On the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, Berlin will be made the European meeting point to "look back and think forward". Europe 14|14 is a joint project by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) in cooperation with the Koerber-Foundation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and numerous other sponsors and partners.

The focal point of the Europe 14|14 festival in the spring of 2014 is formed by the HistoryCampus Berlin from 7 until 11 May 2014. Up to 500 young people from all over Europe will meet at the Maxim Gorki Theatre in Berlin to investigate the personal significance of the First World War for young Europeans, for their national identity and for modern day Europe as a joint peace project. The main focus lies on creative approaches and transnational exchanges.

The HistoryCampus is embedded in an extensive public programme. The Open Campus is the premium cultural programme curated by the Maxim Gorki Theatre. A supporting programme includes a range of other individual events such as readings, movie screenings and discussions with prominent representatives from the fields of politics and social science. It will take place within four weeks surrounding the HistoryCampus in cooperation with institutions and partners in Berlin.

Europe 14|14 asks everybody to search, to ask questions and to discover. Whether it is at the HistoryCampus Berlin or while attending one of the numerous events of the Open Campus or the supporting programme: You have the opportunity of discussing national perspectives on the First World War, revealing traces of the consequences of war in the respective collective memory of Europe and discussing the significance of the First World War for Europe's present with experts. This is not solely to look back, the centenary of the First World War is an occasion whereby people can exchange views and opinions on dividing and uniting aspects of Europe's history and present.

Europe 14|14 - a look back in pictures

400 young people from more than 40 countries thinking history: that's Europe 14|14. We took a look back in pictures on five amazing days in Berlin.

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Europe 14|14


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Plakat-Wettbewerb Europe 14|14
(Bis zum 6.2. abstimmen und gewinnen)

Look back, think forward: Wir haben junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus ganz Europa aufgerufen, sich Gedanken über den Ersten Weltkrieg zu machen und den "Blick zurück nach vorn" zu wagen. Geleitet von der Frage „Erster Weltkrieg! – Was hat das mit mir zu tun“ sind acht Plakatmotive entstanden. Die Nutzer/-innen konnten mitentscheiden, welcher Entwurf zum offiziellen Plakat unseres Festivals Europe 14|14 wird. Gewonnen hat der Entwurf des polnischen Künstlers Daniel Horowitz.

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