NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education

NECE is an initiative for networking citizenship education in Europe. A variety of activities have been developed within its framework to encourage the organisation of contacts, co-operation and synergies in the field of citizenship education. NECE is not an institutionalised network, but a forum that allows the spectrum of stakeholders involved in citizenship education to interact with one another. The initiative´s chief goal is to promote the Europeanisation of citizenship education, and to contribute to the creation of a European general public. Through a number of activities, NECE aims to provide transparency about stakeholders and approaches in citizenship education, and to inspire transnational discussions on the topics and challenges facing the field. It brings together academics, practitioners, and policymakers at the European level, and stimulates knowledge transfer and information exchange on good practices – thereby raising awareness of the impact of citizenship education and fostering co-operation and projects. NECE is primarily directed at practitioners in citizenship and cultural education, along with scholars/experts and trainers. In pursuing its aims, the initiative also reaches out to stakeholders and multipliers from the media, politics and NGOs.

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NECE Europa Knoten

NECE Conference 2014, 16-18 October 2014, Vienna (Austria)

Since 2014 is marked by the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, this year the NECE Initiative will turn towards questions of conflicts and the role of citizenship education in conflict management and reconciliation processes. This year’s NECE Conference will look at the meaning of the centenary of the First World War for European citizenship today and will elaborate on these questions in depth. Weiter...

Summary of Workshop Results

Events & Documentation

With a series of regular conferences and workshops, NECE supports exchange on good practices and scientific discourse in citizenship education, as well as its transfer into the arena of practical application. Annual conferences are dedicated to issues of current interest, such as citizenship education in immigration societies. Weiter...

Flagge der Europäischen Union.


Three times a year, the Newsletter introduces players, stakeholders, organisations and projects in citizenship education in Europe. It provides insights into current professional debates, reports on important events, and offers information on interesting activities and publications. Weiter...


Focus Groups

The NECE Focus Groups are a new tool of the NECE networking process. We have taken up participants’ suggestions for an exchange forum between the yearly conferences and for more transparency about networking results of the conferences. These groups are open to everyone who is interested in a more intensive exchange and continuous work on specific topics and projects. Weiter...


NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education


Here you can find relavant publications on Citizenship Education. Weiter...



The NECE Database provides systematic information about experts, organisations and projects. It also includes a search function that allows participants to contact potential partners for projects or cooperative ventures throughout Europe. It has been developed by bpb together with the University of Bielefeld. Weiter...

NECE Topics

NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education


The NECE activities cover a range of topics relevant for citizenship education in Europe. The statements and articles from experts and practioniers exemplify the diversity of perspectives and working models in Europe. Weiter...

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NECE- Networking European Citizenship Education

Citizenship Education in Europe

Initiated and established under different historical and political circumstances and backgrounds, citizenship education discourse differs from country to country. Here you can find a range of contributions that provide insight into the origins, systems, and debates on citizenship education in the different nations that make up Europe. Weiter...

NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education

Co-operation Projects

Many national initiatives have discovered counterparts in other countries within the continuously-growing network, and it has given birth to several transnational projects. Here you will find some of the latest pan-European projects launched within NECE. Weiter...

NECE - Networking European Citizenship Education

Glossary of Terms

The discourse on the theory and practical experience of citizenship education is not limited to national borders anymore. The transnational discourse is affected by language and translation problems. What is meant by citizenship education in Germany, England or Poland? Weiter...



NECE Conference 2015: 'Them and Us': Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World (working title)
22-24 October 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece
The focus of this year's NECE Conference will be to build on the outcomes of its predecessor event in Vienna, which looked in-depth at conflicts in and around Europe. The jumping-off point is the proposition that religious, ethnic and cultural perceptions of self and others are playing an increasingly important role in political crises and upheavals, both within Europe and outside its borders. In this paradigm, conflicts that are social, economic or political in context begin to be perceived as ethnic, religious or 'cultural'. These perceptions in turn lead to a toxic framing of conflicts, actors and repercussions at international, European and national levels. Just as in Vienna, we’re especially looking forward in 2015 to including stakeholders and initiatives in Citizenship Education and civil society from conflict-torn countries in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region.
The »Goethe-Institut Thessaloniki«, which can look back on sixty years of history in the city, will act as a partner for the event.
For pre-registration please send an e-mail to:

Registration now open: International conference "Interculturalism in Historical Education"
The conference, which will be held from 20 to 22 April 2015 at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, will address the question of how to use knowledge and reflection about the past to build attitudes of openness in today's globalizing world and harness the potential of diversity on the local level. Registration is open until 31 March. Participation in the conference is free.
Please find application form »here«. To find out more, visit the »Museum webside«.

Civil Society Europe General Assembly
Since its creation in December 2014 in Rome, Civil Society Europe is gaining solid ground in terms of growing membership, internal organisation, public awareness and institutional support. Following the »press launch« in the European Parliament on 3rd February 2015 and intense preparatory work of a motivated task force, the next General Assembly will meet on 27 April in Brussels to elect the Steering Committee, whose mandate will be to oversee and co-ordinate the implementation of the aims and objectives of CSE set in its Manifesto. This meeting will also be an opportunity to discuss proposals for action in 2015, mainly the launch of a working group on monitoring shrinking civic space and Human rights across Europe and the organisation of a joint event together with the EYD2015 Civil Society Alliance.