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Navid's Story. A Journey from Iran |

Navid's Story. A Journey from Iran Part of the series "Seeking Refuge"

von: Andy Glynne

Navid belongs to the ethnic group of the Kurds and faces repressions in Iran. Since his father increasingly suffers from all the restrictions, he flees to Europe. Navid and his mother follow him several years later. Although there are many dangerous situations as they flee, the family eventually reunites. The adaptation to the new environment is nevertheless difficult for Navid.


What makes people want to flee from home? How do refugee children experience the loss of friends or family and the arrival in the unfamiliar new home country? Refugee children from around the world share their story in “Seeking Refuge”, a series of five short animated films: Ali from Afghanistan, Juliane from Zimbabwe, Navid from Iran, Rachel from Eurasia and Hamid from Eritrea. They speak about their flight from home, their concerns and fears, their hopes and dreams.

Mehr Informationen

  • Animation: Salvador Maldonado, Tom Senior, Jonathan Topf, Karl Hammond

  • Music and Sound Effects: Alexander Parsons

  • Editor: Daniela Hindemith

  • Produktion: 2013

  • hrsg. von: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

  • Verfügbar bis: 31.08.2026


© 2013 Mosaic Films

Dossier zur Thematik


Zuflucht gesucht - Seeking Refuge

Wie erleben geflüchtete Kinder den Verlust von Freunden oder das Ankommen in einer neuen Heimat? In der Animationsfilm-Reihe "Zuflucht gesucht" erzählen fünf Kinder aus aller Welt ihre Geschichten.