Networking Panel 1

Advocacy Strategies – Empowering Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education by cooperating with European intergovernmental organisations

Citizenship and Human Rights Education are crucial for a functioning democratic system. Non-formal education has a core role to play in this context as it offers young people and adults practical training so that they gain civic competences. But when it comes to the question of money, NGOs running EDC/HRE activities all over Europe face heavy budgetary cuts and very often, just lip service from politicians. The Council of Europe Charter for EDC/HRE adopted in May 2011 asks member states of the COE to support EDC/HRE and non-formal learning. In this panel the question will be addressed of how far the Charter has reached the grass roots in the COE member states and what NGOs can do in order to debate the charter on the political level.

Yulia Pererva, Council of Europe (France)
Pavel Chacuk, ODIHR (Poland)

Moderation: Georg Pirker, DARE Network (Europe)



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MAPPING TRANSITION IN EASTERN EUROPE: Experience of Change after the End of Communism, edited by Louisa Slavkova
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