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The century of the refugee

Remembering Forced Migration In, Out of and To Europe

In numerous European societies, the landscape of remembrance is shaped by causes of flight, ethnic cleansing, expulsion, forced resettlement, deportation and forms of forced migration. This ...

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Trailer "Mapping Memories of Post-1989 Europe"

This conference has the claim to offer countries of Central and Eastern Europe a chance to discuss recent history and to create room for the perspective of a common European remembrance.

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Migrationsgeschichte Deutschlands

Workshop Demokratie in Deutschland 2: Migrationsforscher Marcel Berlinghoff

Deutschland ist Einwanderungsland - diese Einsicht wuchs in Politik und Gesellschaft erst langsam. Der Migrationsforscher Marcel Berlinghoff aber zeigt: Migration ist der historische ...

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Panel 6 - Memory and Forced Migration

Forced migration in the form of ethnic cleansing, expulsion, flight, resettlement or population exchange has influenced Eastern Europe throughout the 20th century. How these memories of ...

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