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Corona-Krise: Wie hängen Pandemie, Umweltzerstörung und Klimawandel zusammen?

Die Zerstörung intakter Ökosysteme und der Klimawandel spielen eine entscheidende Rolle bei der Verbreitung neuartiger Viruserkrankungen wie Sars-CoV-2. Ein Interview mit dem ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust


How is the Holocaust remembered in Australia? Find out in this episode!

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Panel 2

(Fighting) state corruption: Actors, forms, methods

Audio-Record: Panel 2: (Fighting) state corruption: Actors, forms, methods; June 17, 2017

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Mapping Memories: Babyn Jar and other "forgotten” sites of the Holocaust - The Holocaust in Ukraine

This is a audio recording of the panel about the holocaust in Ukraine. It was part of the conference "Mapping Memories" on October 16, 2017.

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust


How is the Holocaust being remembered in Japan, which was an ally of Nazi Germany? Find out in the second episode of histoPOD.

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Mapping Memories: Babyn Jar and other "forgotten” sites of the Holocaust - History and memory of Babyn Jar

Here you'll find the audio recording of the panel "History and memory of Babyn Jar" that was part of the international conference "Mapping Memories" on October 16, 2017 in Kyiv.

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24. bpb:forum

The U.S. Consulate General Düsseldorf, the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, and the North American Studies Program invited the interested public to a discussion event with ...

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8  Mediathek

Auschwitz today

Auschwitz – the place that more than any other symbolises the horror of the Nazi extermination machine. The name of this town in the south of Poland stands for the murder of millions of ...

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Christoph Neuberger - Democracy and Public

Part of the lecture series "Making Sense of the digital Society"

How does the general public fulfill its function of social self-understanding in times of hate speech and fake news? Who carries responsibility in the network for the realization of social ...

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Manuel Castells: Power and Counter-Power in the Digital Society

Part of the lecture series "Making Sense of the Digital Society"

How is power constituted in the digital society? Who is powerful – and how can power be countered and contested? The advent of digitally networked technologies has long been thought to ...

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A very German Welcome - Willkommen auf Deutsch

Two little villages in Germany have to give shelter to refugees. What kind of concerns do the inhabitants of the villages have? What can they do in order to help their new neighbours? And ...

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Personal Scoring in the EU: Not quite Black Mirror yet, at least if you‘re rich

Super-Scoring? Data-driven societal technologies in China and Western-style democracies as a new challenge for education

The TV show "Black Mirror" has widely been used to illustrate what a centralized, permanent and public personal scoring system would look like. How likely is the application of such a ...

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14  Mediathek

Photographer Martin Blume on his project "Auschwitz today"

Since 2009 Martin Blume has been working on a photographic series on the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp to keep the memory of the Shoa, the Porajmos and other genocides committed by ...

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Asma Charif and Bouchra Berrady about Women's Empowerment and Gender-responsive Prevention in Morocco

Interview with Asma Charif and Bouchra Berrady, Institut Mohammed VI pour la formation des Imams Morchidines et Morchidates, Rabat, Morocco

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