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PDF-Icon From Cairo to Madrid - Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) (809 KB)
PDF-Icon International conference on right-wing populism and extremism in Europe (219 KB)

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PDF-Icon Civic Parliament Spain (154 KB)
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NECE Newsletter 02_2011

Report - International conference

In June 2011 a one-day international conference, entitled "Towards a new age of citizenship education" was held at the University of Ljubljana as part of the project "Citizen(ship) in a new age". Its objective was to present potential institutional solutions in the field of citizenship education and depict the current state of affairs in the field in Slovenia, as well as hosting representatives from citizenship education in Slovenia. Weiter...

NECE Newsletter 02_2011

Japanese Citizenship Education

The conference entitled "Improvement of language activities in civic education: on the viewpoint of comparison of Japan and USA" took place on 18th June 2011 at the Faculty of Education, Ehime University, Japan. More than 120 participants contributed to the educational programme. Weiter...

NECE Newsletter 02_2011

The Spanish May 15th Movement, cyber social movements changing democratic education in Europe

With Spain being immersed in one of the worst moments of the economic crisis, new ways of citizen mobilisation on the Internet have contributed to the democratic education of a civil society. An example of this trend: the May 15th Movement or "Spanish Revolution". Weiter...

NECE Newsletter 03_2010

The ICCS Study (ICCS) - Interview with David Kerr

David Kerr, Associate Research Director for the ICCS Study, answered our questions regarding the initial findings of the study. Please find here the complete interview. Weiter...

Flagge der Europäischen Union.

NECE newsletter 01/13

In this edition we have added a new section entitled “Euro-Med Co-operations”, where co-operation projects between Europe and North Africa, as well as, upcoming conferences and events concerning citizenship education in the Arab World are to be published. Additionally, we announce this year's NECE Conference in The Hague in November and introduce the work and objectives of the online-magazine “Europe & Me”. As we have decided to relaunch the NECE newsletter, an evaluation questionnaire is added. Your feedback is more than welcome. Weiter... 


NECE Blog 2016
Keeping up the tradition, NECE is running a conference blog. The blog will not only provide live documentation of the Zagreb conference but will help you familiarise with the upcoming conference beforehand.

»Register now!« NECE 2016 Conference "Crossing Borders. Migration and Citizenship Education in Europe", 10-12 Nov 2016, Zagreb (Croatia)

Interview with Alicja Pacewicz
In October 2015, the Law and Justice Party won the elections in Poland and gained the absolute majority in the parliament. NECE talked with Alicja Pacewicz, Vice President of The Center for Citizenship Education (CCE), about the rapid changes in her country following last year´s change of government.

NGO review on COE Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights - questionnaire
Deadline: June 15th

Civic Education in Eastern Europe - bpb publishes collection of essays as free e-book in English and Russian
The Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb) has published the book "Civic Education and Democratisation in Eastern Partnership Countries". The publication is available as a free e-book in English and Russian language.

International Association for Intercultural Education (IAIE) "Mobilities, Transitions, Transformations – Intercultural Education at the Crossroads"
In Budapest, 5-10 September 2016: »«

Relaunch of - Check out the new website here: »«

Please take a look at the new NECE Newsletter: »«

A new Council of Europe reference framework of competences for democratic culture!
This book presents a new conceptual model of the competences which citizens require to participate in democratic culture and live peacefully together with others in culturally diverse societies. The model is the product of intensive work over a two-year period, and has been strongly endorsed in an international consultation with leading educational experts.

Civic Education Conference 2016
In the framework of the second CIVIC EDUCATION CONFERENCE from May 13th to 15th , 2016, about 200 experts, academics and practitioners from 31 countries gathered in Tunisia to discuss the current state of civic education in the MENA region. In thematic workshops they developed 37 recommendations directed at strengthening civic education in the region.