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A very German Welcome - Willkommen auf Deutsch |

A very German Welcome - Willkommen auf Deutsch

von: Hauke Wendler Carsten Rau

Two little villages in Germany have to give shelter to refugees. What kind of concerns do the inhabitants of the villages have? What can they do in order to help their new neighbours? And which expectations do the refugees have of their life?


The documentation 'A very German Welcome' takes place in two villages of Lower Saxony named Appel and Tespe. The movie shows what happens when refugees are allocated to a small community in Germany. All involved parties get a chance to speak about their own view on the situation: The responsible politicians of the administrative district, the members of the local initiative in Appel who fear that the number of 53 refugees moving to their small village with 450 inhabitants could be too high, but also active citizens who help the refugees voluntarily. Likewise, the film portrays the individual stories of the asylum seekers, for example Larisa, a 21 year old girl who has fled from Chechnya together with her mother and her five younger brothers. While her mother has to be treated in a hospital during several months, she takes care of her brothers and the household. The family permanently fears to get deported and to be forced to leave Germany. The movie conveys a vivid scenery of the anxieties and problems of all parties as well as it shows the chance to approach each other.

Mehr Informationen

  • Directors: Carsten Rau, Hauke Wendler

  • Script: Carsten Rau, Hauke Wendler

  • Camera: Boris Mahlau

  • Sound: Torsten Reimers, Detlev Meyer, Patrick Benze

  • Music: Sabine Worthmann

  • Editing: Stephan Haase

  • Editors: Barbara Denz, Gudrun Hanke-El Ghomri

  • Distribution: Brown Sugar Films

  • Produktion: 2014

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

  • Verfügbar bis: 01.03.2030


© 2014 Brown Sugar Films