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The Workshop programme of the HistoryCampus | Europe 14|14 |

The Workshop programme of the HistoryCampus

The HistoryCampus is the central core of Europe 14|14. Up to 500 young people from Germany and other European countries meet in Berlin to examine the meaning of the First World War for themselves, for their national identity and for Europe as a common peace project. Together with partners from arts and culture, science, politics, education and theatre, 22 different workshops were developed that will take place concurrently from 8 - 10 May 2014.

Why Workshops?

The workshops not just offer a broad spectrum of subjects that invite to examine the history of the First World War, but are also particularly characterized by their different approaches to and perspectives on the topic. Beside classic methods, a variety of interactive, artistic or creative formats are offered that give you the opportunity to question national perspectives on the First World War and discuss them critically, to follow traces of the consequences of the war in Europe’s collective memory and to discuss the significance of the First World War for present-day und future Europe with experts from history, science, politics, arts and culture.

The examination of history is always also an examination of the present. Thus, it is the aim of the HistoryCampus to offer you a space for your personal questions on history then and now under the motto ‚Look back, think forward’. A space in which you can exchange ideas across national borders and in which you can creatively try new approaches with a view to the future of Europe. With your results of the workshops, you can contribute to the big closing celebration on Saturday,10 Mai. Here, you can present your contributions to the historical commemorative year 2014 and the Europe of today and tomorrow as young Europeans to the public.

How can I participate?

To participate in the HistoryCampus you just have to register Interner Link: here. At the registration, it is important to choose your four to six favourite workshops. Please take a close look at the following descriptions of the workshops before you register! In order to make it easier for you to gain an overview of the wealth and diversity of the workshops they are divided into four groups.

After completing the online registration you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation that your registration was successful. We will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible to give you more information on Europe 14|14 and, most importantly, to tell you the workshops you can participate in.

The workshops of the HistoryCampus take place in five time slots from Thursday, 8 Mai to Saturday, 10 Mai. As a participant of the HistoryCampus you are continuously involved in your workshop and your participation is compulsory. Highlight of the HistoryCampus is the presentation of the workshop results at the great closing celebration on Saturday.

The HistoyCampus is accompanied by a diverse range of campus activities which require no registration in advance.

Interner Link: Workshop programme (274 KB)