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The Czech Republic and Slovakia: Ice hockey, Nutella and politics

Hans-Jörg Schmidt, our euro|topics correspondent in Prague, explains in a video why the Czechs are out demonstrating, why the politicians are ignoring them, and why voter turnout is so low ...

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"The Young Roma Females in the Czech Republic: Between (Post)Socialist Surveillance and Fast-Track Integration"

Victoria Shmidt, Institute for Research of Inclusive Education, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Victoria Shmidt gibt einen Einblick in ihr Forschungsthema während der Poster Session auf der Deutschlandforschertagung 2016 - "Children of Transition, Children of War" vom 3. bis 5. ...

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NECE 2004-2014

European Citizenship Education in the making

NECE is an initiative for networking citizenship education in Europe. It was started in 2004 by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education together with partners in the Netherlands, ...

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