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Fragments of the wall - Mauerstücke

An impressive collage made of historic and often little-known archive footage about the history of the Berlin Wall, the partition of Germany and the peaceful revolution in 1989.

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Dr Behnam Said about Al-Qaida

Interview with Dr Behnam Said, Hamburg Justice Department, Germany.

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Germany´s migration history

workshop 'Democracy in Germany 2' - Marcel Berlinghoff´s lecture in arabic translation

Germany is a country of immigration - this understanding grew slowly within politics and society. Marcel Berlinghoff, historian and expert in migration research, indicates that migration to ...

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#histoVOICES: Caroline from Germany

Get a glimpse at global memories of war as well as hopes for peace, liberty and Human Rights of young people from all over the world!

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Handbook Germany: Good Practice-Projekt

Open Space 2018: Projektvorstellung

Handbook Germany ist eine digitale, mehrsprachige Informationsplattform für Geflüchtete in Deutschland. Eine Projektvorstellung im Vorlauf der Veranstaltung "Open Space: Engagement im ...

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Concluding plenary

The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges

Audio-Record: Concluding plenary: The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges; June 18, 2017

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Frauen und Arbeit - Ungleichheiten und Diskriminierung

APuZ-Forum am 7. März 2016 in Berlin

Unter dem Motto "Frauen und Arbeit-Ungleichheiten und Diskriminierung" lud die Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung/bpb am 7. März zu einem Podiumsgespräch in die Friedrichstraße 50 in ...

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Official Opening and Keynote

International corruption as a challenge for democracies

Audio-Record: Official Opening and Keynote of the symposium IRRESISTIBLE?; June 16, 2017

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Panel 1

Corruption – less than clearly defined? Theories of corruption and their applicability

Audio-Record: Panel 1: Corruption - less than clearly defined? Theories of corruption and their applicability; June 17, 2017

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NECE Preparatory Workshop 2019 – Input by Robert Rogerson

Input by Robert Rogerson from the Institute for Future Cities (University of Strathclyde), followed by a round table and plenary discussion with Jane Cerexhe, Head Teacher at Oakgrove ...

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Panel 3

Globalised networks and corruption

Audio-Record: Panel 3: Globalised networks and corruption; June 17, 2017

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Panel 4

Corruption and civil society

Audio-Record: Panel 4: Corruption and civil society; June 17, 2017

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust


How has the memory of the Holocaust developed in Poland? Find out in this episode of #histoPOD!

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"Man braucht diese Visionen und positiven Narrative" – Interview mit Julia Kloiber

Wie können wir den digitalen Wandel mitgestalten? Was brauchen Bürgerinnen und Bürger, damit sie dabei mündig handeln können? Und mit welchen netzpolitischen Themen oder Fragen sollte ...

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Mapping Memories: Babyn Jar and other "forgotten” sites of the Holocaust - Opening and Welcome

This is an audio recording of the opening and welcome of the international conference "Mapping Memories" that took place in Kyiv in October 2017.

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