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The Czech Republic and Slovakia: Ice hockey, Nutella and politics

The Czech Republic and Slovakia: Ice hockey, Nutella and politics

von: Hans-Jörg Schmidt

Hans-Jörg Schmidt, our euro|topics correspondent in Prague, explains in a video why the Czechs are out demonstrating, why the politicians are ignoring them, and why voter turnout is so low in Slovakia.


The feeling of being disadvantaged vis-à-vis other Europeans, distrust of politics, low voter turnout: Externer Link: fifteen years after joining the EU, the Czech Republic and Slovakia still don't seem to have really warmed to the community. Since the election of pro-European Zuzana Čaputová as president of Slovakia, at least there, the wind appears to have turned in the EU's favour. But is this really true?

Reporting from Prague, our correspondent Hans-Jörg Schmidt tells us which are the hot-button issues for the Czechs and Slovakians in the European Parliament election campaign, and why Externer Link: Nutella is also playing a role.

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