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Open Campus | Europe 14|14 |

Open Campus

The cultural programme at Maxim Gorki Theatre

Europe 14|14 aims to open up new and unaccustomed perspectives towards the First World War, its reception and its significance for present-day Europe. Not only participants of the HistoryCampus Berlin are invited to make this experience but also every interested visitor of Berlin.

Therefore, in conjunction with Berlin-based institutions that cooperate as partners with Europe 14|14, a large range of events will be offered to a broad public in the capital city in the spring of 2014. The focus here will be upon the Open Campus, the cultural programme that the Maxim Gorki Theatre will put on in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Federal Agency for Civic Education. In cooperation with well-known international artists, a remarkable set of cultural projects will be developed that approach the subject First World War from an experimental and artistic angle.

Details on the Open Campus programme will provided soon.