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#histoPOD Commemorating the Holocaust in South Africa

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Südafrika

Since 2007, learning about the Holocaust has been part of the South African curriculum. Many activists who fought against apartheid also dealt with the Holocaust. In this episode of ...

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#histoPOD Commemorating the Holocaust in Lithuania

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Litauen

2021 marked eighty years since Operation Barbarossa – the codename for the German invasion of the Soviet Union – and, in many views, the outbreak of the genocidal phase of the ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Hungary

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Ungarn

Anti-Jewish legislation existed in Hungary even before the outbreak of the Second World War. What role did Hungary play in the Second World War? How did the culture of Holocaust remembrance ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Poland

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Polen

Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland marked the beginning of the Second World War. With the system of concentration and extermination camps, which Nazi Germany built mostly in occupied ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Argentina

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Argentinien

Argentina is the only country in Latin America with a museum dedicated to the history of the Holocaust. Although the country was neutral during the Second World War, it still has many ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Australia

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Australien

As the country is located in the southern hemisphere, Holocaust remembrance is a little different in Australia than it is in Europe or the USA. In this edition we speak to Avril Alba of ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Japan

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Japan

Memory of the Second World War in Japan is often influenced by 1945, when the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How is the Holocaust communicated in Japan, and how does ...

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#histoPOD: Commemorating the Holocaust in Israel

Erinnerung an den Holocaust in Israel

In Israel, memory of the Holocaust has changed significantly over time. Yael Granot-Bein, director of the Weiss-Livnat International MA Program in Holocaust Studies, explains why it took ...

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#histoVOICES: Karolina from Poland

Karolina aus Polen

Poland was the first country to be invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939. Karolina told us what this has meant for her family and what lessons she is drawing from history for dealing with the ...

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#histoVOICES: Carmen from the US

Carmen aus den USA

During the Second World War the USA began to recruit agricultural labourers from Mexico because of a shortage of domestic workers. Today, Carmen’s family hardly talks about these ...

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#histoVOICES: Caroline from Germany

Caroline aus Deutschland

When Caroline thinks of the Second World War, she first remembers her grandmother’s stories. Caroline also wonders what the persecution and murder of people with disabilities during the ...

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#histoVOICES: Kim from Australia

Kim aus Australien

Kim explains why every story should always be considered from different perspectives. In her opinion, there is not enough discussion in Australia on how Aboriginals were discriminated ...

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#histoVOICES: Hamza from Jordan

Hamza aus Jordanien

Hamza speaks about his grandfather and how he experienced the Second World War, why there is hardly any memory of the war in Jordan, and why factual knowledge is not enough for us to learn ...

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#histoVOICES: Misato from Japan

Misato aus Japan

Misato is from a Buddhist family. In this edition of histoVOICES she explains why there is no longer a bell in her temple's bell tower and why she worries that Japan might change its ...

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#histoVOICES: Aisha from Afghanistan

Aisha aus Afghanistan

People in Afghanistan have been suffering violence and wars for decades. Aisha explains that many young people are sceptical of the international community’s engagement in her country and ...

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