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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution

Episode 1 - Symbols of Authority: The Mausoleum, the State Security and the Fear

Follow Louisa Slavkova from Sofia Platform Foundation and Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov on their tour around places and events in Sofia in the context of the 1989 revolution.

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution

Episode 3 – "Down with the Communist Party!"

Follow Louisa Slavkova from the Sofia Platform and former prime minister of Bulgaria, Philip Dimitrov, on the third tour through Sofia in 1989 and learn how discontent about the communist ...

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution

Episode 2: The Emergence of the Resistance Movement

Join Louisa Slavkova from the Sofia Platform Foundation and Deyan Kyuranov, philosopher and human rights activist, in exploring the resistance movement, in the end of communism in Bulgaria ...

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#histoVOICES: Karolina from Poland

Karolina aus Polen

Poland was the first country to be invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939. Karolina told us what this has meant for her family and what lessons she is drawing from history for dealing with the ...

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#histoVOICES: Carmen from the US

Carmen aus den USA

During the Second World War the USA began to recruit agricultural labourers from Mexico because of a shortage of domestic workers. Today, Carmen’s family hardly talks about these ...

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#histoVOICES: Caroline from Germany

Caroline aus Deutschland

When Caroline thinks of the Second World War, she first remembers her grandmother’s stories. Caroline also wonders what the persecution and murder of people with disabilities during the ...

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#histoVOICES: Kim from Australia

Kim aus Australien

Kim explains why every story should always be considered from different perspectives. In her opinion, there is not enough discussion in Australia on how Aboriginals were discriminated ...

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#histoVOICES: Aisha from Afghanistan

Aisha aus Afghanistan

People in Afghanistan have been suffering violence and wars for decades. Aisha explains that many young people are sceptical of the international community’s engagement in her country and ...

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#histoVOICES: Hamza from Jordan

Hamza aus Jordanien

Hamza speaks about his grandfather and how he experienced the Second World War, why there is hardly any memory of the war in Jordan, and why factual knowledge is not enough for us to learn ...

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#histoVOICES: Misato from Japan

Misato aus Japan

Misato is from a Buddhist family. In this edition of histoVOICES she explains why there is no longer a bell in her temple's bell tower and why she worries that Japan might change its ...

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