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Supporting programme

Aside from the Europe 14|14 Campus site, institutions in Berlin will be offering a broad range of further events concerning the topic of the First World War and its reception in spring 2014. As a supporting programme for Europe 14|14, events of assorted partners within the time span of the HistoryCampus Berlin have been selected and put together.

The supporting programme is aimed at a broad public. The large range of formats holds interesting offers for citizens who are keen on culture and interested in history and also for multipliers and expert audiences. Exceptional perspectives upon the historical events and its significance for the present will be offered in rounds of discussions, performances, concerts, sightseeing walks, exhibitions and much more besides exchanges between one another and with experts will be stimulated.

The supporting programme extends over a period of about four weeks in and around the HistoryCampus Berlin. The individual events are grouped together to form a programme which will soon be provided here and is constantly updated.