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Introduction "Contested Memories of the Difficult Past - Eastern Europe and Its History of the 20th Century"

Introductory video of the conference "Contested Memories of the Difficult Past - Eastern Europe and Its History of the 20th Century", 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Panel 7 - Spaces and Protagonists of Memory

In Panel 7 it was discussed who the actors of memory in Central and Eastern Europe are and which institutions manifest memory in public space.

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Mapping Memories: Babyn Jar and other "forgotten” sites of the Holocaust - Opening and Welcome

This is an audio recording of the opening and welcome of the international conference "Mapping Memories" that took place in Kyiv in October 2017.

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What was your most important motive to join NECE, Louisa Slavkova?

Louisa Slavkova (Sofia) is a member of NECE's new international advisory board.

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Concluding discussion: Perspectives

Marry Theory and Practice

The concluding panel referred to various topics highlighted by the conference and linked theory to everyday practice. Florian Kührer-Wielach put forward a provocative introductory thesis: ...

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Trailer "Mapping Memories of Post-1989 Europe"

This conference has the claim to offer countries of Central and Eastern Europe a chance to discuss recent history and to create room for the perspective of a common European remembrance.

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Input: Steven Stegers

In his opening presentation Steven Stegers set out the activities of the European Association of History Educators that relate to Eastern Europe. Stegers emphasised the inherent ...

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Interview Timothy Snyder

An interview to his Keynote “A Garden of Forgetfulness: European Memory Policies Today”

In the interview Timothy Snyder talks about his main thesis of his Keynote "A Garden of Forgetfulness: European Memory Policies Today", the linkages of Babyn Jar for a conference about ...

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Panel 6 - Memory and Forced Migration

Forced migration in the form of ethnic cleansing, expulsion, flight, resettlement or population exchange has influenced Eastern Europe throughout the 20th century. How these memories of ...

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Panel 5 - Memory in Film and Literature

How memory is manifesting itself in cultural practices such as film and literature was discussed in Panel 5. The different forms of films and literature were looked at as well as their role ...

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