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Panel discussion: Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe

How are historical narratives instrumentalized in the post-Soviet region?

The panel discussion following on Alexis Miller’s presentation was titled "Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe". Facilitated by Jochen Hellbeck, Rutgers University, ...

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Concluding discussion: Perspectives

Marry Theory and Practice

The concluding panel referred to various topics highlighted by the conference and linked theory to everyday practice. Florian Kührer-Wielach put forward a provocative introductory thesis: ...

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24. bpb:forum

The U.S. Consulate General Düsseldorf, the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, and the North American Studies Program invited the interested public to a discussion event with ...

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Concluding plenary

The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges

Audio-Record: Concluding plenary: The fight against corruption and democracy: Opportunities and challenges; June 18, 2017

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NECE Conference 2018 / 6 - 9 September 2018

This year's NECE conference in Marseille provided a platform for the development of strategies on how citizenship education and civil society can counter the negative trend in liberal ...

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The climate strikes and the EU elections campaign

Every Friday students are striking for more climate protection. Can this give the issue a more prominent role in the EU elections campaign?

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Concluding Discussion: Transcultural Memory in Europe – Challenges for the Future

In the Concluding Panel it was discussed if a transboundary culture of remembrance is possible in Europe and how also diverging national interpretations can be included.

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Juliane's Story. A Journey from Zimbabwe

Part of the series "Seeking Refuge"

As a three-year-old, Juliane is put into an orphanage. Coincidentally, she finds her mother who had to flee from home due to political persecution. Together they find refuge in Europe. ...

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