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histoCON 2021 The World After 1945: New Beginnings?

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At histoCON 2021, we were joined by our partners and watch parties from all over the world. Watch our three live shows where we investigated the world after Second World War.

Behind-the-scenes from our histoCON live broadcasts in October 2021. (© bpb, Bildkraftwerk/Zöhre Kurc)

On 21 and 22 October 2021, we broadcasted three virtual events live from Reinbeckhallen in Berlin, a former European industrial site that has itself undergone a lot of change. Our hosts Sumi Sumaskanda (DW News) and Vassili Golod (Machiavelli Podcast) took us through how the years post 1945 have influenced states and societies today. Each virtual event featured inputs from our community, expert talks and live music acts. We were joined by our partners and watch parties in Algeria, Chile, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Japan and Uganda.

If you have missed it, you can watch all three of our shows here.

Live Show 1: "Our World Between Independence and Dependence"

In our first histoCON live show, we investigated the world after the Second World War in relation to independence and dependence between nations and states. We were joined by our partners and watch parties in France, Georgia and Uganda and our guests included Dr Lynda Iroulo (German Institute for Global and Area Studies) and Vincent Bababoutilabo (musician and activist). The show also featured a live performance from Awa Khiwe.

Live Show 2: "Our World Between Transformation and Continuity"

Here you can watch our second histoCON live show where we discussed the future of remembrance. Our guests included Eva Hasel (editor and concept developer in the field of culture of remembrance), Prof Sara Jones (University of Birmingham) and the singer-songwriter Mulay. We were joined by our partners and watch parties from Israel, Japan and Germany.

Live Show 3: "Our World Between Conflict and Cooperation"

In our third and final histoCON live show, our hosts took us through how the post-war period has been characterized by efforts to set up structures securing peace in the long term. We heard from Viola Benz (Peace Line Europa) and Prof Ursula Schröder (Institute for Peace and Security Research at the University of Hamburg). We were also joined by our watch parties from Algeria and Chile and live performances from Taiga Trece.