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The HistoryCampus Berlin is filled to capacity!

Overwhelmed by the huge interest to participate in the HistoryCampus, we are sorry to inform you that there are no vacancies left. All further registrations will be put onto a waiting list. We already received a lot more registrations than we have places to offer and currently run the selection process.

As a registered applicant, you have received an e-mail confirming your registration. Initially the registration is an application for participation. This means that with your registration your participation can not be guaranteed. As soon as possible, we will contact you via e-mail giving you additional information and telling you for which of your favourite workshops we can offer you admission.

After receiving the final confirmation for your participation via e-mail by the HistoryCampus-Team, you will get further information concerning your travel booking, your accomodation and catering on site. For more information on the conditions of participation, the covering of expenses etc. head to the Interner Link: FAQs.