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Glocal Islamism 2019

Glocal Islamism 2019 Phenomena, Interdependencies, Prevention

Date of the event 15.10. – 17.10.2019
Time of the event from 01:00 pm
Place of the event Potsdam
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About the convention

Glocal Islamism 2019. (© bpb)

Islamist actors operate across borders, and their transnational ideology attracts sympathisers and supporters everywhere in the world. Analysing and combating Islamism within national boundaries is largely ineffective.

If the phenomenon is to be fully understood, the background against which Islamism has developed must be considered in a far wider context. For organisations working in prevention, in particular, it is essential that they understand the interdependencies between global and local manifestations of Islamism before developing effective solutions to combat it. In other words, engaging in an international dialogue with other organisations involved in prevention, building networks between them, and an interdisciplinary knowledge transfer are vital when it comes to combating this transnational phenomenon effectively and in the long term.

Against this backdrop, the Federal Agency for Civic Education is planning an international conference entitled “Glocal Islamism 2019 – Phenomena, Interdependencies, Prevention” that will take place from 15 to 17 October 2019 in Potsdam, Germany.

1979 was a turning point for the development of globally active Islamist groups. In the wake of incidents such as the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the seizure of the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Islamist movements all over the world began to gather traction. Four decades on, the Federal Agency for Civic Education wishes to direct the spotlight at how these and other past incidents have impacted on the present. The conference will give greater visibility to the historical origins of current conflicts. In addition, we wish to discuss the roots, the genesis and the aims of various internationally active Islamist groups. An analysis of current trends will enable participants to assess the implications of Islamist movements for the global community.

Besides the phenomenon of Islamism itself, the conference will also focus on the subject of prevention. It is essential to share good practices, research insights and political governance expertise across borders and systems to ensure professional and effective prevention. Experts from a number of countries with challenges and approaches of their own will convene in Potsdam to share how they deal with Islamism in their national and local contexts. Their respective perspectives, approaches and project reports will be valuable sources of inspiration when it comes to developing new solutions to current problems.

The conference languages are German and English, with simultaneous interpretation provided in all sessions.

Please be aware that parts of the event will be recorded (audio and video) in order to document the discussion and that the material will be used for the Federal Agency for Civic Education's public relations work.

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Information about the event

Event address:
Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See

Am Luftschiffhafen 1

14471 Potsdam


bpb – Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education)

Target group:
The conference adresses to all prevention players and practitioners of all areas: Science, Journalism, Schools, non-formal Education, Social Work, Civic Education, Religious Institutions, Public Administration, Security Authorities and NGOs.

Registration contact:

bpb – Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Mrs. Hanne Wurzel

Director of the Department "Prevention of Extremism"

Adenauerallee 86

53113 Bonn


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Journalists and press staff are kindly asked to contact the press office.