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Handbook with Methods for WorkshopsNeu: Handbook with Methods for Workshops

Handbook with Methods for Workshops

The purpose of this handbook is to provide insights into the work and methods of the peer education project "Young European Professionals" (YEPs), approaching the complex construct of the European Union.

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The European Union is constantly changing: new legislative competences are added, the co-operation in certain areas of politics is increased and further countries enter or leave the union. Often these numerous and rapid changes cannot be included into the curricula of German schools fast enough. The teamers of the peer-to-peer education project "Young European Professionals" (YEP) are therefore on a mission: Together with young people they explore the European Union and discuss different political facets at eye level and from different points of view. Ranging from the Economic and Monetary Union to the European politics on refugees, the European Union is put under the microscope. The YEPs approach the complex construct of the EU with interactive and fitting methods for various groups. This present handbook wants to give insights into the methods, the mission statement as well as into chances and challenges of peer education and show how Europe can also be experienced for young people outside of the school context. In addition, it is a guide on how to use these methods with students on your own.

Herausgeberin: Svetlana Alenitskaya, Übersetzung: Moritz Bartsch, Clarissa Benning, Sonia Bolte, Nils Brickwedel, Denis Feldmann, Christian Gonder, Nicole Herbert, Boris Kagan, Vera Katzenberger, Hafþór Freyr Lindal, Pascal Patock, Cornelia Pürschel, Alice Schmidt, Andreas Spielmeyer, Seiten: 232, Erscheinungsdatum: 18.12.2017, Erscheinungsort: Bonn, Bestellnummer: 10164