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Keynote: Alexei Miller

Memory politics and memory wars in postcommunist Europe and their impact on European memory culture

Alexei Miller’s introductory keynote titled "Memory politics and memory wars in post-communist Europe and their impact on European memory culture" contained provocative elements. His main ...

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Panel discussion: Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe

How are historical narratives instrumentalized in the post-Soviet region?

The panel discussion following on Alexis Miller’s presentation was titled "Glue or solvent? Memory politics and the future of Europe". Facilitated by Jochen Hellbeck, Rutgers University, ...

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Dr Mehdi Sajid about the Impact of Colonialism on the Emergence of Islamism

Interview with Dr Mehdi Sajid, Utrecht University, Netherlands

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Concluding discussion: Perspectives

Marry Theory and Practice

The concluding panel referred to various topics highlighted by the conference and linked theory to everyday practice. Florian Kührer-Wielach put forward a provocative introductory thesis: ...

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"The use of social media by youth in contemporary Albania and its impact on their perceptions of the world"

Islam Jusufi, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Epoka Universität Tirana

Islam Jusufi gibt einen Einblick in sein Forschungsthema während der Poster Session auf der Deutschlandforschertagung 2016 - "Children of Transition, Children of War" vom 3. bis 5. ...

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Official Opening and Keynote

International corruption as a challenge for democracies

Audio-Record: Official Opening and Keynote of the symposium IRRESISTIBLE?; June 16, 2017

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Symposium IRRESISTIBLE? Panel 5

Corruption and media

Audio-Record: Panel 5: Corruption and media; June 17, 2017

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Bulgaria, Sofia, 1989: In the Footsteps of a Revolution

Episode 1 - Symbols of Authority: The Mausoleum, the State Security and the Fear

Follow Louisa Slavkova from Sofia Platform Foundation and Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov on their tour around places and events in Sofia in the context of the 1989 revolution.

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The climate strikes and the EU elections campaign

Every Friday students are striking for more climate protection. Can this give the issue a more prominent role in the EU elections campaign?

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NECE 2004-2014

European Citizenship Education in the making

NECE is an initiative for networking citizenship education in Europe. It was started in 2004 by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education together with partners in the Netherlands, ...

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The Escalating Persecution of Jews and Aggressive National Socialist Expansion Policies 1938

1918 – 1938 – 2018 – Beginn eines autoritären Jahrhunderts?

Sybille Steinbacher (Goethe University, and Fritz Bauer Institute, Frankfurt/Main) - 1938 and the Impact on German/Austrian Antisemitism and Preparation for the All-Out War

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Political Culture in Europe 1918 to 1939

1918 – 1938 – 2018 – Beginn eines autoritären Jahrhunderts?

Oliver Schmitt (University of Vienna) - The Balkan States and the Impact of Regional Political Cultures since 1918

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Political Culture in Europe 1918 to 1939

1918 – 1938 – 2018 – Beginn eines autoritären Jahrhunderts?

Margaret MacMillan (Oxford University) - The Long Shadow of the Paris Peace Treaties of 1919 and the Impact on Europe in 2018

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M 01.03 Film d'animation - la directive européenne sur les déchets plastiques

Le film d’animation montre aux élèves les raisons qui ont poussé la Commission européenne à prendre des mesures contre la pollution plastique en mer. Le film parle également des ...

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Panel 5 - Memory in Film and Literature

How memory is manifesting itself in cultural practices such as film and literature was discussed in Panel 5. The different forms of films and literature were looked at as well as their role ...

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